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Best 25 Most Profitable Small Business Ideas in Perth

Perth, the capital of the state of Western Australia and the fourth largest city of Australia in terms of population is an encouraging city for innovative business ideas. This is the prime reason that makes Perth your ideal destination for starting a new business.

Perth is among the top-ranking liveable cities in the world. Hence it will be convenient for you to start your business in Perth.

The Small Business Development Corporation (SBDC) of the Government provides various assistance to start-ups. This will give you great support and guidance in starting your business in Perth.

The city of Perth offers different kinds of co-working spaces to suit diverse business ideas. Therefore you will get assistance regarding the space of your business in Perth.

List of 25 Small Business Ideas in Perth

1. Meat Processing

Western Australia is rich in meat production. Hence meat processing is a potential business idea for you in Perth. Beef, lamb, mutton, goat, and pork are the leading products in terms of demand. You can start a processing unit of any one or two of them. Invest in high-tech machinery and skilled manpower. Get the required license and permits. You can sell the processed meat in local markets or export them.

2. Seafood Processing

Western Australia produces some of the finest seafood which has a great global demand. Lobsters and prawns are examples. That is why seafood processing is a very profitable business idea for you in Perth. For the processing unit, you need direct contact with the fishermen and have an advanced processing unit. Seafood has great export potential in Asia. Hence you can export them or sell them locally. Either way, it will yield you a good income.

3. Salon

Salons have great business potential in Perth and you can start the business and earn a good income. Find a good place for the salon and make it a unisex salon for more profits. Good hairdressers and beauticians will make your salon more popular among people.

4. Boutique

The boutique business is very much in demand in Perth. Hence you can start your boutique in Perth. It can be a shop or an online boutique that has a good demand. To be successful in your boutique business, you need to have a good sense of design. Be creative and innovative in your designs. Online and offline marketing are key points of the popularity and sale of your boutique.

5. Cleaning Service

Both homes, as well as office cleaning, have a good demand in Perth. Therefore opening a cleaning services company is a good business idea for you in Perth. Both indoor and outdoor cleaning along with sanitization and disinfection services will give you more clients. You will need cleaning equipment like a vacuum cleaner, sprayers and good quality cleaning solutions and disinfectants, and some hard-working assistants to run this business.

6. Laundry

Laundry services are a very profitable business in Perth. So you can start your laundry in a good locality in Perth and earn a good profit. For the laundry business, you need good public relations and widespread publicity through posters, pamphlets, and flyers. Prompt and good service and facilities like doorstep collection and delivery of laundry will give you an edge in the business.

7. Bakery

A bakery is a good business idea for you in Perth. You can start your bakery shop or supply bakery items to the local bakery stores and cafes. An online bakery is also a good business idea in Perth. Whatever the form of business you need to serve freshly baked and good quality items with great taste and authenticity. Online as well as offline marketing are essential for the success of your bakery business.

8. Open a Restaurant in Perth

The restaurant business is profitable in Perth. Therefore you can start your restaurant business in a busy locality of Perth. You can serve local cuisine or international cuisine in your restaurant. However, the food has to be tasty and authentic. Give attention to the cleanliness and hygienic standards of your restaurant. Word of the mouth publicity and extensive marketing is necessary for your restaurant business.

9. Opena Cafe in Perth

Cafes are very much popular globally and Perth is no exception. Hence you can start your café business at a good location in the city. Get a good décor of your café and make arrangements for serving different varieties of coffee and snacks and savories in your cafe.

10. Car Repair & Washing

There are many car owners in Perth. Hence car repairing and washing can be a good business idea for you in Perth. You can rent a garage for your business. However, a mobile car repair and washing unit can give you more clients. It is ideal to have both services for a greater number of clients and therefore more income.

11. App Development

App development has a great demand in Perth which can be a great business idea for you in this city. Since Perth appreciates innovative business ideas, you can think of different types of innovative apps that will be beneficial for people in different ways. Apart from that, you can develop apps for business enterprises and utility apps like health care, beauty care, fitness and exercise, road directions, and many more. You need your website, digital marketing, and social media marketing for your app development business.

12. IT Services

IT services have a great prospect in Perth. That is why an IT Service Company is a very good business idea for you in Perth. You can provide services to big enterprises as well as medium and small businesses in important areas like software development, system up-gradation, data management, virus protection, cloud computation, cybersecurity, etc. Your website, personal network, and digital marketing will play a vital role in your IT consultancy business.

