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Best 10 Profitable Handmade Jewelry Business Ideas

Looking for handmade jewelry business ideas? If yes, you have landed at the right place. Here in this article,  we have provided a list of the most profitable and easy-to-start handmade jewelry business ideas that can be started with little money from home.

There are a lot of people who craft jewelry for themselves and for gifting purposes. Sometimes they sell the jewelry to friends, relatives, and neighbors. However, one can establish a side business out of that hobby. Yes, it needs proper planning, hard work, dedication, and investment too.

List of 10 Homemade Jewelry Business Ideas

#1. Beads Jewelry

The jewelry made with different colored beads is called beads jewelry. You can make different types of bangles, earrings, and necklaces with beads. You can use different types of beads like glass beads, crystal beads, copper beads, etc.

In starting the beads jewelry business, you will need to have beads, pendants, bead stringings, tools, adhesives, and equipment.

#2. Costume Watches

Nowadays, costume watches are very trendy and popular jewelry items among the teens and young population. Generally, costume watches come with beautiful designs around the dial and on the bands. You can use different types of materials for creating beautiful costume watches.

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#3. Hair Accessories

Different types of rubber bands, hairpins, clutches, and clips are very popular. And people use these items regularly. So, you can consider making beautiful hair accessories for every age group of people.

#4. Imitation Jewelry

This is another thriving venture you can consider worth starting. People prefer imitation jewelry instead of wearing gold, diamond, or jewelry with precious things. You can create beautiful imitation jewelry like bangles, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, etc.

#5. Paper Jewelry

With different types of paper and simple hand tools, you can create beautiful jewelry. Paper jewelry is also popular as quilling jewelry. Basically, quilling is an art. Some of the most popular quilling jewelry are earrings, finger rings, necklaces, etc.

#6. Resin Jewelry

In the handmade jewelry segment, resin jewelry holds a very appreciating position. The resin pendant jewelry is the most popular item. Also, you can make other types of resin jewelry at home.

#7. Seashell Jewelry

With seashells, you can produce a wide range of beautiful jewelry for the people who love it. Just take a look at the online marketplaces and get the designs and prices. Seashell jewelry items are easy to make. Also, the main raw materials seashells and threads are easily available in the wholesale markets.

#8. Silk Thread Jewelry

Currently, silk thread jewelry items are back in fashion. Generally, different types of silk thread jewelry items come in wide sizes. Some of the most trendy items are earrings, necklaces, and bangles.

#9. Silver Oxidized Jewelry

Silver oxidized jewelry items are also popular as costume jewelry. This type of jewelry has a huge demand throughout the world. Also, silver oxidized jewelry ensures good profit and revenue return.

#10. Terracotta Jewelry

Actually, terracotta jewelry is made of natural clay. Also, it is eco-friendly jewelry. This type of jewelry has huge demand globally. Sometimes the finished jewelry comes in a colorful design and sometimes in a brown color finish. You can easily sell terracotta jewelry online.

Things to Consider in Starting a Handmade Jewelry Business

a) Time Management

This is the most crucial aspect that you need to decide on very carefully. When you want to start this business as a side venture after maintaining a 6-day week job, then think practically. Think about whether you can provide enough time for making the inventories and selling them. A serious business demands a lot of time in order to make it successful.

b) What Jewelry You Should Make & Sell?

When you decide to start the business this is the next important aspect you need to determine. What jewelry you should make depends on several factors. What type of jewelry can you make? The materials are easily available or not. Whether there is a demand for that specific type of jewelry or not. So, you must analyze these factors properly. To help you in this area, we provide here a list of chosen 10 different types of handmade jewelry business ideas.

c) Startup Capital

Even if you start a jewelry business from home without having a studio or retail store, you will need to invest some money. It can be in the range of $1000 to $2000. For home operations, most of the investment requires procuring equipment, hand tools, raw materials, and advertising. Also, include the cost of procuring packaging materials.

d) Business License

Regardless of the size of your business, you must check the license requirements at your location. You must comply with the State laws for operating a business.

e) Raw Materials

In starting this type of business, raw material procurement plays a very crucial role. You have to procure good quality materials at the right price. If the raw material quality drops, you will land up with inferior-quality finished jewelry. And if you procure the raw materials at a higher price (which often happens with beginners), you won’t be able to offer a competitive price to your customers.

f) Pricing

Initially, fixing the price becomes a  little bit complicated for beginners. Simply, calculate the cost of materials, add an hourly charge for your efforts, and finally add 40 to 50% profit. Also, you can check the price of those similar products on the internet or other marketplaces.

g) Where to Sell Jewelry

Most of the homemade jewelry business owners sell the jewelry at fairs. Also, selling handmade jewelry at home parties is getting popular these days. Even, you can ask your friends or neighbor for allowing you to exhibit your jewelry at the party that they arrange. And you can offer a percentage of revenue on the sale volume to him or her. Additionally, you can sell the items from the local retail outlets that sell different other pieces of jewelry.

h) Online Jewelry Selling

Nowadays, online selling is the most popular option. And practically, there are plenty of ways for selling jewelry online.

First of all, you can sell jewelry from marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, and Etsy. Otherwise, you can sell the jewelry from your own online store. Creating and maintaining an online store is not that tough these days. Also, you can sell the jewelry from your own website. For that, you have to get a domain name and hosting on rent.

We hope this detailed article will definitely help you in understanding how to make money from the handmade jewelry business.