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25 Profitable Coin-Operated Business Ideas in 2024

Are you interested in getting income through passive business? Then coin-operated business ideas will be suitable for you. There are so many products and services that you can offer through coin-operated machines.

A vending machine is one of the common examples of coin-operated business ideas. However, many other kinds of businesses instantly give a product or service by dropping a coin.

Decide on a particular kind of business before starting on any of the coin-operated business ideas. There are many such ideas and you have to focus on any of these ideas.

Do good research on the demands for goods or services in your business area. Then start the coin-operated business according to the results of your research.

25 Coin-Operated Business Ideas

1. Laundromat

A coin-operated laundromat is a very common service and a profitable coin-operated business idea. You can start this type of laundromat business with the right washing machine and the system of collecting coins. You need not be present there. Only you have to start and end the laundromat at specific times. There will be fixed rates for the service and at the end of the day, you will collect the money. The location of the laundromat must be good and you have to do good publicity.

2. Newspaper

Vending newspapers is a very popular and lucrative coin-operated business idea. Newspaper being an essential item, you will have a lot of customers every day. Place the vending machine at busy places like shopping malls, supermarkets, stations, bus terminus, etc.

3. Toys

Drop a coin and get a toy! It is among the most attractive coin-operated business ideas. Start this business with a toy dispensing machine at a prominent place near schools, parks, childcare centers or shopping arcades, etc. Different kinds of toy dispensers give soft toys, dolls, or cars. Choose the right one for you and start this unique model of toy-selling business.

4. Digital Games

Coin-operated digital games comprise different kinds of digital games like arcade games, pinball games, etc. There is a good demand for this coin-operated business idea and you can start by investing in one machine. Gradually when the demand increases, you can do business with multiple machines at various locations.

5. Tea/Coffee Coin-Operated Vending

Tea or coffee vending machines are pretty common as well as useful at offices, shopping malls, theatres, and also at parties or meetings. This kind of tea-selling business will give you a good income and hence be regarded as one of the most lucrative coin-based business ideas. Keep in mind that this business has many competitors. Therefore try to find locations that do not have such vending

6. Coin-Operated Snacks Vending

Selling different kinds of snacks ranging from French fries to pizzas in exchange for coins is a good coin-operated business idea. Snacks are always in demand and you have to choose the right kind of machine and place them at suitable locations that include highways, shopping arcades, colleges, offices, etc. With increasing demand, you can multiply the number of machines.

7. Virtual Reality Games

Playing virtual reality games like PlayStation, amusement parks, etc is a favorite pastime of kids as well as young adults. Hence virtual game machines are lucrative coin-operated business ideas that will give you a very good income. Find a good game machine place it at a strategic location and start earning heavily every day. You must have a good idea of virtual reality games before buying the machine.

8. Kid Rides

Fantasy rides for kids are a very popular and profitable coin-operated business idea. Different kinds of children’s rides like a cars, bikes, helicopters, and many others have coin-operated machines. Invest in any of them and place the machine at amusement parks, malls, stations, etc to get maximum business. Buy machines from a reputed brand offering prompt after-sales service so that your business does not suffer due to technical problems.

9. Hit Target Boxing Machine Arcade

Boxing is a favorite game of youngsters. That is why the boxing machine arcade is a very good coin-operated business idea. It comprises a target that the player is supposed to hit. The force of the hit gives the player points. Buy such a machine and place it in a suitable location to get a good income.

10. Massage Chair

Massage chairs are very useful and relaxing. However, everyone cannot afford a massage chair at home. Hence, getting the benefits of a massage chair by dropping a coin is a good idea for customers and a great coin-operated business idea for you. Buy a massage chair and offer the service for a specific time to your customers. The ideal locations for such chairs are salons, shopping arcades, grocery stores, theatres, etc.

11. Height-Weight Measurement Machine

Measurement of height, weight, and BMI by inserting a coin is a good coin-operated business idea for you. Many varieties of such machines are available in the market. Invest in a reputed brand and when buying online go through the reviews. You can place this machine at clinics, hospitals, colleges, offices, etc.