13. E-Commerce

Like all other places in the world, e-commerce is a promising business idea in Perth. Start your e-commerce business in Perth and sell a variety of goods ranging from grocery to electronic gadgets, apparel to childcare products, and toys through your portal. A good app is essential for your e-commerce business. So get it done by an expert. Timely delivery and prompt returns and replacements are key to the e-commerce business.

14. Warehouse

With the growth of e-commerce, the business of warehouses also has a rising demand in Perth. So you have a great business opportunity by setting up a warehouse in Perth and earning good profits. If you can add distribution services to it, the business will be more profitable. Good network and marketing are important for the success of your warehouse business.

15. Grocery Store

Grocery stores have a universal demand everywhere. Therefore you can start a grocery store in Perth and earn good profits. Find a location where there are few or no grocery stores nearby. Or you can locate your grocery store at a busy marketplace or mall. Arrange the items properly and hire a good salesperson. Online or telephonic orders and home delivery will fetch you more clients. You need a website and strategic marketing for your grocery store business.

16. Pet Shop

Pet shops are much in demand in Perth. So opening a pet shop in Perth is a good business idea for you. Keep a good stock of toys, food, and other essential items for the pets along with grooming services. Arrange a pet boarding to get more clients. Good location, good service, and marketing will make your pet shop more profitable.

17. Dog Training & Walking

Perth is a city with lots of dog owners. Hence you can start a dog training and walking services business in Perth. If you provide services personally you will get a good income. However, setting up a service unit with more trainers will make your business bigger and more profitable. Personal networks and marketing are essential for the business.

18. Old-age Care

The large population of senior adults in Perth calls for old-age care services. Therefore old-age care is a good business for you. Hire good compassionate people and start a caregiving service unit for the aged people. If you can invest more, you can also start an assisted living facility for the aged. It is a profitable business but requires a lot of care and attention. Website, personal networking, good reputation, and marketing are important to grow your old-age care business.

19. Childcare

Childcare also has a good business prospect in Perth. That is why it is a good business idea for you too. Start a child care center in a convenient location close to residential areas or workplaces. The child care center should be spacious with a lawn for playing. Appoint good and responsible caregivers for the children and keep in regular touch with a pediatrician for any medical need. Public relations, publicity, and marketing are very much essential for the success of your child care center business.

20. Financial Consultancy

There is a steady demand for financial consultancy in Perth. Therefore you start a financial consultancy business in the city of Perth and serve different categories of business enterprises and non-profits. As a financial consultant, you will provide various kinds of services like financial and tax planning, profit and loss analysis, fund management, investment planning, bookkeeping, banking, accounting, etc.

21. Event Planning

Event planning is a very profitable business idea for you in Perth as the busy city has different kinds of events around the year. You need a good management capacity, aesthetic sense, and an eye for detail to be successful in the event planning business. As an event planner, you can plan and organize various kinds of events like corporate, social, or media events.

22. Online Teaching

Online teaching is a very prospective business idea for you in Perth as the demand for it is rising steadily. The advantages of this business are: it is a low investment business where you only need a computer or laptop with a high-speed internet connection and you can do it from home. Through your online teaching portal, you can teach K-12 students and also students of college or provide professional training.

23. Healthcare Center

A healthcare center is a profitable business idea for you in Perth. Get the legal permit and license and start your health care center at a busy place in the city of Perth. Choosing a niche will help you create a brand for your healthcare center. For example, you can start a child or women’s health care center or a physiotherapy center, etc. You need good contact with doctors and a good online as well as offline marketing program to succeed in the health care center business.

24. Pharmacy Store

The pharmacy store is an essential service and has a very good business prospect for you in Perth. Choose a good location for your pharmacy and get the required license and permits. Keeping a good stock of medicines along with generic ones and quick refilling will help you to grow your pharmacy business. Taking orders over the telephone and delivering at the doorstep is also a plus point.

25. Timber Export

Western Australia is rich in forestry. Hence timber export can be a good business idea for you in Perth. Sandalwood is the prime product here that has a great global demand and you can start an export house for exporting sandalwood. You need a good network and government licenses and permits for the export business.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kinds of grants can I get for my business in Perth?

There are different kinds of grants offered by the government to start-ups. They include Business Improvement Grants, Economic Development Sponsorship, and Small Business Quick Response Grants.

What assistance can I get for innovative business ideas in Perth?

Perth offers many co-working spaces helping in the growth of new businesses and new industries. The city also promotes innovation-based programs that have brought Silicon Valley financiers, angel investors, and venture capitalists into investing in innovative start-ups.

There is a prospect as well as guidance and assistance. So, starting your business in Perth is indeed a very wise and good decision.