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Best 20 Small Business Ideas with Guaranteed Returns

Are you looking for the best business ideas with guaranteed returns? If so, find here a list of great business ideas that can give you a sure-shot profit investing little money.

Every business can offer you some good returns if you opt to work smart and in the right manner. But still, there are businesses that are actually more profitable and have higher chances of success. In such a competitive market, choosing the right business will play a major role in your success.

While there are thousands of options available, the nature of doing business has been changing from time to time. It’s important that you understand what the target audience needs, and whether you will be able to deliver it or not.

There’s no hard and fast rule, but starting a business does involve a lot of homework. You need to plan it carefully, chalk out expenses, marketing, approach, and more. It’s not that if you start any of these businesses, they will turn profitable overnight. You need to stay dedicated and work hard.

Let’s take a look at twenty such lucrative business ideas you can start with little money for guaranteed returns.

List of 20 Business Ideas with Guaranteed Income

1. Legal Services

Legal services remain one of the highest-paid consultancy businesses in the world. If you are an expert, offering legal advice and support can be a really well-paid profession. While legal services will hardly ever see a recession, a person with legal knowledge can do really well. You can choose to invest in a firm of legal experts if you yourself don’t have any experience.

2. Food Truck

Starting a restaurant comes with huge costs and risks together. But, having a food truck has less risk involved and higher chances of success. Running a food truck is easy, and the operational costs are less at the same time. It’s mobile, so you can move to any new place you want, and is an extremely profitable business venture compared to other food businesses.

3. Marketing Services

While everyone has a business idea, ultimately most of them fail to sell their product or service. Marketing in today’s world plays a major role in a company’s performance. You can choose to offer marketing services on behalf of these companies to help them spread brand awareness and bring in producing effective results.

4. Personal Training & Fitness Services

The unhealthy and busy lifestyles of many have now helped fitness services to grow into a flourishing industry. With a short course, you can start to offer fitness services as a personal trainer. Within a few years, personal training can turn out to be a very profitable business for you. Make sure you keep yourself upgrading with all the ongoing necessities.

5. Smartphone Repair Services

Everyone has a smartphone now. There are stores and shops selling smartphones, but hardly anyone knows how to fix them. Starting a smartphone repair business can be highly profitable. The services will remain in demand as people become more dependent on smartphones. Without much overhead involved, smartphone repairing services are among the most popular tech business ideas at a low cost.

6. Website Designing

As the world is now dependent on technology and the internet, businesses too need to be present everywhere. Websites today are an integral component of any successful business. Not only a standard website but a quality site with creative elements and information. You can learn to design websites and can start a lucrative business out of them.

7. Bookkeeping & Tax Services

In spite of all the software and advancements, you still need someone to record information. Bookkeeping and tax are such services, which will be in place for a long. While the business idea is very lucrative, starting a bookkeeping business is easy as well. For tax, you will need professional knowledge, but a bookkeeping business does not require any degree.

8. Business Consulting

The urge among the young to have something on their own has spurred a new generation of Gen Y entrepreneurs. The trend continues to grow. Though at the same time, several businesses fail due to poor planning and mismanagement of resources. If you have enough working experience, you can start your own business consultancy to help new businesses and entrepreneurs achieve the results they are looking for.

9. Outpatient Care Services

A growing business worldwide, Outpatient Medical Care (OPC) basically involves providing assistance to patients without permanent beds. Patients don’t need to stay at the hospital, and you will provide them with all the around-the-clock medical services with staff members. There’s a sizable investment involved, but there are plenty of opportunities involved around the growing Outpatient Medical Care business.

10. Party Services

People loved to party, and they still do and will continue to do. While the party culture around the globe is slowly going through a transition phase, you can choose to offer party services in the form of packages. You offer it all, from DJ to food to drinks to whatever your client needs, much like an event planner. Parties, weddings, and corporate events continue providing steady revenue streams, so it’s a very lucrative business idea.

11. Copywriting

Creative writing and copywriting remain valuable services in the market. Software can’t create catchy lines or innovative listings. If you write well, you can start a copywriting business with some talented writers or an individual freelancer. Quality web copy continues to dominate the content market, and businesses often look for skilled copywriters to create advertising and marketing materials.

12. Graphic Designing Services

Can you design logos and templates? Just like writing, creative graphics remain in high demand as well. Even if you don’t know, take a short course online to learn the tools. With a few months of practice and self-experience, you can start your own freelancing graphic designing business. It’s a competitive industry, but if you can create unique and inspiring designs, you will have your own market.

13. Online Tutoring

Use your skills and knowledge to teach others. You can start to teach your math skills or a native language or how to play the guitar. Based on your expertise and knowledge, you can start to offer online classes to make money. Tutoring online can be a great way to make money without any major investment and exceptionally low overhead costs.

14. Catering Services

A lucrative business, starting a catering business involves relatively low investment compared to other food businesses. You can choose to operate from home, keeping the overhead to a minimum. Also, you don’t need to work around for the whole of the month. With a little marketing in your area, you can offer services. Tie up with event planners and other party agencies for a steady stream of orders.

15. IT Support

As companies and businesses are now more reliant on IT and backup, technical support plays a crucial role in its smooth run. If you can offer IT help and technical support, this is going to be an extremely sought-after business in a few years. You can even opt to work as an IT support technician for a few years before you choose to start your own IT support business.

16. E-commerce Business

Instead of starting a physical store or retail shop, an e-commerce business offers you a wide market and very low overhead costs. You can choose to start your own online store or can sell via other popular platforms like Amazon or eBay. You can also choose to sell food via delivery platforms like FoodPanda without having any physical storefronts.

17. Content Marketing Services

In the present day, quality content will remain in demand to promote any business. A business you can manage from home or anywhere, selling content services is a lucrative business if you have the quality. You need to stay updated with Google’s changing algorithms and writing trends. You can begin as a content writer before you choose to write for marketing and advertising materials.

18. Dropshipping Business

In 2019, producing and selling goods doesn’t make sense anymore. If you want to start an eCommerce store online, dropshipping is the best option. You have less risk, and your chance of success is higher if you plan your market tactfully. You can start your own website or can sell these products on an e-commerce site without producing, storing, or managing them.

19. Recruiting Agency

The growing number of qualified professionals and companies never find a balance due to limited communication. In spite of so many qualified individuals, companies every year face a shortage of quality human resources. A very profitable business, you can choose to start a recruiting agency for guaranteed success. People will be needing jobs, and with a good corporate network, you can run a successful business out of it.

20. Bed & Breakfast Business

The travel industry currently is the world’s biggest contributing over $8.5 trillion in the US alone. While there are different profitable travel businesses, bed, and breakfast remain the most viable option. In the current travel market, it is advisable to start a bed and breakfast business for guaranteed success. Make sure you list your property on different online platforms.

These are some of the profitable business ideas with guaranteed returns to start with little money. These small businesses can fetch you good returns if you can plan smart and work hard.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are guaranteed returns truly achievable in business?

It is a fact that no one can promise complete guarantees in business. However, a thorough understanding of your chosen industry and careful planning can significantly enhance the chances of stable returns.

What is the importance of market research in ensuring guaranteed returns?

Market research helps you identify demand trends, customer preferences, and potential competition in the market. It allows you to tailor your business strategy for success.