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Best 27 Small Business Ideas in Spain for 2024

Starting a new business in Spain is a good idea for young startups. It has a developed economy and stable government and policies that make it an ideal destination for starting your business. Here in this article, you will find a list of the most profitable small business ideas in Spain that can be started with little money.

Spain is ranked among the first 30 nations regarding the ease of doing business. Therefore you won’t find it difficult to start your business in this country.

In addition, Spain is the fourth-largest economy in the European Union and the fourteenth-largest globally. This means you will have a lot of opportunities to start your business in Spain.

The transport and communication network in Spain is well-developed. Hence you will have the great advantage of the movement of goods or products thereby growing your business well.

List of 27 Small Business Ideas in Spain

1. Language Teacher

Language teaching is a great business idea in Spain. If you are conversant in English and other languages like French, German, Italian, or Chinese, you can start your business as a language teacher. Many people are interested in learning languages and hence there will be no shortage of interested students. You can teach students from home, in a rented classroom, or online. Good marketing, as well as advertising, is necessary for your business of language teaching.

2. Open a Tapas Bar or Restaurant

Tapas culture is ingrained in Spanish culture. You can start a pub or restaurant that serves a range of tapas dishes with a focus on regional flavors. Make a cosy setting, use high-quality ingredients, and think about live music or themed nights.

3. Private Detective

The demand for private detectives is increasing in Spain. If you have investigative skills or training, you can start your business as a private detective. This business has many areas to work for.

You can investigate for business houses to find the secrets of the partners or for banks for debt recovery even for people who want to keep an eye on their spouses or partners. One successful case will give you more clients. Apart from that, you need good networking and publicity for your private detective business.

4. Tourism Services

Spain is one of the top tourist destinations in the world. Tourists from all across the world visit the country. You can start a travel agency and offer unique tour experiences, travel planning, or specialized tours (food, history, adventure) to cater to diverse interests.

5. Car Rental

The car rental business has a good demand in Spain. You can start your car rental business with your car and gradually increase the number of cars. Car rental services are most wanted by tourists. Collaborate with local hotels and resorts or tour operators to rent your car for tourists and local trips. Good marketing and cars in good condition are key factors for the success of your business.

6. Sustainable Power

Sustainable power is a priority area in Spain. Hence you can start your business in any one of the sustainable energy fields. Manufacturing or selling solar panels, selling wind turbines, or setting up a biogas unit is a viable and profitable option for you. Research the local demand before choosing your option.

7. Photography

Photography is a prospective business for you in Spain. Your photography business can be tourist-centric where you will click photographs of tourists and places of tourist attraction. On the other hand, you can be a news photographer or event photographer where you will click photos of newsworthy topics or different corporate as well as social events. Good marketing and publicity are necessary for your photography business.

8. Advertising and PR Agency

In a developed economy like Spain, there is a great scope for advertising and Public Relations agencies. If you have a good idea of advertising and PR, you can start your advertising and PR agency. Your clientele will comprise different corporates, medium and small-scale business enterprises, etc.

The responsibility of your advertising and PR agency will include preparing and releasing different kinds of online and offline ad materials, publicity through print and audiovisual media as well as social media marketing. Apart from that preparing newsletters, and publicity brochures, conducting e-mail marketing, and keeping in contact with the media are also part of your job.

9. Interpreter

Interpreters have great income opportunities in Spain. If you know Spanish as well as English, French, and some other languages, you can start your business as an interpreter. Your main clientele would be foreign tourists who are unable to understand the local language. As an interpreter, you can help them by playing the role of an interpreter or a communication bridge between the locals and the tourists.

10. Bakery

The bakery business has good income potential. If you know a bakery this is a good business for you. You can start your bakery shop at a good location and serve common bakery items like bread, cakes, cookies, pastries, etc. However, try to be innovative and introduce new baked food in your shop to build your niche. You can add doorstep delivery services and sell against online orders to increase your income. Good quality food, as well as efficient marketing, are the main pillars of your bakery business.

