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Best 25 Profitable Small Business Ideas in Turkey in 2024

Starting a small-scale business in Turkey is indeed a good decision. The country has a growing economy that will help you to grow your business as well as earn profits.

Your business ideas in Turkey will get a boost because the purchasing power of this country is quite good. Hence, there will be no shortage of customers for your business here in this country.

Geographically Turkey has a very important location that makes it an important center of trade and business for both Europe as well as the Middle East. That is why you have a good opportunity to develop and expand your business idea in Turkey.

You will get a hard-working youth workforce for your business ideas in Turkey. This is a great advantage for starting any business for young startups.

List of 25 Business Ideas in Turkey

1. Hazelnut Farming

Turkey is a leader in Hazelnut production producing almost 80% of the global production. Hence, hazelnut farming is a lucrative business idea for you in Turkey. Along with farming, you can also process, pack, or export hazelnut.

2. Greenhouse Farming

Agriculture plays a major role in the Turkish economy. That is why; greenhouse farming can be a very good business option for you in Turkey. Under this greenhouse design, much like a tent, where you can regulate the temperature, soil type, irrigation, and other conditions of agriculture and grow crops. Greenhouse farming is a very good option for commercial crops. You can even grow crops in the desert with the help of greenhouse farming.

3. Natural Stone Mining

Turkey is a storehouse of natural stones, making it one of the largest exporters of it. Moreover, the country ranks fourth in marble production. So, natural stone mining is a very prospective as well as a profitable business idea for you. You can mine different varieties of natural stones like marble, limestone, basalt, tuff, granite, travertine, onyx, and slate. However, you have to get the necessary licenses and permits for mining.

4. Automobile Parts Selling

Turkey has a big automotive industry which is also growing.  Hence, selling automobile parts is a good business idea for you. Start your factory that will manufacture different types of spare parts for the automobile industry. Since there is a steady demand for spare parts, you will be able to earn good profits from this business idea.

5. Car Rental

Car rental service is a very good business idea in Turkey because of the heavy tourist traffic in the country around the year. You can start your car rental business with your car and gradually increase the number of cars. Keep good contact with the hotels to get tourists to rent your car.

6. App cab

App cab like Uber is very much in demand in Turkey. You can avail of this opportunity to start the app cab business. You can drive your car using the app or hire a driver to drive the car. With multiple cars, you have the scope of getting more income. Keep in mind, the longer your car is driven, the higher your income as well as profit margins.

7. Clothing Export

The textile industry in Turkey is growing fast and appreciated globally. Hence you can think of a clothing export business idea here. If you have the knowledge and a sense of dress design, you can build your label and start selling within the country as well as export them.

8. Salt Production

Turkey is one of the leading salt-producing nations of the world. Furthermore, it has the advantage of being surrounded by seas on three sides. Hence salt production is a good business idea for you. You can have a medium or small production unit or a large unit for exports.

9. Food Truck

Starting your food truck is a great business idea in Turkey as the concept is gaining popularity fast. It requires low capital therefore you can easily start the business. You can serve Turkish delicacies or popular fast food like burgers, French fries, etc. Keep in mind the quality of the food should be good as well as fresh.

10. Packaged Food Delivery

Packaged food delivery is a very profitable business in Turkey as a large section of people go out for work. You can deliver packaged food to various offices and other workplaces. Food can be as per order or you can set a specific menu or combo meals. Good food will give you more orders.

11. Start a Restaurant in Turkey

The restaurant is another good business idea because of the steady demand. Furthermore, many tourists visit Turkey every year. Therefore your restaurant will have both locals as well as tourists as your customers. Serve authentic food and get your restaurant a good interior and serving ware. Remember, cleanliness and good staff are important factors for your restaurant business.

12. Travel Agency

Tourism is a big business in Turkey. Therefore a travel agency can be your profitable business idea. Follow the rules of the country in opening your travel agency. Offer services of flight and hotel booking, package tours, and customized tours under your travel agency business. Online publicity is very important to get clients in your travel agency business.

13. Tour Guide

The tour guide is a profitable business in Turkey as the country is full of tourist destinations that include historical and religious places as well as heritage sites. To become a good tour guide, you have to study the history and significance of the places and know the country as a whole. Along with that, you need pleasant communication skills.

14. Pilgrim Assistance

Despite being a Muslim-majority country, Turkey is visited by thousands of Christian pilgrims every year. The ecumenical patriarch of the Eastern Orthodox Church lives in Istanbul, the capital of Turkey, the Hagia Sophia cathedral is also located here. Therefore the pilgrims come here for a religious tour. You can start your business of pilgrim assistance, wherein you will help the pilgrims with all the necessary information along with assistance in their pilgrimage to Turkey.

