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15 Most Profitable Leather Business Ideas in 2024

Are you interested in starting a business in the leather industry? And searching for lucrative leather businesses with a low-cost investment? If yes, you have landed at the right place. Here in this article, we have listed the most profitable leather business ideas in different sectors like manufacturing, export, and retail.

The leather industry occupies a place of prominence globally. Recently, the demand for the leather goods industry has grown with consumer demand for new designs and innovative fashionable leather products. The market volume of leather goods was valued at USD 394.12 billion in the year 2020. Industry experts estimate a  compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5.9% from the year 2021 to 2028.

Though some of the business in the leather industry is capital and management intensive, there are also some opportunities you can initiate with less capital investment even as home-based.

The leather industry is spread into different segments, namely, tanning & finishing, footwear & footwear components, leather garments, leather goods including saddlery & harnesses, etc. Adequate market research and strategic planning are important in starting these businesses in the leather industry.

15 Leather Business Ideas

1. Ladies Foot Ware Manufacturing

The demand for stylish fashionable ladies ‘ footwear is increasing highly. By using the finished leather as raw material and other consumables any individual can initiate this business on a small-scale basis also. Knowledge about the lady’s footwear industry and current design trends is important. This product has also a good scope for export.

2. Leather Accessories Store

Selling fashionable and trendy leather goods and accessories from a retail outlet is one of the most profitable leather business ideas. In this business, the most important factors are location and selecting the right product for a specific audience.

3. Leather Bag Making

A leather bag-making business can be initiated with moderate startup capital and from a home location. A person having an idea or training in fashion design would like to break into the leather bag-making business. You can come up with a line of designs that you can get into manufacturing or retailing.

4. Leather Crafts Item Making

Leather crafts making is a great idea for addressing a niche audience with small startup capital. Any individual can initiate this business as home-based with simple tools and equipment. Some of the popular leathercraft items are belts, book covers with decoration, lady’s accessories, hair accessories, wall hangings, clutch or purses, pet collars, key chains, etc.

5. Leather Export

If you are living in a country that produces a huge variety of leather products and is rich in leather processing and tanning, you might consider starting a leather export business of your own. The leather export market is very organized and you can gather adequate data from the export council department.

Several different licenses are required in starting this business. You can have business tie-ups with leather product manufacturers who produce export-quality items to start a leather export business.

6. Leather Furniture Making

Leather upholstery and furniture making are some of the most profitable leather business ideas. The two major segments include this industry. One is the sofa and other furniture or home decor items for domestic purposes. Another is the leather seat or seat covers in the automobile industry. Both two have increasing demand with a great profit margin.

7. Leather Garment Making

An aspiring garment fashion designing professional the experience working with leather items can start a leather garment-making business. Leather has developed a reputation in the fashion garment industry for both men or women and young and aged.

As people are becoming more fashion-conscious leather has also become a very specialized high-fashion fabric that requires talented specialists to turn it into a quality garment.

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8. Leather Gloves & Mittens Making

Different types of leather gloves for men and women are very popular. These generally come in various styles and colors. Apart from this, there is also a good potential market for industry gloves. Any individual can initiate this business with proper planning and moderate capital investment as home-based also.

9. Leather Jewelry Making

Leather jewelry is considered as most stylish and fashionable jewelry. Some of the popular leather jewelry items are bracelets, earrings, friendship bands, necklaces, eye masks, wrapping bracelets bangles, etc. Any individual can initiate this business with a small capital investment from his/her home location.

10. Leather Processing/Tanning Factory

Leather processing is also known as a tannery. This is a capital and management-intensive business that includes the activities of sourcing raw materials, cleaning, processing, marketing, and delivery. Different licenses and permissions are needed to be taken from local concerned authorities.

11. Leather Promotional Product Making

The promotional gift industry is increasing rapidly worldwide. There are several different leather gift items that are very popular. Such as laptop leather briefcases, laptop leather cases, leather bags, leather cases, leather backpack purses, laptop leather bags, leather laptop cases, wallets, promotional keyrings, leather portfolios, and different varieties of tabletops.

This is one of the most profitable and home-based leather business ideas. Either you can sell the products directly to the business houses or can supply the materials to the promotional gift items marketing companies.

12. Leather Safety Shoe Making

Safety shoes are designed specially to protect the feet from harmful products or chemicals. Generally, these shoes are used by different industries like chemical, construction, mining, etc. Apart from the domestic market safety shoes have very good export potential also. You can initiate this business on a small-scale basis with moderate capital investment.

13. Leather Shoe Making

The leather shoe-making business is involved in several activities. It is important to have adequate knowledge about the process of shoe-making and the current market trend. A shoe consists typically of a sole, insole, outsole, midsole, heel, upper, etc. This business is definitely capital and labor-intensive.

14. Leather Watch Band Making

The leather watchband is considered especially a B2B product. Business tie-ups and networking is an important factor in the marketing of these products. The innovative and creative leather watch band has very good demand in the export market also.

15. Shoe Laundry

The shoe laundry business concept is new. For a person living in a metro city where the population densities of ultra-busy people are high, a shoe laundry business will be a perfect business idea for him. The awareness of hygiene and footwear care is increasing day by day among people. Shoe laundry is one of the most trending and profitable business ideas.