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Best 25 Ice Cream Business Ideas with High Profit Margin

There is hardly any person who is not fond of ice creams. You must have tasted thousands of flavors of ice creams and loved them. How about thinking of an ice cream business idea? It is a popular and hence a profitable business. Here in this article, we list down a list of the profitable ice cream business ideas that one can start by investing a little money.

Ice cream business ideas are not limited to selling ice creams only. Many other business ideas are there related to ice creams. You can work on any of these ideas and establish your business.

To become successful in the ice cream business, you need to have good knowledge about ice creams and their varieties along with the raw materials and other essential items for the ice cream business.

Before you start working on any of the ice cream business ideas, do detailed research on the demand and profile of the people in the area of your business. Also, focus on the marketing strategies well.

25 Ice Cream Business Ideas

1. Opening Ice Cream Shop

Opening an ice cream shop is one of the most profitable ice cream business ideas. You can start this business by choosing a good location for your ice cream shop. The shop can be a franchise of a specific brand of ice cream. Otherwise, you can keep a few renowned varieties in your shop to attract customers of different choices.

2. Vegan Ice Cream

Vegan food is gaining more and more popularity. Hence vegan ice cream business can be a profitable and prospective ice cream business idea for you. You can start an ice cream shop for vegan ice creams. On the other hand, you can start your business as a supplier of vegan ice creams to various shops or parties. If you can make vegan ice cream, you can sell them to various clients. All the options have good demand.

3. Diet-friendly Ice Cream

Health freaks are fond of diet-friendly ice creams and there are different varieties of such ice creams available in the market. You can start your diet-friendly ice cream store or supply as an ice cream business idea. It has a wide market and you will be able to earn good profits from this. If you can make such ice creams and supply them to different types of clients both on a large as well as small scale, you can expand the business quickly.

4. Ice Cream Cart

Ice cream carts are hugely popular in all areas and localities. Hence selling ice creams through a cart can be a lucrative ice cream business idea for you. Buying a franchisee of a known brand is a good option in this business. You can take your cart to different areas and sell ice creams. Otherwise, placing your cart in known localities can also create a market for you.

5. Ice Cream Truck

Just like the food truck, ice cream trucks are also very profitable ice cream business ideas. You have to invest in a refrigerated truck for this business. Here also buying a franchise can be a profitable option. However, keeping more than one brand can also give you a good profit percentage. Take the truck to different areas at different times of the day for better sales.

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6. Ice Cream Cookbook

If you are a good chef and know the art of making ice cream, you can write a cookbook on ice cream making. Such a cookbook has a very good demand and is considered a profitable ice cream business idea. Give good pictures of ice creams and their ingredients along with a detailed description of the procedure to make the book attractive. It can be a printed book or an e-book.

7. Ice Cream Blog

Writing a blog on ice creams is a good ice cream business idea. If you are a good and knowledgeable writer, you can consider this business idea. Write about the history and evolution of ice creams, different varieties and flavors of ice creams along with reviews of different companies in your blog. You will earn good income from readership as well as ads by ice cream companies and shops.

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8. Ice Cream Making Class

Start taking cooking classes on ice cream making and earn a good income. This is a profitable ice cream business idea if you know the art of making ice creams well. Classes can be in classrooms or online. Show step-by-step details of ice cream making and give cues regarding the availability of the ingredients. Also, discuss the calorie count and food value of each type of ice cream.

9. YouTube Channel

YouTube cooking channels are immensely popular. Hence you can start a YouTube channel on ice cream making and discuss the different ice cream shops and their specialties as your ice cream business idea. Show the procedure of ice cream making along with the end product or ice cream using good narration. Your income will increase with the growing popularity of the channel.

10. Ice Cream Factory

If you are interested in a large-scale business, you can start an ice cream factory. This ice cream business idea is very lucrative. You must be well-conversant of the large-scale production procedure of ice creams along with the machinery needed for production. Good marketing and distribution will get you good returns from this business.

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11. Ice Cream Cup, Spoon Manufacturing

Ice cream business ideas also include things like cups or spoons for ice creams. You can start a production unit of these accompaniments of the frozen dessert. These things have great demand and ice cream producers prefer to buy these from outside producers. Hence you can get a good income from this ice cream business idea.

