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Best 25 Most Profitable Business Ideas in Sikkim

The Himalayan state of Sikkim situated in north-eastern India has been one of the fastest-growing economies of India since 2000. Thus starting a business in Sikkim will give you growth and profit.

Sikkim has a good percentage of the literate population. Hence it will be easier for you to get an educated workforce for your business in Sikkim.

Sikkim has an agrarian economy and practices 100% organic cultivation. This will help you in starting businesses like food processing and making them more profitable due to the organic factor.

Start-ups are highly encouraged by the Government policies in Sikkim. Hence your start-up business in the state of Sikkim will have a lot of advantages to start with.

Many business ideas are suitable for Sikkim. Study them below and find your most suitable business to start.

25 Business Ideas in Sikkim

1. Food Processing

Food processing is a priority business sector in Sikkim. Hence you can start a food processing unit in Sikkim and earn good profits. Sikkim being a fully organic state, the processed items will also have a good demand in the market. Sikkim is rich in the production of big cardamom, ginger, turmeric, buckwheat, etc. You can start with anyone or two of these products.

2. Poultry Farming

Poultry products are very popular in Sikkim. Therefore you can start a poultry farming business in Sikkim. Raise hens, ducks, or geese on your farm and sell meat as well as eggs. Form a good sales network in nearby stores or hotels, restaurants, or resorts and get assured profit.

3. Open a Café/ Coofee Shop

Café or coffee shops are in demand in Sikkim, especially at tourist spots. That is why a café is a good business idea for you. A good location, cool decor, and good coffee are the key features of a good café. Serve popular local snacks and savories along with coffee and keep a close eye on the cleanliness of your café. Marketing and publicity will make your café more profitable.

4. Start a Bakery

Bakery is a good business option in Sikkim. You can start your bakery and sell the products to local stores or restaurants, cafes, etc. Another business option is starting your bakery shop. The items that have the highest demand are bread, cake, cookies, biscuits, and pastries. Make sure that every item you sell is tasty and fresh. Good reviews of your products will give you more business.

5. Open a Restaurant

The restaurant business is also very profitable in Sikkim, considering the great number of tourists who visit the state around the year. You can start a big or small restaurant in Sikkim according to your budget. Serving local food is a good option. Otherwise, you can also start a multi-cuisine restaurant and serve different kinds of food. The quality and authenticity of the food and cleanliness of your restaurant play important roles in the growth of your business. You will also need marketing and publicity.

6. Microbrewery

A microbrewery or a craft brewery is a good business idea in Sikkim. You can start a microbrewery with lesser capital in Sikkim if you have some knowledge about beer manufacturing. Before choosing the location of your microbrewery, do some research on the demand for beers locally. Word-of-mouth publicity is very important for the growth of your microbrewery business.

7. Home Stay

Homestay is a popular concept in hilly areas especially Sikkim, where you rent a part of your house to the guests, serve them food, and get paid for your service. If you have space in your home, you can start a homestay business and earn good money. You need to make good publicity for your homestay through travel blogs and tour operators.

8. Eco-Tourism

Sikkim is a land of forests where more than 80% of the total area of the state is covered by forests. Hence you can start an eco-tourism center in these areas providing the tourists with a rare experience of enjoying the forests and the rare species of flora and fauna. It has a great prospect in the state of Sikkim. You need to study the landscape before choosing the location of your eco-tourism center and also get the necessary license and permits. Both online and offline marketing is very important for your eco-tourism business.

9. Catering

Catering or food supply is a profitable business in Sikkim. If you are a chef by profession or passion, you can start a catering business in Sikkim. In this business, you can supply cooked food to various events, offices, homes, and guest houses or resorts. Good food, timely and prompt service, and marketing are the essential points for the success of your catering business.

10. Tour Operator

Sikkim is a tourist’s favorite place, and the tour operator’s business is very lucrative for you. There are many tourist spots in the entire state and you have ample opportunities as a tour operator to organize tours to those places. It is better to base your business in the capital city Gangtok, or any other town, from where the tours are conducted.  You need online as well as offline marketing for your tour operator’s business. Along with that, you also need certain licenses and permits.

11. Handicraft Store

Sikkim is famous for its handloom and handicraft like Handloom weaving, painting, wooden mask, and wood carving. These items have a good demand, especially among tourists. Hence starting a handicraft store is a profitable business idea for you. You can buy the items from local artists and sell them at your store with a profit. An online handicraft store is also a good business option where you can reach many customers. Good marketing and publicity are very important for the prospect of your business.

12. Computer Repair & Service

With the rapid growth of digitization, computer repair, and servicing have become very important businesses in Sikkim. If you have hardware repair training, you can start a computer repair and maintenance business in Sikkim. Your clientele may be different offices, hotels, resorts, and individuals having computers.