11. Fitness Trainer

Fitness trainers have a good demand in Spain as people are becoming more fitness conscious now. If you have formal training as a fitness expert, you can start your business as a fitness trainer. As a personal fitness trainer, you will train your client in the fitness regime suitable for him/her. Apart from that, you have to chalk out the diet plan suggest the necessary equipment for exercise and guide them in using it. You need a good personal network to get more clients as a fitness trainer. Social media marketing also helps.

12. Fashion Designer

Fashion design is a great business idea in Spain. You can start this business as an independent designer or open your own boutique. Focus on fashion trends and preferences but try to be innovative in the designs. Do good online marketing, especially social media publicity for your designed clothes. Also, create a good website for your designer clothes and enable online selling and payment options.

13. Salon and Spa

Salons and spas have a universal demand. Choose a good location and invest in a cool and comfortable décor as well as lighting arrangements. Hire experienced and efficient beauticians for your salon and spa. Good marketing and widespread advertising are essential for the success of your business. Offer discounts during festivals and special occasions like marriage etc.

14. IT Services and Cybersecurity

The digitization of business enterprises needs a proper system of IT services and cybersecurity. If you are trained in hardware maintenance and software, this is an ideal business for you. In the business of IT Services and cybersecurity, you are supposed to provide services like hardware maintenance, software up-gradation, training of manpower, protection of the system from viruses and ransomware, etc. Online marketing and a good website are very important for your IT services and cybersecurity business.

15. Event Planning

Event planning is a very good business in Spain. If you have good organizing skills and aesthetic sense you can start your event planning business. There are various kinds of events that need the service of event planning companies.

For example corporate events, social events like marriages different kinds of parties, etc. You need good manpower and have to provide immaculate as well as punctual service. The website of your event planning company and a good marketing network will fetch you more clients.

16. Accounting Services

Accounting services are much sought after in Spain. If you are a qualified accountant you can go ahead with your accounting services business. You will get business organizations of different sizes and operations as your clients. In accounting services, you have to provide services like bookkeeping, tax planning, and preparation, bank reconciliation, financial planning, and projection. Online and offline marketing is important for the growth of your business.

17. Property Management

Property management is a popular business idea in Spain. There are many properties like houses or buildings that need to be managed properly due to the absence of their owners. You can start your business of property management and manage as well as maintain the properties for a charge. On the other hand, if you have enough capital you can invest in properties and rent them out to others and earn regular income.

18. Home Cleaning

The cleaning business has good demand everywhere. You can start your home cleaning business and earn a good income. Locate your business in a good location where there is a demand for home cleaning services. Hire a couple of assistants to help you with cleaning. Use good quality cleaners and also provide disinfection and sanitization service along with home cleaning which is in much demand after the pandemic. Good public relations, as well as publicity and good reviews, will fetch you more clients.

19. Laundry Service

Laundry services are a low-investment business idea for you that has a good demand in a busy country like Spain. You can start from your home also. Find a place where you don’t have many competitors. Campaign about your services through flyers, posters, and doorsteps. Good and prompt services along with doorstep delivery of cleaned laundry are the plus points of our laundry service business.

20. GPS Services

The automobile industry is very developed in Spain. That is why automobile-related business ideas are very lucrative here. You can opt for GPS services in cars. The tracking system of GPS is immensely helpful for tourists as well as the locals to find out the right direction along with tracking. GPS installation and maintenance along with troubleshooting can be a profitable business idea for you.

21. Car Batteries

In perfect synchronization with the automobile industry, the car battery business is also very profitable. You can be a distributor or exporter of car batteries that have a good demand in the market. If you want to operate on a larger scale, you can start your car battery manufacturing unit.

22. Recruitment Agency

Different organizations need good employees. Along with that, job seekers are always in search of a good opening. Co-ordinating both parties, you can start your business as a recruitment agency where you will help both parties to find the right candidate as well as the right placements. Your contact along with online and offline marketing and an active website will help you get more clients and get paid for your service.