12. Ice Cream Cone Manufacturing

Ice cream cones are delicious parts of the ice cream and ice cream lovers are equally fond of these cones available in different varieties. You can consider this manufacturing unit as your ice cream business idea and earn high profits. Use hygienic ingredients and safe methods to produce the cones and sell them to different ice cream shops and restaurants.

13. Wholesale Ice Cream Business

The wholesale ice cream business is a lucrative ice cream business idea. As a wholesaler, you will buy ice creams from the producer in bulk and get a discount. Again selling them to retailers will also give you profit on the money spent. You can also buy from the distribution companies and get your share of the profit.

14. Party Supply

Start your ice cream supply business wherein you will supply ice creams to different parties. Secure orders through private clients as well as event management companies in charge of the parties. Do your research on the popular brands and flavors at the parties and stock up accordingly.

15. Restaurant Supply

Supplying ice creams to restaurants is also a lucrative ice cream business idea. Supply ice creams of different companies and varieties to the restaurants regularly and get a good payment. You have to get the ice creams daily and supply them to the restaurants. Payments can be daily, weekly or monthly, according to the client and volume of order.

16. Drive-Through Ice Cream Business

Start a drive-through ice cream business beside the highways and earn good profit from this ice cream business idea. Just like drive-through restaurants, the concept of a drive-through ice cream shop is also very popular. Keep a good stock of different varieties of ice creams including specialties like vegan or diet-friendly ice creams and arrange for quick delivery.

17. Online Ice Cream Store

Online ice cream stores are profitable ice cream business ideas. You can start your online store by tie-ups with food delivery apps or launch your exclusive app. Online ice cream stores can sell ice creams from popular brands, or you can sell ice creams made by you. Both are profit-making.

18. Selling Ice Cream Making Machinery

Manufacturing ice creams require different kinds of machinery and equipment. These include an Ice machine, Ice cream dispenser, ice cream dispenser, Beverage dispenser, Carbonator, dipping cabinet, merchandising case, Drop-in ice cream bar freezer, Reach-in freezer, Walk-in freezer, and many more. You can sell these things to the manufacturers and get a good income. This ice cream business idea is a prospective and lucrative business as it sells essential items.

19. Manufacturing Ice Cream Carts

You can start manufacturing the ice cream carts and sell them to the ice cream vendors. This is a good ice cream business idea. Manufacture good and strong carts with all the facilities of ice cream storage along with attractive looks. This will give you a good profit margin.

20. Ice Cream Business Consultant

If you are a specialist in ice cream making, you can start your business as an ice cream consultant. This is a promising ice cream business idea and will give you a high income. Guide your clients in all the aspects of the business discussing both the pros and cons. Be present in the production process give step-by-step instructions in the beginning and help them achieve the desired quality and standard.

21. Ice Cream Cake Selling

Ice cream cakes are a delicacy popular among the foodies. If you are an expert chef, you can bake such cakes and sell them to individual clients restaurants, or ice cream shops. These cakes fetch a high price giving you a good profit from this ice cream business idea.

22. Ice Cream Raw Material Supplier

Ice cream manufacturing needs several kinds of raw materials like cream, fruit extracts, milk and milk solids, flavors, gelatine, and many others. The authenticity and quality of these ingredients are the secrets to good ice cream making. Hence, you can start selling these raw materials to the ice cream manufacturers and get a high income. Supplying good raw materials will fetch you a high price along with establishing you as an authentic supplier.

23. Selling Pre-Packaged Ice Cream

Start selling pre-packaged ice creams from your kitchen and get a decent income. You can sell these pre-packaged ice creams to local stores and restaurants. This ice cream business idea is a good one and has high prospects.

24. Liquid Nitrogen Distribution

Distribution of liquid nitrogen to restaurants and ice cream shops is a profitable ice cream business idea. Liquid nitrogen is a costly item and is required to keep the ice cream frozen. Hence selling small quantities of liquid nitrogen will fetch you high profits.

25. Ice Cream Party Business

Organize ice cream parties at popular venues and earn high profits. Serve different types of ice creams at the parties along with other entertainment arrangements. This party is especially attractive for children. Birthday parties for kids can be organized as ice cream parties. This can be a good ice cream business idea as a party planner.