13. Mobile Repair

The use of smartphones has increased to a great extent and Sikkim is no exception. Hence starting a mobile repair business will be a very profitable business idea for you in Sikkim. If you have space in your home, you can start the business from home. Add the services of recharging and selling sim cards along with repair to get more clients.

14. Medicine Shop

A medicine shop is an essential service and hence a good business idea in Sikkim. Choose a suitable location for your medicine shop and do good publicity. Arrange the medicine properly and keep a good stock of low-priced generic medicine. Taking orders over the telephone and delivering medicine to the doorstep will give you more income.

15. Open a Car Rental Business in Sikkim

The car rental business is very perspective in Sikkim as the tourists need cars for their tours to different places of the state. You can rent your car along with the driver or can buy cars for the rental business. Network with the local hotels, resorts, and tour operators will fetch you more clients. The condition of the cars should be good and the drivers must be local who can drive efficiently in hilly terrains and have a good idea of the roads.

16. Bamboo Furniture

Bamboo furniture is a traditional handicraft item of Sikkim. Different kinds of furniture are made from bamboo by local craftsmen that have high demand across the country and the globe. Hence you can sell bamboo furniture and earn a good income. You can either start a furniture store in a good crowded place or start an online furniture store. Good online and offline marketing is necessary for your bamboo furniture business. Make a good catalog of the furniture both in print as well as digitally for display.

17. IT Services

The gradual digitization has created a demand for IT services in Sikkim. Hence you can start your IT servicing company in Sikkim. As an IT service provider, you will provide services like system up-gradation, software installation, cloud computing, data storage and management, network management, cybersecurity, and protection of the system from virus attacks. Different offices will be your client.

18. Candle Making

Candle-making is a good business idea in Sikkim. You can start a candle-making business with very low capital. The Namchi designer candles have very good demand. You can start making designer candles, scented candles, and candles for special occasions. These candles are bought by tourists as well as residents and used as decorative items in hotels, resorts, and restaurants.

19. Matchbox Manufacturing

Matchbox manufacturing is also a good business idea for you in Sikkim. It is a low-investment business and matchbox being an essential item, has a good demand. Make a sales arrangement with local stores for a quick return.

20. Medicinal Plants

Sikkim is a rich source of medicinal plants. Hence you can start a business growing medicinal plants commercially. Sikkim is a 100% organic state.  Medicinal plants have a great demand among herbal medicine makers and pharmaceutical companies. Certify the plants of your farm by a botanist or agricultural scientist. You can sell these to medicine companies and other agencies. If you have capital, you can start a processing unit along with the farm.

21. Mushroom Farming

Mushrooms are much in demand as a food item in Sikkim. Hence you can start a mushroom farming business with very little capital. Learn the farming methods and the types of mushrooms suitable for the climate of Sikkim. More than 20 varieties of mushrooms can be grown in Sikkim and you have to choose the varieties that have the maximum demand. Quick selling is very important as mushrooms perish quickly.

22. Salon

The salon is a profitable business in Sikkim. Start your salon at a prominent place and provide a variety of services like hair cutting, spa, facial, massage, etc. The unisex salon will be more profitable for you. Hire good hairdressers and beauticians and use renowned beauty products or herbal products. Make different beauty packages and offer special discounts to regular customers. Marketing and advertisements are important for your salon business.

23. Car Servicing

The car servicing business has a steady demand in Sikkim as many cars move continuously in the hilly terrains for tourism and transport. Hence you can start a car servicing business in Sikkim and earn a good profit. Good local contact and networking with the hotels, travel agencies and tour operators, and different offices will fetch you more profit.

24. Grocery Store

The grocery store is an all-time good business idea and Sikkim is no exception. Start your grocery store at a strategic location and stock up on different kinds of items starting from food grains to bakery items, beverages, juices, fresh vegetables, instant noodles, etc. Keep the stocks in proper order so that the customers can find them easily. Taking orders over the telephone or WhatsApp and delivering them to the customer’s doorstep will make your grocery store business more profitable.

25. Online Teaching

Since the literacy rate in Sikkim is high, you can start an online teaching business here. If you are an academic person, you can teach school and college students online. Another option is giving different professional or vocational training online. For example, teaching Spoken English, personality development, beautician, candle or doll making, graphic designing, etc. You need good online and offline marketing as well as social media presence for this business.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Government of Sikkim promote business start-ups?

The Government of Sikkim as well as the Government of India are very much eager to encourage innovative and sustainable start-ups in the state.

What are the facilities offered to start-ups in Sikkim?

The facilities offered to the start-ups at Sikkim include:

  • Subsidy on Power
  • GST and Stamp Duty reimbursement
  • Assistance in Marketing as well as promotion
  • Special financial incentives for appointing women, differently-abled persons, and transgender

Sikkim is a land of possibilities and prospects. The beautiful state has a welcoming gesture to innovative and viable business ideas. Therefore you can utilize your business acumen and planning in the best possible way in Sikkim and hence prosper.