12. Roulette Game Machine

Roulette is a popular game at the casino. This game is digitally replicated in play machines and players can play the roulette game by dropping coins. Put the roulette game machine in common and crowded places like malls, theatres, etc. You can also put this machine at a game station. This machine being a lucrative coin-operated business idea will give you a good income.

13. Ice Cream

Ice cream vending machine is a very rewarding coin-operated business idea. This kind of ice cream vending machine is a money spinner at almost all locations. You have to choose a place where there are no or fewer competitors for you. Furthermore, buy a machine that gives good quality ice creams of a reputed brand to have more customers.

14. Frozen Yogurt

Frozen yogurt is a favorite food for people of all age groups as well as health freaks. That is why frozen yogurt vending is also a very profitable coin-operated business idea. The strategic location of the machine and the quality of the yogurt will fetch you more customers.

15. Bike Rental

A coin-operated bike rental booth is a good business idea and building several booths will get you a very good income. Renting a bike is a very common practice among students as well as tourists. Therefore place the system in populated areas or near hotels or resorts for getting more clients.

16. Photo Booth

Photo booths are a popular concept now. It is also a very useful and profitable coin-operated business idea. You can start this business by placing photo booths at places visited by the young generation as they are fond of capturing photos. Additionally, skilled facilities like 360-degree revolving cameras and lighting arrangements will increase your client base and bring repeat clients.

17. Karaoke Booth

A coin-operated karaoke booth with an excellent music system and a soundproof interior is a lucrative business idea for you. Choose a good sound and recording system and an attractive-looking booth to get maximum profit. Karaoke has gained immense acceptance in recent years. Hence this coin-operated business idea is a prospective one for you.

18. Bike Racing Arcade

A bike racing arcade is a very profitable coin-operated business idea. You can buy two-player or four-player racing arcade machines according to your budget and choice. Children love this digital game and it has a very good acceptance. Place this machine in playstations, arcades, or near schools, etc.

19. Car Wash

Car wash is an essential service needed by all car owners. You can start a coin-operated car wash service which is a profitable coin-operated business idea because of its convenience. You don’t have to be present at the car washing facility. The owner is supposed to drop a coin, get his/her car washed, and then leave the place.

20. Basketball Arcade

Basketball is a very popular game, the digital arcade basketball is also an excellent coin-operated business idea. You can buy a basketball arcade and start your coin-operated business in crowded places visited by people belonging to the younger generation. The duration of each session will be stipulated and you can have the machine record the highest score.

21. Mask Dispenser

Disposable masks are very useful items. Hence a coin-operated mask dispenser is a profitable and useful coin-operated business idea for you. You can place them outside clinics, schools, colleges, shopping malls, etc. It has its demand in almost all places giving you a comfortable income from this business.

22. Sanitary Pad Dispenser

Setting up a sanitary pad dispenser is a very beneficial as well as a profitable coin-operated business idea. You can set up multiple coin-operated sanitary pad dispensers at places like colleges, offices, hospitals, railway stations, etc. It has a great demand almost everywhere ensuring a good income for you.

23. Candy Dispenser

Candies are loved by almost everyone. Hence a candy dispenser is a profitable coin-operated business idea. Different varieties of candy dispensers are available in the market. To set up your business well, buy a dispenser that offers candies of superior quality. The best locations for candy dispensers are parks, schools, nurseries, daycare centers, shopping arcades, etc.

24. Bowling Arcade

A bowling arcade machine is a hit almost everywhere. You can execute this coin-operated business idea and earn a good profit. Buy a technically skilled bowling arcade machine and operate it on a ‘drop a coin and play’ basis. Due to its huge demand, you will have a good income.

25. Water Dispenser

The water dispenser is a very profitable coin-operated business idea. You can start the business of a coin-operated water dispenser and get a good income. Facilities of RO and hot and cold water will fetch you more customers.

It is just a coin for your customers and a profit margin for you. We planned a coin-operated business idea that can give you a good income and set your business to new heights.