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Best 25 Small Business Ideas in Texas for 2024

Do you want to start a business in the state of Texas in the United States but are not sure about which one to start? If yes, read this article and check out our selected list of the most profitable small business ideas in Texas.

The Intensive growth of eleven major industries has created a fantastic environment for franchise business opportunities in Texas. These major industries are mining, construction, manufacturing, trade, Transportation, Utilities, Financial Activities, Professional and Business Services, Education and Health Services, Leisure and Hospitality, and Other Services.

Travel is also an important industry in Texas, and the state is a favorite destination for both domestic and international visitors. Tourism revenues provide significant economic benefits for the Texas economy.

List of 25 Business Ideas in Texas 

1. Start an Online Business

If you are looking to make money from the comfort of your home, an online business is a perfect fit. A lot of individuals in Texas make full-time decent earnings through certain online businesses. It can be running a blog, promoting products through affiliate marketing, tutoring, freelance writing, selling courses, and many more.

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2. Fitness Center

There is a widespread problem of obesity in Texas. The problem is more observed in children. If you are already a fitness trainer, starting a fitness center is an obvious option. Even if you are not, you can talk to the Federal Association of Professional Trainers and learn from them the requirements to be a fitness trainer.

3. Barber Shop

If you are in the hairstyling industry, consider starting a barbershop in Texas. There is a good demand for professional barbers professionals here.

4. Hardware Store

A Hardware store can be a profitable business in Texas. This business requires low startup capital and can be started by anyone as it requires no specific skills. You can also open an online store to scale up.

5. Mobile Food Truck

If you enjoy cooking, the mobile truck business can be an ideal business for you. You can hire a vehicle and start selling your food items in the busy commercial areas in various cities of Texas.

6. Coffee Shop

Though several coffee shops are seen in cities like Houston, Dallas, and Austin, there is still a wide scope for establishing a profitable coffee shop business. You need to create an innovative theme-based coffee shop to attract local people in Texas.

7. Beauty Salon

The salon industry has progressed in Texas manifold in recent years. There are many types of salons you can start with. It can be a beauty salon, hair salon, day spa, etc.

8. Electronic Gadget Repairing

If you are good at repairing electronic gadgets like smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc starting a gadget repairing shop is surely going to make decent profits in Texas.

9. Cleaning & Maintenance

A lot many people look for cleaning services in Texas. There are many services you can provide to customers like home cleaning, carpet cleaning, window cleaning, garbage removal, etc.

10. DayCare

There is a good demand for professional daycare centers here in this state. If you enjoy spending time with kids, starting a daycare business will not only give you satisfaction but also a good income opportunity.

11. Tutoring

If you are a teacher or specialized in certain subjects or subjects, parents in Texas will not mind paying more for your services to their child. You can start a tutoring business right from your home.

12. Pet Store

The pet store business has grown in Texas in recent years. You can provide services like pet daycare, pet training, etc.

13. Open a Fast Food Restaurant in Texas

Fast Food restaurant in Texas is perhaps the most happening food-related business in this state. If you have a retail space with good footfall, starting a fast-food restaurant is always a profitable business opportunity here.

14. Recycling Business

There is a good demand for recycling services in Texas. You can start a small recycling plant and process used waste materials like plastic, scrap metals, paper, glass, and many more.

After processing, you can sell those usable materials to manufacturers and other buyers. This is not only a very profitable business but also a rewarding one as you contribute to cleaning the environment at large.

15. Gift Shop

If you go around the state of Texas, you will find a lot of gift shops in cities like Houston, Dallas, and Austin. There is still a wide scope for new gift shops as the demand is much more than the supply.

16. Appliance Repairing Business

Appliance repairing is another inflation-free business you can start in Texas. If you have some experience in repairing certain kinds of appliances, this business can surely fetch you good returns as there will be no dearth of customers.

17. Small Construction Company

If you have some experience in the construction field, Texas is a good place to launch a small-scale construction company. However, you will need a reasonable investment to start this business.

18. Open a Real Estate Business in Texas

People in most cities in Texas, always look for good and affordable accommodation facilities. People who have good communication skills can consider starting a real estate brokerage firm.

19. Legal Consultancy Services

Legal professionals are in high demand in Texas. If you have experience in law, starting a legal consultancy firm is a good option.

20. Digital Marketing Agency

Like any other place in the United States, almost every company in Texas takes a lot of interest in promoting products or services online. People having experience in the digital industry can start a digital marketing agency here in this part of the world.

21. Open a Laundromat Business in Texas

Laundry is an all-season business all across the globe. And so is in Texas. Furthermore, one does not need much investment to open a laundromat business.

22. Pool Cleaning & Maintenance

There is a big demand for pool cleaning professionals in Texas. However, unless you have previous experience in the industry, it would be difficult to be successful.

23. Recruitment Service

As the city is a hub of many small and big companies, there is always a demand for recruiting employees. People having experience in the industry will have added advantages in the recruitment business.

24. Provide Assisted Living Facility Services in Texas

The demand for facilities for elderly and disabled people is growing in Texas. The US Census estimates 20% of the population in 2050 to be aged 65 and more. It is therefore, we can easily say that the business of assisted living facilities has a bright future.

25. Medical Billing

Everybody knows that medical centers, hospitals, and practitioners bill patients for a wide range of services. It can be health check-ups, testing, surgeries, and many more. The job of a medical biller is to process those bills and follow up with insurance companies for claim settlement. If you have some experience in medical billing processes, it is no doubt a profitable business to start in Texas.

How to Start a Business in Texas

If you are looking forward to starting a business in Texas, there are certain legal steps you need to follow.

  • Decide on a Business Structure – It can be a DBA, LLC, or a Corporation.
  • Appoint a Registered Agent for company formation and filing purposes.
  • Pick a Business Name – Check the name with the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) and also search whether a relevant business domain name is available or not.
  • Register the Business – Check top LLC service providers in the United States.
  • Obtain your Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN or “EIN”)
  • Register for Taxes – The Comptroller of Public Accounts handles state tax filings.
  • Create a Business Bank Account.
  • Get licenses and permits required to conduct the chosen business.

As per the latest report from the official report from the U.S Small Business Administration(SBA), at present, 2,627,724 small businesses are operating in Texas. Furthermore, the percentage of small business companies out of the total business establishments is 99.78.

We therefore can easily conclude that the city of Texas is one of the places to start and run a business across the globe. We hope this list of best business ideas and opportunities and startup guide will help you in launching your own company in Texas.