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Best 25 Highly Profitable Small Business Ideas in Peru

Starting your business in the Latin American country of Peru is a good initiative as the country is steadily growing in economic and business sectors.

The Human Development Index of Peru is rising for more than the last two decades. Hence you will find it easier to start and grow your business in Peru.

There is a great demand for technology-related services and developments in Peru. Therefore, if you are an IT person, you can easily earn a good profit from IT services or other digital services businesses in Peru.

The stable political scenario of Peru favors the growth of medium and small-scale business initiatives. This is a great advantage for you to start your business in this country.

Peru offers a host of business ideas and opportunities for you. Therefore you have ample opportunities to start a business here according to your experience or expertise.

List of 25 Small Business Ideas in Peru

1. App Development

App development is a lucrative business in Peru. Hence, you can start an app development company based in the capital city of Lima or any urban area and make an app for different platforms like Android or IOS, etc. Apps can be for business enterprises or other welfare and convenience-based apps like tourism guides, health care, fitness or skincare, etc. You will need good marketing and web presence for your app development business.

2. IT services

IT services are much in demand in Peru as the country is gradually developing in the field of digitization. Therefore you can start your IT services company in Peru and start earning good profits. There are various kinds of services that you can offer as an IT service provider. These include software installation, cloud computing, data management, customized software development, cybersecurity, virus protection, etc. Having your company’s website and the listing of the company in the various online and offline databases are key factors.

3. Website Design

As more companies are going digital, there is a rising demand for website design professionals in Peru. Start your website designing company in Peru and earn a good profit. In your company, apart from designing and uploading the website, you have to provide content assistance, SEO services, linking the website with social media, etc.

4. Fintech

Since the pandemic, the demand for fintech has become very high which means you can start a fintech company in Peru and earn good profits. Since the percentage of bank account holders is comparatively low in Peru hence there is very little access to credit from banks. You can capture this market and do good business as a fintech company.

5. Virtual Assistant

There are great numbers of online businesses and small business enterprises that need the services of virtual assistants. You can avail this opportunity and start working as a virtual assistant. You can work from home with a low investment of just a PC or laptop and a fast internet connection. Good organizational and secretarial skills are needed for this business. Apart from that, you need good online marketing to get more clients.

6. Digital Marketing

Peruvian business organizations are resorting to digital technology to improve their business operations. In such an environment there is an obvious demand for digital marketing. Hence, start your digital marketing company and start earning good profits. You need a good web and social media presence for getting more customers for your digital marketing business. Provide SEO services, digital advertising, social media marketing, organic search services, etc to your clients.

7. Computer Repair and Maintenance

Widespread digitization creates a demand for computer repair and maintenance. If you are trained in hardware repair then you can start a computer repair and maintenance business. In this business, you will be able to provide services to different office setups as well as the personal computers or laptops used at home. Good personal network and marketing are necessary for this business.

8. Open a Salon

The salon business is very lucrative in Peru. Go for a unisex salon to get more clients and hence more profits. Find a good location and make widespread publicity. For a good salon, you will need trained beauticians and hairdressers along with beauty products from reputed brands.

9. Clothing Shop

Peruvians are very fashionable. Hence a clothes shop can fetch you good profit. You can start a shop at a busy place and sell clothes for both men and women of all age groups. On the contrary, you can start a signature store specializing in dresses only for men or women even kids. An online clothes shop is also a good option for you. Good planning and strategic marketing and publicity will give you a lot of mileage in your clothes shop business.

10. Old Age Care

The developing economy of Peru has developed a need for old-age care. You can use this demand to consider old-age care services as your business. You can work as a caregiver and take care of aged persons. Otherwise, you may start an agency of caregivers and send them to the houses where there is a need for caregivers. If you have high capital, you can start an old age care center or living facility to take care of several aged persons. You will need good online and offline marketing for this business.

11. Pet Care

Peruvians are pet lovers and the love for pets is on the rise. Taking this opportunity, you can start a pet care business in Peru as people do not have much time to take care of their pets. There are several avenues of the pet care business. You can work as a pet sitter or start an agency of pet sitters. Otherwise, you can start your pet care center by taking care of several pets and getting a higher income. Providing dog running or walking services is also a good business idea for you.

12. Pet Shop

Pet lovers need pet shops. Hence starting a pet shop is a lucrative business for you in Peru. Sell pet food, toys, and accessories, provide pet grooming services, and set up a vet clinic along with the shop to make it a one-stop destination for pet care. Add boarding services to attract more clients.

13. Academic Counseling

Demand for academic advice and counseling is steadily rising in Peru. If you are an academic person with good communication skills, you can start an academic counseling business in Peru. Online counseling is the best option. You can do it through your social media account, counseling website, or YouTube channel. Students are keen to get advice from experts. With a good advertisement and online marketing, you can earn a good profit from the online academic counseling business.

