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Best 28 Hair Business Ideas with High Profit

Are you looking for the best hair business ideas that can fetch high-profit returns? If yes, you have landed at the right place.

Healthy and voluminous hairs are the dream of males and females alike. That is why they spend a lot of money on hair care. This is where you can think of a hair-related business idea and serve different kinds of customers and make money.

Apart from the commonly known hair salon or barber shop, there are different categories and types of hair business ideas that will not only have a good client base but also be extremely profitable.

People with less hair or short hair need wigs or hair extensions, which are good sources of hair business ideas. You can focus on these items and grow your business. Along with that, selling hair care items is also a very prospective hair business idea.

Before taking up any of the hair business ideas, do the market survey thoroughly to get an idea of the local demand as well as your competitors in the field. This will enable you to make your decision on the niche you will take up as your hair business.

28 Hair Business Ideas

1. Hair Styling Parlor

A hair styling parlor is one of the most common hair business ideas. However, it is still a very profitable and prospective business idea. In this business, you will style the hair of your clients with different types of haircuts, hair settings, straightening of curly hair, using different colors, and so on. Modern technology uses the digital representation of a client in his/her hair styling option by using a photograph of your client and imposing hairstyles on them. This helps a client choose the right style.

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2. Personal Hair Stylist

Instead of working for multitudes in a salon, you can be a personal hair stylist, where you will serve individual clients. This can be done at your set-up or the clients’ place. If you manage to have some celebrities on your client list, you can get high profits from this hair business idea.

3. Bridal Hair Stylist

Choose a niche of styling the brides in marriage ceremonies and get a good income from this hair business idea. Different brides have different types of hair and as an expert, you can style the hair as per the wedding looks as well as in sync with the wedding attire of the bride. Give your special touch of imagination and innovation in styling the bride to get more orders.

4. Barber Shop

A Barbershop is a basic necessity for all people. Hence it is a profitable and sustainable hair business idea for you. Basic haircuts along with services of shampooing, massage, or coloring hair will give you a good income regularly.

5. Hair Blog

As an expert in hair care and hair styling, you can start a hair blog. You can write articles on hair care and different products, hair styling suitable for different age groups, hair quality, review of products and parlors, and so on. You can get a good income through ads, affiliate marketing, etc.

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6. Hair Vlog

Just like a blog, you can start your hair vlog, showing videos of interviews with experts, hairstyles, hair care, and different other subjects related to hair. This is a profitable hair business idea.

7. Hair Relaxer Production

Manufacturing hair relaxers is a lucrative hair business idea. Hair relaxers are creams that are used for the straightening of curly or kinky hair. Relaxers are much in demand now. If you can make good quality relaxers, they will sell like hotcakes in salons, among individual customers and hair stylists.

8. Hair Accessories Shop

Hair accessories have a wide variety starting from clips, and ribbons to curlers and head wraps, fascinators, hair ties, etc. Open a hair accessories shop in a good location and get a good profit by selling them. This hair business idea can also be implemented through online shops.

9. Natural Hair Extension Production

Hair extensions are used by women to increase the length of hair and sometimes cover up a bad haircut. Since long hair is much in vogue now, hair extensions have great demand. If you can start producing hair extensions using natural hair or human hair, they will fetch you higher prices. This hair business idea has great potential and prospects.

10. Hair Consultant

As a hair expert, you can start a business as a hair consultant and earn lots of money. People frequently consult hair consultants for their hair problems, hence you can have a good client base. In this hair business idea, you will examine the types of hair of your clients and suggest different remedial measures.

11. Hair Massage Therapist

Hair massages are good for healthy hair. From common people to the celebrities like film stars or models everyone relies on hair massage for good, healthy, and voluminous hair. Hence you can start your hair business as a hair massage therapist and provide massage services to your clients. This service can be provided at your massage center or at your client’s place as and when required. This is a lucrative hair business idea.

12. Mobile Hair Salon

Use a truck or a van to build up your mobile hair salon and provide all kinds of services like cutting, styling, etc at different places. This is a profitable hair business idea and working for long hours will get you more profit. However, you need to invest in a cozy and comfortable salon in your truck or van with all the facilities of a well-equipped salon.

