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Top 15 Small Business Ideas & Opportunities in Maryland

Do you want to start a business in Maryland? Find here a startup guide on the steps to start a business along with top profitable small business ideas in Maryland that can be started with low money.

Known for its beaches and ports, tourism plays a major role in Maryland’s economy. Manufacturing remains a highly diversified sector in the state contributing over 20 percent of the total GDP. Currently, Maryland primarily manufactures heavy, chemical products, machinery, and apparel and exports different agricultural products.

Multiple businesses have grown over time around tourism, agriculture, and manufacturing. The state has a very stable economic environment for growing companies. Business-friendly laws and tax policies have hugely helped new businesses to prosper in Maryland. Here’s a complete guide on how you can start a successful business in Maryland.

Here are the 15 Small Businesses You Can Start in Maryland

1. Pet-Sitting Business

You will have to offer animal care services from your home with added services like pet training and exercise. There is a good demand for pet-sitting businesses in Maryland.

2. Fishing Business

Maryland is famous for its fish. There are several species of fish available in the state like blue crab, oysters, striped bass, and menhaden which you can export.

3. Bed & Breakfast Business

Tourism is very popular in Maryland. Several tourists visit the state every year often looking for alternate options than hotels. If you have a rentable property, try a bed and breakfast business.

4. Start a Blog

If you have a flair for writing and some knowledge in a specific field, consider starting a blog. This is perhaps the most legit online business you can start from home with a nominal investment.

5. Vending Machine

To make good money out of the vending machine business, the most important step is to find a proper location. This business is very popular in Maryland.

6. Yoga & Meditation Service

Yoga is getting hugely popular in Maryland. You can start a Yoga studio along with offering professional meditation services.

7. Dairy Farming

Start a dairy farming business to offer specialty dairy products. You can sell the farming produce directly to customers or export them to other states.

8. Quilt Services

The business involves translating a customer’s ideas and aspects. You will have to use fabric and different materials to create designer quilts out of it.

9. Online PR Services

Online PR professionals help companies to enhance their image on the internet. You will have to promote the good side for your clients online.

10. Customized Tour Services

Several tourists visit Baltimore and the beaches of the Eastern Shore. You can offer customizable tour services to these visitors.

11. Online Recruiting Services

Several youngsters are looking for jobs in Maryland and Washington. You can start an online recruiting agency specific to Maryland by providing a platform for fresh candidates.

12. Speaking Instruction Business

People often need professionals to improve their public speaking ability. You can offer speaking instruction classes to help people become better communicators.

13. Recording Studio

The recording business will include services related to dubbing, recording music, adding sound effects, and voice-overs. You can also tie up with companies for ads, animations, and more.

14. Online Photo Editing Business

A growing business all around the globe, people often look for editing experts. Experts edit their photos online with specialized editing and retouching.

15. Photography Business

The photography business has evolved over time. It’s a high-paying job in includes specialized services.

How To Start A Business In Maryland

Follow the given steps to legally start a business in Maryland.

Step 1. Choose a Business

The first decision to take while starting a business is to choose a business idea. Check the above-mentioned ideas or if you have something in your mind, select and finalize the business.

Step 2. Planning Your Business

Once you finalize your idea, you soon need to start working on it. A well-detailed business plan is important. This will help you to work on all the possible threats to your new business.

Step 3. Financing A New Business In Maryland

With a very healthy business climate in the state, Maryland has a bunch of venture capital firms and angel investors. You can go for funding or can choose to finance your business. There are a lot of business loans available at low-interest payback rates.

Step 4. Naming Your Business

Try to go for something meaningful and easy to remember. Register your name and buy a website domain with the same.

Step 5. Business Registration

You have to register your business next. You can either go for an LLC, sole proprietorship, or a corporation. Registering as an LLC will offer you added tax and legal benefits.

Step 6. Business Permits & Licenses

To sell goods legally in Maryland you have to register your business with the Comptroller of Maryland. To hire an employee, you have to register with the Comptroller of Maryland for employer withholding.

Step 7. Federal EIN & Tax Filing In Maryland

Now you will have to file for a Federal EIN to be eligible for separate taxes. Also, you will need a sales and use tax license from the Comptroller of Maryland to legally sell goods in the state.

Step 8. Set Up Business Accounting Method

First, open up a business bank account with your EIN. The Federal EIN is compulsory to process payments. Now choose a reliable business accounting software to handle all your transactions in one go.

Step 9. Business Insurance

To sell services, you will need a professional liability policy. Also, you have to get workers’ compensation insurance if you hire employees. Business insurance is regulated at the state level in Maryland.

Step 10. Business Promotion

Putting the word out is important. You need to take your business to a potential audience. If you can afford it, hire an agent who can help you promote your business.

Best Places To Start A Business In Maryland Baltimore

Choosing the right location is going to determine how your business runs. Here are some of the best places in Maryland and Washington to start your business:

  • Baltimore
  • Washington DC
  • Frederick
  • Rockville
  • Bowie
  • Silver Spring
  • Gaithersburg

This is a complete hands-on guide on how to start a successful business in Maryland from home with minimal investment.