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Best 25 Small Business Ideas & Opportunities in Sweden

Sweden is one of the best countries in the world to start and run a business. The country has a developed economy and a very strong business culture that is favorable for launching a new startup venture.

Sweden has good purchasing power and the sales prospects are also very good. If you start with a good business idea by doing thorough research, you can earn good profits in this country.

Concerning ease of doing business, Sweden ranks 10th among the 190 countries of the world. Therefore you will have less difficulty in starting your business here.

Sweden has a very well-developed system of transport and communication. This is a favorable factor for you to start and grow your business in Sweden.

Many business ideas are suitable for Sweden. You can start any of the listed businesses below according to your choice.

25 Business Ideas in Sweden for Locals & Foreigners

1. Vegetable Farming

Vegetable consumption is quite high in Sweden. Therefore, you can start a vegetable farming business here. Cabbage, spinach, cucumber, lettuce, etc have very good demand. You can choose any of these. An effective method of vegetable farming is using the crop rotation method wherein you can cultivate multiple vegetables in different seasons. For a successful vegetable farming business, you need to have good networking with the local markets and stores for the quick sale of the vegetables.

2. Poultry Farming

Poultry products i.e. meat as well as eggs are in high demand in Sweden. Hence poultry farming is a profitable business idea for you. Choose among hen, duck, quail, etc. Gather some knowledge about poultry farming and keep in regular touch with a vet so that if there is any medical problem, you can address it quickly. Good contact with the local markets, hotels, restaurants, or supermarkets is essential for the sale.

3. Horticulture

The horticulture business is quite promising in Sweden. Therefore you can start a horticulture business here. Focus on organic fruits in your horticulture business since it has a good demand. You can grow fruits like guavas, mangoes, oranges, or cherries on your farm. Along with that, you can also make your organic fertilizer like vermicompost on your farm. Keep in mind that a quick sale of the fruit is necessary since they are perishable. Keep a good network with the local markets or selling points.

4. Real Estate Agency

Like any developed economy, real estate is a booming business in Sweden. You can start a real estate agency business in Sweden for a good income. The first requirement for this business is your website along with good contact with the real estate contractors. You have to find out the prospective buyers and coordinate their contact with the sellers. Online marketing, especially social media marketing is very important to grow your real estate agency business.

5. Salon Business

Salon Business is a very profitable business in Sweden. Hence you can start this business in this country. Choose a good location along with a comfortable décor for your salon. Starting a unisex salon can be more profitable for you. Appoint experienced beauticians and masseurs for the salon. A good personal network along with online as well as offline marketing and publicity are important for the growth of your salon business.

6. Boutique

Boutiques are much in demand among the fashion-conscious people of Sweden.  If you are a fashion designer or have the acumen for designing you can start your boutique business in Sweden. Research the trends as well as preferences of people of different age groups. Then use your creativity to make a niche. Online publicity and social media marketing are very important for the success of your boutique business.

7. NightClub

The nightlife in Sweden is quite happening. Therefore opening a nightclub can be a very lucrative business idea for you. Get the necessary license and permits for opening a nightclub. Choose a suitable location and have a good décor as well as lighting and sound arrangements for your nightclub. Find a catchy and attractive name. Hire good DJs and invest in advertisement and publicity both online and offline.

8. Event Management

Event management is a thriving business in Sweden. Start your event management company and deliver the service of managing different events like corporate events, marriages, and other social events, etc. You have to be a good PR person and hire hard-working people to be a successful event manager. Planning and an eye for minute details are necessary for this business. Apart from that, a website and good online marketing are the key points of the event management business.

9. Transport Business

The transport business is a profitable business in Sweden. You can start your transport company in Sweden and carry different types of goods from one part of the country to the other. Alternatively, you can start a bus service carrying passengers from one part of the country to the other.

You need good vehicles along with efficient drivers. There are permits and licenses needed for this business and you have to obtain them. Good marketing and publicity are necessary for your transport business.

10. Home Cleaning

Home cleaning has a good demand in Sweden. You can start a home cleaning business with low capital. Add disinfection and sanitization services to get more clients and earn more. Use safe and good cleaners and disinfectants. You can also add chimney cleaning services. Good networking, as well as marketing, is necessary for the growth of your home cleaning business.

11. Child Care

Child care has a good demand in a busy and prosperous country like Sweden. You can do the business individually as a babysitter. On a larger scale, you can start a business of a child care center to take care of several children. For that, you need good caregivers and a healthy and well-protected ambiance that will keep the children safe and happy. Good marketing along with word of the mouth publicity is essential for the child care center business.

12. Food Delivery

The food delivery business is a sought-after business in Sweden. If you are a chef by profession or a cook by passion, you can start a food delivery business, delivering food at the workplace or home. Healthy and tasty foods along with prompt delivery are essential for the success of your food delivery business. Hire efficient delivery persons and give special attention to good packaging. Online and offline marketing are needed for your food delivery business to earn more profit.

13. Open a Restaurant

The restaurant business is always profitable provided you can manage it well. Choose a busy location for your restaurant. Invest in a good décor and use fine crockeries for your restaurant. You can serve local food or international food. Research the local favorites. Either way, the food must be tasty. Good publicity and advertisements are necessary for the success of your restaurant business.