23. AI Consulting

Artificial intelligence is the future of digitization. If you are trained in artificial intelligence and its application you can start your business of artificial intelligence implementation in various areas of business. AI can be used in accounting, customer service, market information, and supply chain management for immaculate output. It is used in various industries like healthcare, electronic trading, remote sensing, etc.I

24. Fintech Company

Fintech companies are the priority sectors in Spain. Therefore you can start your fintech company business wherein the payment method can be easy and hassle-free done through smartphones. Linking the bank account with the payment services and making digital payments easily is the essence of the fintech company business. You need a good idea of the operations of fintech companies along with the programming knowledge to develop a digital payment portal.

25. Online Coaching

Teaching different types of professional courses online is a good business option for you in Spain. You can start your teaching portal and conduct various courses online. The courses include programming, coding, web designing, web hosting, graphic designing, etc. These online courses have a good demand among aspiring entrepreneurs as well as job seekers. You need good online and offline marketing to promote your online coaching business.

26. Wine/ Olive Oil Tourism

Spain is well-known for its olive oil and wine. Tours of vineyards or olive groves with tastings and insights into the production process are available. Form alliances with local vineyards or olive oil producers, and consider package deals with adjacent lodging.

27. Tech Startup Incubator

The tech industry in Spain is growing. You can create a startup incubator, providing mentorship, resources, and a collaborative workspace. Consider establishing partnerships with local universities, attracting experienced mentors, and offering networking events.

Is Spain a Good Place to Start a Business?

There are many advantages to starting a new business in Spain. The country has a stable and growing economy, a strategic location by sea route, and a supply of cheap labor. Let us delve into key factors that make Spain an attractive destination for starting a business:

a) Strategic Location

Spain’s strategic location at the crossroads of Europe, Africa, and the Americas makes it an ideal hub for international trade and business.

b) Tourism Industry

Spain consistently ranks among the top tourist destinations globally, providing opportunities in hospitality, travel services, and related industries.

c) Economic Stability

Despite economic challenges in the past, Spain has shown resilience, and its economy has been steadily growing, providing a stable foundation for businesses.

d) Infrastructure Development

Spain has invested significantly in modern infrastructure, including transportation, telecommunications, and energy, facilitating business operations.

e) Tech and Innovation Hub

Cities like Barcelona and Madrid are emerging as tech and innovation hubs, attracting startups and fostering a supportive ecosystem.

f) Government Support

The Spanish government provides various incentives, grants, and support programs for startups and businesses, encouraging entrepreneurship.

g) Skilled Workforce:

Spain has a well-educated and skilled workforce, especially in sectors like technology, engineering, and tourism.

h) Quality of Life

Spain consistently ranks high in global quality of life indices, attracting professionals and entrepreneurs seeking a balanced lifestyle.

i) Cultural Diversity

Spain’s rich cultural diversity opens up opportunities for businesses catering to varied tastes, preferences, and traditions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the challenges of starting a business in Spain?

While Spain offers numerous advantages, it is critical to be aware of potential challenges:

  • Bureaucracy: Navigating bureaucratic processes might be time-consuming. Understanding and complying with local regulations is essential.
  • Youth Unemployment: Although improving, youth unemployment rates have been historically high, impacting certain sectors.
  • Regional Disparities: Economic development is not uniform across regions, with differences in opportunities and challenges.

Can a foreigner start a business in Spain?

Yes. People from outside the country are highly encouraged to invest in the country. However, foreigners interested in opening a business in Spain must have a residence and a self-employed work permit.

What are the best cities to start a business in Spain?

The three best cities to start a business and work in Spain are Barcelona, Madrid, and Malaga.

Which is the easiest form of business organization to start a business in Spain?

Starting as a sole trader or freelance professional is the easiest form to start your business in Spain.

No business is difficult or easy. It all depends on your skill, hard work, and determination. Spain offers you many areas of the business to grow. Now it’s your turn to start your business and earn profits.