14. Online Teaching/English Teaching

Online teaching is also a sought-after business idea in Peru. English teaching has the greatest demand. Hence you can teach English or other subjects in school or at higher levels online. Even professional training or grooming classes online have very good demand. Start your YouTube channel or teach through your website or popular virtual platforms like Zoom etc. Online marketing is an important tool for this business.

15. Dropshipping

Dropshipping is a popular business idea in Peru.  Hence you can start a dropshipping company in Peru and earn good profits with very low investment. There are established drop shipping companies in Peru that will assist you. Decide your niche before starting the business. Online marketing is the key factor for the success of your dropshipping business.

16. Tourism

Peru is one of the most preferred tourist places in Latin America. Hence business related to tourism can be a very profitable business idea for you. Starting a tourism agency or working as a local tour operator or a tourist guide- all are quite profitable businesses. Get the necessary license and permits from the authorities before starting your business. Online and offline marketing along with a good website will fetch you more clients.

17. Aerial Photography

Aerial photography with the help of drones is a profitable venture for you in Peru. You have to invest in a drone and learn the technology. Aerial photography can be in huge demand for publications, ad films, audio-visual presentations, and media.  You need well-planned marketing as well as publicity for your aerial photography business.

18. Real Estate Agency

The real estate market is booming in Peru, Hence a real estate agency is a good business idea for you. You can have your website and connect the buyers and sellers virtually and get your commission. On the other hand, you can set up your office and meet the buyers and sellers and connect them personally. In both cases personal networks and good marketing are necessary.

19. Open a Restaurant in Peru

Peruvians are foodies. Hence a restaurant business is a lucrative business idea for you. Choose a suitable place and have a good décor. Serving seafood is a good option. You can also go to a multi-cuisine restaurant. Keep a close eye on the quality and authenticity of the food you are serving and the cleanliness and hygiene. Marketing and publicity are very important to grow your restaurant business.

20. Home Delivery of Food

Home delivery of cooked food has a good demand in Peru. Start your food delivery business and deliver home-cooked food to offices and homes. You can do this type of business with the help of a special app, or by the website or telephone orders. Good quality food, good reviews, and well-planned marketing are very important for the success of your food delivery business.

21. Home/Office Cleaning

The cleaning business has a good demand in Peru. Hence you can start your cleaning business company and provide services to both offices as well as homes. You will need some smart and hard-working assistants with knowledge of cleaning and the use of cleaning equipment. Use good and safe cleaners. Add disinfection and sanitization services along with cleaning. Online and offline publicity will give you more profits in your cleaning business.

22. Laundry Services

Laundry services are also a good business idea in Peru. You can start the business from home if there is no competitor in the neighborhood. Otherwise, you have to find a suitable place where there is a good demand for laundry services. Timely delivery and doorstep delivery of cleaned items will build your goodwill. Good marketing and advertisements are also necessary for your laundry business.

23. Car Wash/Servicing

Car washing and servicing is a profitable business venture in Peru. Set your car washing cum servicing center at a good location. Also provide mobile car washing services to the customers who need them. This flexibility will give you more income. Apart from that personal networks and marketing are also important.

24. Pressure Washing

Pressure washing in buildings, driveways, vehicles, etc has a good demand in Peru. Hence start your pressure washing business and earn a good profit. Learn the use of pressure washing equipment and its speed before starting the business. Good personal network and marketing are very important for your pressure washing business.

25. Agribusiness/Organic Farming

Agro business has been gaining popularity in Peru. Hence you can start agricultural farming of sugarcane, rice, or potatoes. Growing fruits like Avocado, blueberry, orange, grapes, or lemon can also be profitable since they have export potential. Cash crops like coffee and cocoa are also very profitable to grow. If you can start organic production of crops it is more profitable as organic products fetch more prices. You have to organize quick sales of your products to earn profit.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get funding assistance for my business in Peru?

Despite being a developing economy, Peru has several assistance programs for start-ups in the country. There are several Venture Capital funds in Peru. COFIDE, the development bank of Peru, and PECAP, the association for seed investment provide funds to start-ups. Apart from these, Wayra Peru, Winnipeg Capital, Escala. VC and Angel Ventures Peru also provide funds.

What is the main industry in Peru?

Textiles, FMCG, consumer durable goods, food processing, and fisheries are the main industries in Peru.

What are the best cities in Peru to start a business?

Find below the major 5 cities in Peru that are favorable to launching a new business:

  • Lima
  • Trujillo
  • Chiclayo
  • Piura
  • Iquitos

Can a foreigner start a business in Peru?

As a foreigner, you can have 100% ownership of your business in Peru. Moreover, you can start with very low share capital and open a bank account in the name of your business with a modest sum of USD 500.

The stable, growing, and developing economy of Peru is full of goodwill gestures and cooperation for your business idea. Hence you can be a successful businessman in this country with your planning and business insight.