13. Hair Care Products Selling

So many kinds of hair care products are available in the market. These include shampoos, conditioners, hair oil, styling gel, hair dyes, hair masks, etc. You can sell these products by buying them from wholesalers and get a good profit margin. Selling can be through a brick-and-mortar store or online. Either way, this hair business idea will give you a good income.

14. Herbal Hair Care Products Manufacturing

Herbal products have high demand and hair care products are no exception. If you know or can learn the method of making herbal hair care products, you can start a manufacturing unit as your hair business idea. As these products are much sought after, you can get a high margin of profit from this business.

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15. Hair Model

If you have good hair, you can earn lots of money as a hair model. These models are required for various hair care products like shampoos, conditioners, etc. You have to maintain your hair very well and get in touch with various agencies and model coordinators for this hair business idea.

16. Lice Treatment

Lice is a horrible and awkward hair problem that is very difficult to get rid of. Research well and start a lice treatment center for removing lice from the hair. Also, give some hair care tips and special massages to attract more clients. Specially made medicinal oil and shampoos are there for lice treatment. Rely more on natural or herbal products to get more clients in this hair business idea.

17. Organic Hair Care Product Manufacturing

Organic products are much sought after now. Hence start producing organic hair care products with proper certification. This hair business idea will give you high profits and it is a promising business area.

18. Hair Removal Service

Hair removal is a service that almost everyone needs. Hence you can start a hair removal service providing center as your hair business idea and earn a good income. Use renowned products and take utmost care of your clients while removing unwanted hair. Also, take note of whether any of them are allergic to any product or not.

19. Hair Care and Styling Tutorial

Start a tutorial or training center for hair care and styling. Many aspiring hair stylists want to get formal training to equip them. Hence you can get a good income as fees from this hair business idea. Emphasize practical training with persons and models.

20. Hair Styling YouTube Channel

Start your YouTube channel on different hair styling techniques and earn good money from ads and sponsorships. Show each stage of hair styling with live models and explain them vividly, so that your viewers can learn them. This hair business idea is trending and lucrative.

21. Retail Business of Hair Dye

The retail business of hair dye is a profitable hair business idea. You can start this business and get good profits from the discounts you get by bulk purchases from the wholesalers.

22. Online Hair Care Products Store

Online stores are a highly profitable business concept now. Hence you can start an online store of hair care products and get a good income from this hair business idea. Keep products of different varieties as well as price ranges to get more clients thereby increasing your income.

23. Selling DIY Products

Hair care and styling can be done with many DIY products like Hair curlers, straighteners, dryers, sprayers, etc. Start selling these products as your hair business idea and get good profits. As these products are much in demand, you can grow your business within a short time.

24. Wig Making/Tutorial

Manufacturing and teaching how to manufacture wigs is a profitable hair business idea. You can start this business wherein you will manufacture wigs of different styles and colors along with teaching interested learners how to make them. This business is sustainable as wigs have a steady market.

25. Hair Product Marketing

If you are a marketing expert, start a hair product marketing consultancy. You can make ads, taglines, or slogans for the products, work as an influencer on social media and also chalk out marketing and publicity strategies. This is a lucrative business idea.

26. Hair Styling Tutorials and Courses

You can offer online tutorials and courses by sharing your hairstyling experience with aspiring stylists and DIY aficionados. Create compelling material for channels such as YouTube, or develop a subscription-based platform for in-depth hair styling training.

27. Hair Braiding Studio

Focus on the art of hair braiding by developing a dedicated studio that offers a wide range of braiding styles and techniques. From elaborate braids to basic twists, cater to clients seeking attractive and long-lasting hair braiding choices.

28. Hair Color Stylist

Become a hair colour professional known for your ability to create beautiful hair colour makeovers. Provide personalised colour consultations, balayage, highlights, and creative colour treatments to clients looking for unique and trendsetting styles.

Hair business ideas have a wide horizon. You can work on any of them and get a good income.