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25 Profitable Business Opportunities for Immigrants in Canada for 2024

Are you an immigrant and want to start a business in Canada? If so, you have landed in the right place. Find here in this article, a list of business opportunities in Canada for immigrants that can be started and run with low investment on a small scale.

Do you want to immigrate to some other country and set up your own business? Then Canada is your perfect choice. Together with the highly developed market economy, Canada has an approachable and easy policy on immigration. That is why; it attracts people from all over the globe to come and settle here and prosper economically.

Canada is ranked 22 among the 190 nations of the world by the World Bank in the area of ease of doing business. The taxes are low here and favorable business-friendly conditions facilitate businesses to grow in Canada as an immigrants. It is among the top 10 trading nations of the world and the level of corruption is also impressive here. So, it will be simpler as well as easier for you to set up a business and prosper.

Who Qualifies to Start a Business in Canada as an Immigrant?

You must become a permanent resident of Canada to start a business here. Only landed immigrants can start a business in Canada. There are two types of business immigration programs. One is the start-up visa program and the other is for self-employed persons.

In order to start a business in Canada as an immigrant, you have to fulfill the conditions of age, required qualifications, experience, and monetary stability. Along with it, proficiency in either English or French is required.

Now, let us focus on profitable business ideas for you in Canada. Here is a selected list of the most money-making small business opportunities in Canada for Immigrants.

25 Business Opportunities in Canada for Immigrants

1. Restaurant

 If you are a foodie or have basic ideas about cooking and ingredients, then this is a good business idea for an immigrant in Canada. Serve native food and beverages of your home country, it will create brand value. Moreover, other immigrants from the same country will be attracted to your restaurant resulting in your profit. Remember, you have to choose your location properly. Along with that, invest money and innovative ideas in the décor and utensils.

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2. Tutor

Teaching will fetch you good money with almost zero investment and hence a very good business idea for immigrants in Canada. If you are good in subjects like English, Science or Maths, you will get students easily. Not just academics, fine arts also have a good demand for tutoring. You can teach Music, Dance or Painting. Word of mouth and social media is your ad campaign.

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3. Pet Care

Most Canadian household has pets. In other words, Canada is a pet-friendly country. So, if you are a genuine pet lover, the business of pet grooming and training is a great opportunity to turn your passion into a business. As people have less time for their pets, you can take up the job of pet training, grooming, and walking. It is a very good business idea for immigrants in Canada. It has good returns and your success will fetch you more clients.

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4. Coffee Shop

This business is especially profitable for immigrants because Canadians in general love Coffee and are in search of Coffee Shops. You can open a coffee shop in both residential as well as work areas. To make a mark, serve some signature dishes with coffee. Make the interior cool and cozy to attract customers of different profiles. It is not a high-investment business and you can earn good profits if you are willing to learn and observe.

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5. Yoga Instructor

Yoga has a worldwide demand for fitness, together with ailment and well-being. If you have a certificate or diploma in Yoga, you can take up this business. In the first place, you can be a private instructor to several clients. Apart from that, you can open your own Yoga school or training center. The yoga studio is one of the most lucrative business opportunities in Canada for immigrants and foreigners in the coming days.

6. Salon

Haircutting and styling never go out of fashion. If you are a trained hairstylist, you can open your own salon and impress your clients with your skills as well as innovation. In case of expansion, you can hire or train your assistant(s).

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7. Start a Blog

Blogging and content writing in Canada is a hugely profitable home-based business in Canada. If you have a good flair for writing English, you can write blog posts and content for different websites sitting at home. All you need is a computer along with an internet connection. Gradually you can start your blog too.

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 8. Cleaning

 This is a good business idea for immigrants in Canada. This business needs hard work as well as sharp observation for perfection. You can make a team of 4-5 persons and start the service of cleaning the residential or commercial areas as required. Remember, you have to be flawless at work to earn good money.

