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Top 21 Small Business Ideas & Opportunities in Colorado

Do you want to start a small business in Colorado? If you are staying in Colorado and looking for small business ideas in Colorado, find below a list of profitable business opportunities that can be started with less investment.

Dubbed one of the best states in the US to do business, Colorado boasts one of the largest companies in the country. Being an extremely business-friendly state, Colorado is a hub for growing businesses and startups. The state has one of the cheapest raw materials, labor, and a high growth prospect.

What makes Colorado special for businesses, is its regulatory framework and environment for businesses. If you are planning to start a new business in Colorado, you have a wide chance of succeeding.

Here are some of the efficient growing business opportunities you can grab in Colorado.

List of 21 Small Business Ideas in Colorado

1. Online Retail Store

You can sell your products and services on the Internet. The higher productivity in Colorado allows you to participate in the growing e-commerce industry in the United States. Everybody is buying everything online, and your online retail store has a huge scope to grow on a massive scale. You can start by selling a few products first, and then expand to other products later.

2. Start a Blog

If you are good at sharing opinions and looking for a business opportunity from home with almost no money, consider starting a blog. There are thousands of individuals making million in Colorado through blog writing.

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3. Copywriting Services

Well-written copies always help to generate leads and convert sales. With so many businesses around, there is a demand for quality copywriters in the state. You can start your own copywriting business and offer advertising services for online and offline campaigns.

4. Daycare Services

With so many working couples, people often look for good daycare services for the elderly and kids. You need to register yourself before starting a daycare business. The services are well-paid, and you can work according to your availability and convenience.

5. Tutoring Services

If you are good at something and have experience in a certain field, you can start your own tutoring services. Starting a coaching business will primarily involve teaching and mentoring those who want to learn more about it. You will guide them in the field and help them achieve the same success.

6. Party Services

With an increasing demand for clubbed party services, there is a huge scope for party business in Colorado. The state has seen a jump in party business in the last few years. You can start your own party services to offer one-stop solutions for food, drink, DJ, and other party stuff.

7. Consignment Shop

There is a growing market for second-hand products throughout the United States. Colorado has a good population and scope of consignment business. Either you can start your own consignment shop or can start as a consignor. You will supply your products to other shops or can run a store on your own.

8. Photography Business

This never-ending creative business is still in the profit zone. There’s a huge market for good pictures. If you are someone who can click proper pictures and want to turn your passion into a business, Colorado has a market for this skilled business.

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9. Dry Cleaning Services

The state has a wide working population with tight schedules. That means most Coloradans rarely have time to do their dry cleaning and laundry. So, a dry cleaning service in the state leaves you a huge profit opportunity for the laundry business.

10. Pet Care Services

Pet owners in America spend huge amounts of money on their pets every year. You can start a specialized pet care service offering pet walking services, pet grooming, pet food, veterinary care, and more. You can stock the in-demand pet-related products and other services as well.

11. Digital Marketing Agency

The state has an array of businesses and companies operating at small margins. While big companies invest big in marketing, a ton of other businesses need marketing services at affordable costs. If you can start a digital marketing agency offering services at good prices, you have a market of your own.

12. Smartphone Repair Business

With everyone using a smartphone all around, there’s a dearth of services at the same time. Starting a smartphone repair shop in the state is a very feasible idea. If you can tap into the market with your smartphone repair service, there are some big profits in this business.

13. Microbrewery

The microbrewery business may require a sizeable investment, but it’s worth the money. It’s a thriving business, and Colorado is yet to catch up with the crafted beer business. If you are planning to do something big, a microbrewery business will suit you.

14. Restaurant Business

The food industry is growing at a steady rate in Colorado. The number of restaurants is multiplying every year, and so are the customers. With the growing number of consumers, there’s a market for a restaurant in Colorado if you can deliver quality service.

15. Vending Machine Business

Vending machines are popular all over the country. This business only requires you to invest a considerable sum and place your machines carefully. With no manpower and very less operational costs, the vending machine business is on a rise in Colorado.

16. Processed Food Business

Unlike fresh food, the processed food industry provides you with an opportunity to sell your produced foods for a longer time. With higher shelf life and convenience, processed foods are preferred by retailers as well. Finally, the consumers choose it for its ready-to-eat nature.

17. Online Business Consultancy

Several office businesses are taking their services to the Internet. While most of them don’t know how to operate online, many face the issue of marketing their products on the internet. You as an online business consultant will offer these services as bundled packages.

18. Advertising Agency

With so many companies operating in Colorado, there is a wide market for advertising agencies. Companies need advertising firms to help them market their products and services. You will run campaigns and help businesses to establish their brands.

19. Custom Mobile Cover Printing Business

Smartphone accessories are a big hit in the smartphone business. You will need a cover or an add-on accessory with your smartphone. If you can sell custom-made mobile covers, the business has a scope to grow. You can even take bulk orders to sell customized mobile covers on a large scale.

20. Tech Shop

Technology is growing big in the state, and a shop with all the latest gadgets and tech products could be huge. If you can start a store selling tech products, repairs, and services, all as a one-stop solution, your tech shop can be very successful in the long term.

21. Gym / Fitness Centres

Fitness centers are in demand in the state as people want to stay fit as much as possible. Colorado has a huge population and with growing health awareness, a gym, and other related services will seem to be a major boom in the coming days.

The government potentially supports all businesses providing a huge opportunity to grow in a sustainable economic climate. These are some of the best business ideas one can start in Colorado.