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Top 10 Best Bagel Franchise Business Opportunities

There are many Bagel Shops that offer franchise options to new businessmen. If you want to start your Bagel Business and do it under the name of some famous Bagel Shops, a franchise is a very good option for you. Bagels have a good demand at breakfast and also lunch. So, there is a ready market for you to sell bagel items.

A bagel, also historically spelled beigel. It is a bread product. It originated in the Jewish communities of Poland. Bagels became a popular breakfast item in the city of New York in the United States. At present, bagel shops are spreading all across the country.

Buying a franchise of a reputed Bagel shop business helps you to start a profitable Bagel business without taking the pains of opening from scratch.  In short, in a Bagel Franchise Business, you are starting under a famous brand name that will help you in making money easier.

List of Best 10 Bagel Shop Franchise Opportunities

1. Einstein Bros. Bagels

It is the largest chain of Bagel Shops with more than 300 outlets in 27 states. Based at Lakewood in Colorado, they offer freshly baked Bagels and other delicious sandwiches and beverages for breakfast as well as brunch. Einstein Bros. Bagels also take catering orders. There is a big opportunity for Franchise businesses under their name.

The Franchise Fee is $35,000.

2. Manhattan Bagel

Manhattan Bagel is a famous chain of Bagel Shops offering Franchise Opportunities since 1987. Their specialty is the famous ‘Boil and Bake’ Bagels which are a favorite among people. They have more than 90 Franchise units and are open to more offers in locations like Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, and Delaware.

They charge a Franchise Fee of $25,000.

3. Brooklyn Water Bagel

Brooklyn Water Bagel Based in Delray Beach Florida, this Bagel Shop offers freshly baked Bagels and signature Bagels like Bagels with cream cheese, Bagels with Nova cream cheese, Bagels with Avocado, Bagels with Butter, and Peanut Butter. They also have different kinds of sandwiches, beverages, and desserts on their menu. The company is offering franchise opportunities since 2011.

They charge a Franchise Fee of $35,000.

4. Big Apple Bagels

Based in Illinois, the Big Apple Bagels offers a host of favorites like Bagels, Muffins, and coffee and also delicious sandwiches and salads for breakfast and lunch. Big Apple Bagel Franchise will allow you to open a Bakery-café along with a Bagel shop. It also offers opportunities for wholesale distributorship by which you can sell Bagels in bulk to different clients like corporate offices, restaurants, etc.

The franchise fee of this popular bagel shop brand is around $25,000.

5. Shmagel’s Bagels

Based in Ocean City, Shmagel’s Bagels Shop offers huge opportunities for franchise businesses. They have specialties like Cheese Bagels with a variety of flavors including Apple, Raisin & Cinnamon Blue Berry, Chive & Onion, Crabby Garden Vegetable, Herb & Garlic, etc. Their signature dish is Bagelninis which are Bagels flipped inside out and pressed. They also serve sandwiches, beverages and Bagels especially made for kids.

The franchise fee of Shmagel’s Bagels is $35,000.

6. NYC Bagel and Sandwich Shop

Serving the ‘Original New York Bagels’, the NYC Bagel & Sandwich Shop is famous for its quality and authenticity. Their menu has freshly baked Bagels with Sesame, Poppy, Cinnamon, Raisin, Blueberry, Onion, Garlic, Pumpernickel, Egg, Sun-Dried Tomato, Asiago Cheese, Jalapeño, etc. They also serve a variety of Sandwiches, cereals, etc.

They are open to Franchise Business Opportunities and their Franchise Fee is $29,500.

7. Between Rounds

Based in Connecticut, Between Rounds is a famous Bagel Shop and Bakery Café. Being a Bagel Shop and Bakery Café they have a variety of Bagels, Wraps, Rolls, Muffins, Croissants, Brownies, and hot and cold beverages on their menu. They are famous for their beautiful and convenient interior which offers free Wi-Fi to visitors. Furthermore, the company also provides a drive-thru window facility so that they can carry the meals when they are traveling.

They are offering wide coverage in their Franchise Business Opportunities. Their Franchise Fee is $22,500-$25,000.

8. Beach Bagels

Situated at Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina, Beach Bagels serves a variety of Bagels, breakfast spreads, lunch items, and beverages. They also have facilities for online orders and catering. They have an open-kitchen concept, where you can see your Bagels being baked. At present, they are offering Franchise Business Opportunities in North and South Carolina.

Their Franchise Fee is $25,000.

9. Long Island Bagel Café

Long Island Bagel Café, as the name says is located on Long Island offering authentic and freshly baked New York Bagels. They have different varieties of Bagels, Sandwiches, and Grilled and Wrapped Spreads, Salads, Soups, Coffee, Dessert, Muffins, and a collection of Assorted Bagels. Their Bagels are boiled and then baked.

They are offering Franchise Business Opportunities and the Franchise Fee is around $35,000.

10. Upper Crust Bakery and Café UCBC

Located in New Canaan in Connecticut, the UCBC is famous for its colored Bagels, Muffins, Sandwiches, Fresh Salads, and a variety of beverages ranging from Coffee to Hot Chocolates, Juices, etc. They have specially baked Bagels for different occasions and festivals. They also offer catering services.

This reputed bagel shop brand is recruiting franchise partners since 2017. The Franchise Fee is around $29,900.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does a Bagel Franchise Cost?

The franchise fee will depend on the specific Bagel company and the size of the brand. However, the total initial investment will be a minimum of $1,00,000 to open a bagel shop franchise in the United States. It includes the retail storefront rent cost, equipment, other inventories, salary, and legal costs.

What support shall I get from Bagel Shop Franchisor?

You will get support regarding the details of baking, location, interior designing, marketing strategies, training of manpower, and real estate and construction.

How profitable is the Bagel Franchise Business?

Starting a Bagel Franchise Business has a high initial investment. However, the return on investment is also high. As the business is a growing business, if you invest approximately $30,00, 00 at the beginning, you will be able to recover it within a couple of years.

On average, the franchise of a Bagel Shop brand earns in the range of 5-7% royalty fees.

Is the Bagel Shop Franchise a Good Business?

Well, there are many. First of all, you get the opportunity to start your business with a reputed name. That is better than starting from scratch.

Secondly, you have a simple and specific menu. That will help you build the Bagel Shop in a much-organized way.

In third place, most of the Bagel Franchise Business remains open from morning to afternoon. So you do not need employees for long hours.

Fourthly, in the Franchise Business, you have endless options for innovations.

In the case of a Franchise Business, you will easily get financial assistance from Banks and other financial institutions since you are getting associated with big names in the business.

Being the Franchise of a big name like NYC Bagels, your risk in business is much less. It has a name and reputation.

Lastly, the parent organization will continue to support you in various aspects.

This is all about the Bagel Shop Franchise Business. It is an evolving concept, so you have ample scope for growth. However, you have to be very careful and work hard on your business to achieve success.