 9. Automobile Repair

If you have the required skills and training in automobile repair, this is your area of earning money. You can start on a small scale, but within a short period, your business will grow manifolds, provided you are skilled enough. Automobile Repair has proved to be a good business idea for immigrants in Canada.

 10. Event Manager

 In a country like Canada, people are very busy and hardly have time to organize parties and functions themselves. So, it is your chance to grow up as a professional event manager, who will organize all the aspects of a party from A-Z. In other words, everything from the venue to the guest list, food, decoration, gifts, etc.

11. Boutique

Fashion nowadays has become global, thanks to the internet. If you have a knack for designing clothes, accessories, or bags in your own country, you can start a boutique of your own. Advertise or sell your products through various online platforms.

 12. Housekeeping Agency

People with busy schedules have little time for household chores like cleaning, washing, cooking, garden maintenance, etc. So, this is a good business for immigrants in Canada, where you can take care of the entire household from grocery to garden at a regular fee. In case of expansion of your business, hire more persons and set up your agency.

13. Nanny Agency

 Busy parents often look for someone to take care of their kids in their absence. You can work as a nanny in their household to look after the kids. Here, you have to have a pleasant personality and be amiable with the kids. If you have space you can also set up a daycare center for kids.

14. Old People Day Care

 The aged persons are often alone, with no one to look after them and fulfill their regular needs. You can enter this area of service if you are compassionate and can deal with aged kids. You can set up a daycare center or home for the aged persons to look after them and accompany them to various places.

 15. Food Truck

 It is easier for you to set up a food truck at a comparatively lower investment. Good quality of food, hygienic conditions along regular availability are the keys to the success of this business. You can also start with a truck on hire.

16. Plumbing Consultancy

Plumbing is a headache people want to get rid of with the help of experts. If you have the training and sound knowledge of plumbing, you can start this business. Your skill and excellence will fetch you more and more clients by word-of-mouth publicity.

17. E-Commerce

Buying online is common worldwide. You can set up your website and deliver different items to your customers’ doorsteps. Take the help of social networking to publicize your site and a courier service for delivery.

18. Start a Transport Business in Canada

 In the huge economy of Canada, the transportation of goods plays a vital role. Hence, this is among the popular business opportunities in Canada for immigrants. You can buy trucks and transport goods from one place to another. On a smaller scale, you can also start a car rental business, or provide driver service.

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19. Financial Advisor

 If you are a qualified accountant or market analyst, you can easily start providing the service of a financial advisor. The per capita income of Canadians is quite high, so there is a demand for financial advisors. Being a financial advisor or consultant can prove to be a profitable business idea for immigrants in Canada.

20. Interior Design

For qualified interior designers, Canada is a good business ground. People buy houses and set up new offices. So as an interior designer, you can utilize your expertise in both areas. Hence, there is an immense scope of business for immigrants in Canada.

21. Real Estate Agent

Property buying and selling are very common in Canada. So you can earn a good commission as a real estate agent. Keep a list of the properties to be sold and look for prospective customers. Your goodwill is very important in this type of customer dealing.

 22. Fashion Design

 If you are a qualified fashion designer, you can start your business with your signature label. Advertise your products through Facebook and Instagram to get your product noticed. You can also sell through these platforms.

23. Buy a Franchise

Franchise helps you to work on a known brand with captive customers. You can take up the franchise of any kind of goods from food items like McDonald’s or Subway to dresses, shoes, and even automobiles.

24. Manufacture of Timber Products

The huge forest area of Canada gives you the opportunity for timber business. If you are a skilled carpenter, you can make furniture. Otherwise, you can go for buying and selling logs.

25. Waste Management

Waste is a part and parcel of every community. You can earn huge profits by recycling waste like paper, old machinery, etc., and take care of Mother Nature as well as your pocket. Remember, you have to be an expert in this field so that you can handle it properly and scientifically.

Conclusion: All of us are gifted with some quality and skill. Find out your skill and make the utmost utilization of that. We hope the above-mentioned list of business opportunities in Canada for immigrants will help you start your venture on a small scale. Go ahead confidently and earn your profit.