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Top 22 Profitable Small Business Ideas in Georgia

Famous for its coastal beaches, farmland, and mountains, Georgia is also a perfect place for small businesses. The state has some of the most impeccable business laws with a friendly economic environment for businesses. Small businesses are the highest contributor to the state’s economy.

Georgia is currently one of the largest exporters of trade goods offering services across general categories, finance, transportation, public utilities, and more. So, if you have been planning to start a new business in Georgia, here are some top ideas to choose from:

22 Small Business Ideas in Georgia

1. Smartphone Repair

Similar to other states of America, Georgia has a dearth need for smartphone repair service centers. The business needs a little training and investment, and you are set to go. You can even keep a few other professionals to run your smartphone repair center.

2. Bookshop

Selling books from a bookstore can be a lucrative business in Georgia. People in the state love reading and you can additionally sell books online via different e-commerce platforms. A library cum bookshop with some coffee can turn out to be profitable in a very short span of time.

3. Life Coaching Business

If you are someone who is a good listener with non-judgmental perceptions, a business around helping others is not a bad idea. The life coaching business is all about helping others to deal with the personal challenges in their lives. The business is growing in the state and will probably see a huge jump in the near future.

4. Delivery Services

With businesses going online, several brick-and-mortar stores now need delivery assistants. These stores need people who will pick up the items and deliver them to the local and adjoining areas. You can build a business around the need to cater to these customers.

5. Fitness Centre / Gym

The urge to lead a healthy life has pushed many Americans to take up exercising seriously. A fitness center for everyone could be a profitable proposition in Georgia considering its huge population. The business may require a substantial investment in the early period, but you can easily bring success out of your business in a short period.

6. Ice Cream Parlor

A very popular business in the United States, this sweet business can be a money-spinner in any part of the US. You can start with a little capital and a small space. A successful ice cream shop generally follows the traditional way of scooping ice creams and cups. You can experiment with your own flavors and cones.

7. Homestay Services

With so many tourists traveling to the state, often many travelers look for affordable options. If you have a couple of extra rooms, you can start your own bed and breakfast business in Georgia. With so many travelers traveling to Georgia, you will hardly ever have a dry season.

8. Tech Support

Many small businesses are operating in Georgia, often these companies need a back-end and technical support. The big companies have their own in-house technical support teams. But most of these businesses outsource an IT team to support their tech. You can offer these tech services locally like network setup, maintenance, data backup, software installation, and more.

9. Microbrewery

The craft beer business has been very profitable in the United States. Georgia is a growing market and if you can brew your beer with the right brewing technique, people will love it. You can start a chain of your own pubs or distribute your own beer in other pubs. Work on your flavor and make sure it’s different and has perfect quality.

10. Online Business Consultancy

Online consulting could be the perfect business idea for someone who knows well about e-commerce. Georgia has several offline businesses going online and they need experts to use these portals effectively and generate a significant income.

11. Customized Tour Services

The state has a massive tourism industry with a huge number of travelers coming to the state every year. A business offering customized tour services and local transport to tourists can be highly profitable given the geographical advantage of Georgia.

12. Specialty Food Services

As more people join in to experiment with their diets and eating habits, a specialty food service in Georgia can be big. You can make food according to the diet needs and they are quite well paid. You can even take orders online and work with any pickup service to deliver the orders.

13. Retail Store

The idea of a retail store business includes a number of options. The business will require a sizable investment. But if choosing the right category, you can easily make it viable within a few years. Use good marketing skills, approach manufacturers, and offer add-on services to attract more customers.

14. Food Truck

If you have been planning to open a restaurant, but have limited capital, a food truck is your way to go. A growing business in Georgia, food trucks need much less investment to start. In the US, the failure rate of food trucks is very less compared to conventional restaurants.

15. Advertising Agency

Georgia has a large number of small businesses operating in the state. While the big ones spend a lot to bring in big advertising agencies, small companies can’t afford them due to higher charges. You can start your own marketing agency in Georgia to help companies promote and advertise their products and services.

16. Vending Machine 

The vending machine business is growing like wildfire throughout the US, including Georgia. A business that needs almost no manpower or a physical store, vending machine business is a profitable business in the long term if you choose to sell the right items.

17. Social Media Consultancy

With the Internet taking over businesses, social media today play a vital role in bringing in new customers. Georgia has a number of small businesses that need social media experts to help them broaden their business using specialized social media services.

18. Charter School

A charter school is a publicly funded school run by an outside committee. You will set up a management and the government will fund you to run your school. If you have a unique idea for education in Georgia, starting a charter school seems like a great option.

19. Financial Planner

Often down by debt, more people are now looking for financial experts who will help them with their finances. As a financial planner, you will help people to manage their debts, negotiate interest rates and learn how to make better decisions with their finance. Try working on an annual program or scheme to build and maintain a huge customer base.

20. Digital Marketing Agency

With so many businesses in the state, companies in Georgia need good digital marketing services. A business offering digital services like online marketing, SEO, social media optimization, online campaigns, and other such services can be a solid business proposition in Georgia.

21. Buy a Franchise

If you are not interested in starting a business from scratch, buying a franchise of a reputed brand is a good option. There are many profitable low-cost franchise opportunities in Georgia one can consider exploring. Some of them are listed below:

  • Floyd’s 99 Barbershop
  • Rent-a-center
  • Ubreakifix
  • Newk’s Eatery
  • Zips Dry Cleaners

22. Start a Home-Based Online Business

If you are someone in Georgia looking for a part-time or full-time income from home, an online business can be the right fit. There are plenty of online businesses that can be started with zero or almost no investment.

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Best Places to Start a Business in Georgia

There are more than 2 million small businesses operating in Georgia. So, choosing the right location is going to be very important. Here are some of the best places in Georgia to start your business:

  • Vinings
  • Garden City
  • Dalton
  • Cumming
  • Norcross
  • Jesup
  • Carrollton
  • Waycross

How to Start a Business in Georgia

There are certain steps that one must follow to start a business in Georgia. Some of the important ones are listed below:

  • Select a Business Idea
  • Choose a Legal Entity
  • Register your Business
  • Name your Business
  • Select a Location
  • Procure Licenses and Permits
  • Apply for Taxes
  • Buy Insurance
  • Have a Marketing Plan

The state offers a very fitting environment for new businesses with accessible laws and propositions to help them grow and prosper.