15. Destination Wedding Planner

Many people including celebrities prefer Turkey as an ideal place for a destination wedding.  Many picturesque locations in Turkey are far from the madding crowd and with exquisite natural beauty.

Hence you can start a business of destination wedding planners arranging all the details of a destination wedding from décor to food, and accommodation, and following the respective tradition. Website and digital along with social media marketing are essential for your destination wedding planning business to get global clients.

16. Salon & Spa

Salon and Spa is a good business as the demand for it is increasing rapidly. Start your business with the facilities of the salon as well as spa under the same roof. You need efficient beauticians, barbers, and masseurs for this business. Invest good money in the décor as well as the comfort index of the place because people come here to relax and pamper themselves. Along with that, good marketing and publicity are necessary.

17. Cleaning Business

Cleaning business is a profitable business for you for several reasons. Firstly, large numbers of tourists come to Turkey and therefore the hotels and resorts need a regular cleaning service both for interior as well as exterior. Secondly, many offices also need a cleaning service for safety and regular sanitization. Thirdly, the busy work schedule of people has created a demand for residential cleaning also. Thus, you have a big market for your cleaning business idea.

18. Waste Management

With the growth in population as well as industries, waste management has become a priority area in Turkey. Hence, you can start your waste management business idea. It has many areas like providing sewerage treatment, wastewater treatment, or solid waste management services. It yields good profit if you are skilled to provide the services efficiently.

19. Financial Consultancy

The growing economy of Turkey needs financial consultants in different areas of business. If you are a finance expert this is a very profitable business idea for you. In your financial consultancy business, you can provide consultancy and advice on investments, tax, and business expansion plans and suggest profitable business areas along with preparing project reports of new business initiatives.

20. IT Consultancy

With the growth of the economy and business enterprises, IT is getting more and more prominent. If you are an IT expert, you can successfully implement your business idea of IT consultancy. Under IT consultancy you have to provide services on hardware as well as software needed for the business, the introduction of new software, protection from viruses and malware, training the manpower as well as any kind of troubleshooting.

21. Website Design

The growing emphasis on IT calls for websites for all kinds of business enterprises, big or small. Therefore website design is a lucrative business idea for you. Design the website of each organization according to their business needs as well as the nature of business. Writing SEO-friendly content for websites and designing them in a user-friendly manner will make your website designing business more acceptable to your clients. Your website along with good digital marketing is necessary for this business.

22. Translator

If you are conversant in Turkish as well as English the business idea of the interpreter is ideal for you in Turkey. This is because, most of the tourists visiting this country do not know Turkish, whereas the cloacal people speak Turkish. Therefore you can be very successful as a translator if you have a grip on the languages. You need a pleasing personality to be a successful interpreter.

23. Construction Business

Real estate is a rapidly developing sector in Turkey. Hence construction can be an extremely profitable business idea for you. Try to be innovative in your construction with good space management as well as energy-efficient methods of construction to create your edge and niche over your competitors. Good marketing, as well as publicity, are also important to grow your construction business.

24. Pet sitting

Turkey is a pet-loving nation, especially dogs. Hence, pet sitting can be a good business idea for you if you are fond of pets. You can do pet sitting at individual households, give pet walking and training services or start your pet care center or boarding. There are many options for you. However, you need to be very caring and responsible for this job. Apart from that, you have to hire efficient and dedicated manpower if you want to operate on a large scale.

25. Art Gallery

Turkey has a great artistic heritage and there are exquisite exhibitions held here which are visited by thousands of visitors. Therefore opening an art gallery is a profitable business idea for you. Keep good contacts with artists both eminent as well as promising ones and organize exhibitions frequently. Good networking, as well as publicity, is important for the art gallery business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the Turkish Government help me in my business?

Yes. The Turkish Government has several offers for investors and business enterprises like investment-related cost reduction and incentives for investment.

What are the best cities to start a business in Turkey?

Here we list down the top 6 cities in Turkey to do business:

  • Istanbul
  • Ankara
  • Izmir
  • Antalya
  • Konya
  • Gaziantep

Is the cost of starting a business in Turkey very high?

The answer is no. The cost of starting a business in Turkey is comparatively lower. You will get labor as well as raw materials at a lower price.

Can a foreigner start a business in Turkey?

Yes, foreigners are allowed to start a business in Turkey. Foreigners can set up a private limited company here with two or more non-Turkish nationals.

A growing economy and a cooperative government along with good manpower are all the factors that will help you to grow your business idea in Turkey. Therefore success will be just a matter of time and hard work.