14. Café/ Coffee Shop

Cafes are the favorite hangout place for both young and old people. Hence you can start your café at a strategically located place to get a lot of customers. Get a cool and casual décor for your café. Serve good quality coffee and snacks, savories, or fast food at your café. You need good marketing and promotional activities like concerts etc for earning good profit.

15. Computer Repair and Maintenance

Digitization is common in the different areas of work and life in Sweden. Therefore computer repairing service is also an important area of business. You can start your computer repair and maintenance business and earn good profits. By entering into contracts with business enterprises, you will have the scope of getting a lot of work.

Repair and service of personal computers and laptops are also a good source of business. You need your website, good networking, and online and offline marketing to get more clients.

16. Car Wash

The number of car owners is very high in Sweden. Therefore car wash is a good business idea for you. You can hire a garage and start your car washing center. Another option is to start a mobile car washing service where you need a van to reach your customer’s place for car washing.  Both forms of services are profitable. For a garage, you need a good location. Add the service of painting the car to get more customers. Good networking and marketing are essential for this business.

17. Sports Goods Shop

Swedish people of all age groups are passionate about sports. Therefore opening a sports goods shop can get you lots of customers and hence good profits. Stock up your store with sports goods of reputed brands and choose a good location near sports schools, schools, colleges, or stadiums to get more customers. You can also supply sports goods to different clubs or training camps. Good publicity and advertisements are necessary for your sports goods shop.

18. App Development

Apps of different types are much in demand. If you are a programming specialist you can start the business of app development. You can develop apps for different business organizations so that they can reach more clients. Various public utility apps help common people with important information. You need a good website and skilled online marketing to get more profit from the app development business.

19. Artificial Intelligence Application

Artificial intelligence is gradually making its way into the world of business operations and Sweden being a developed economy is no exception. If you are trained in the application of AI, you can start your business as an AI consultant serving different business houses in the automation process of their operations.

AI can be successfully implemented in the accounting process, data management, customer services, supply chain management, and a host of other areas. You can choose the areas according to the nature of the business of your client. Good online marketing is necessary for your AI application business to prosper.

20. Fintech

Fintech has a very promising market in Sweden. If you are aware and skilled with financial technology, you can start a fintech company business in Sweden. Keep in mind; you have to choose your niche in the fintech business to achieve success. You can start with personal finance management, mobile banking, payments, and money transfer that have maximum demand.

21. Online Marketing

Online marketing is here to stay and grow more with time. You can start your online marketing consultancy and help your clients to earn more mileage through online ads, social media marketing, and image building. SEO content writing for websites and regular online updates are also parts of online marketing. You need your company’s website and a good knowledge of online platforms and social media.

22. Educational Consultancy

Sweden has an excellent educational set up and every year thousands of students come here for higher studies. Therefore educational consultancy is a good business idea for you in Sweden. You can guide both local as well as international students regarding the different courses in the colleges and universities.

Not only that you can help them choose the right course and explain to them the opportunities in those courses. You need good knowledge about the academic system of Sweden and good marketing and publicity along with networking with the colleges and universities for your educational consultancy business.

23. Organic Food Shop

Organic food has great demand in Sweden. Hence you can start an organic food shop in Sweden and earn good profits. Sell only organic products in your shop. You can sell fresh vegetables, fruits, and also cooked or baked food made from organic products in your shop. Good campaigns and marketing are necessary for this business.

24. Jewelry and Accessories Shop

Jewelry and other accessories have a good market in Sweden. Therefore starting a retail shop for jewelry and accessories like bags, belts, etc can be a profitable venture for you. Get a good décor and organize things nicely in your shop. Do good research on the trends and choices of the people and stock your shop accordingly. Online and offline marketing is essential for the growth of your shop. You can also sell your products online or through social media.

25. Music Studio

Sweden is famous for promoting music. Hence you can start a music recording studio in Sweden as a lucrative business. You need a good investment for this business. However, the returns are also quite high. Modern recording gadgets and trained staff are needed for your music studio. Add music video production services for more profit. Good contact with the music world and planned marketing are essential for this business.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get funding for my business in Sweden?

There are different sources of funding for your business start-up in Sweden. They include  ALMI, Vinnova,  Tillväxtverket, local universities, etc.

Can you own a business in Sweden as a foreigner?

Setting up a business or owning a business in Sweden largely depends on the citizenship of the interested person. The local Swedish government has set up for foreigners different rules and regulations regarding residence requirements to start a new business. For example, if you are from the EU/EEA/Switzerland a residence permit is mandatory.

What are the best cities in Sweden to start a new business?

Here is the list of the top 4 cities in Sweden to start a new business:

  • Malmo
  • Stockholm
  • Gothenburg (Göteborg)
  • Uppsala

Is it difficult to start a business in Sweden?

It is not so. On the contrary, it is comparatively easy to start a business in Sweden. The official procedures are simple and take less time.

There are many advantages to starting your business in Sweden. Hence you can go ahead confidently and earn profits from your business in Sweden.