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Best 25 Profitable Moving Business Ideas

If you are interested in starting a packing and moving business, then you have made a wise decision as it is a profit-making business. Despite changing times and the economy, there is a steady demand for packing and moving services. Here we list some of the most profitable moving business ideas that can be started with less money.

Moving business has a lot of varieties and types. You can choose any of these business ideas according to your planning and convenience.

Packing is an important part of a moving company. Hence, you must have the expertise in packing things big or small to be successful in any of the packing business ideas.

Moving business needs a lot of hard work and precision in packing, carrying, delivering, and location. You need to focus on these aspects carefully to get more income from any of the businesses mentioned below:

25 Moving Business Ideas

1. Commercial Moving

Commercial moving is a well-known moving business idea. This business is done mainly in the business sectors ranging from small offices to big warehouses. Commercial movers pack all the items of the commercial establishments carefully and transport them to the desired location. You must be an expert in packing and have the necessary equipment to do so.

2. Residential Moving

Residential moving is a profitable moving business idea. It covers the relocation of residential establishments. Fast and careful packing of different types of things in the household is necessary for this business. You can add the services of unpacking and placing things in the new location to have extra income and a good reputation.

3. Local Moving

Local moving is also a good moving business idea. It is restricted to a specific distance, mostly within 100 miles. You can charge your client on a per-hour basis for providing services like packing, loading, unloading, and unpacking. This is mostly done within a city or nearby and for residential purposes.

4. Long-Distance Moving

Long-distance moving is a sought-after and high-priced moving business idea. It covers a distance of more than 100 miles and often crosses the boundary of a state. In this business, you will get the payment according to the weight of the materials packed and transported and the total distance covered by you.

5. Inter-State Moving

As the name suggests, inter-state moving is a business idea that carries consignments from one state to the other. It can be commercial or residential. Here also you will charge your clients according to the weight of the items packed and the distance covered. You must have good packers on your fold to carry out inter-state moving assignments.

6. International Moving

Running an International moving business requires considerable investment. In this business, you have to transport consignments crossing the border of the country. Your vehicle must have a license, permit, and insurance needed for international movement. This business also needs a great deal of expertise in packing. You will charge your clients on volume and measure it in cubic feet or meters.

7. Specialty Moving

Specialty moving is a great moving business idea and gets high payment. As the owner of a specialty moving company, you are responsible for packing and moving special and delicate items from one destination to another. Things like paintings, showpieces, glass items, collectibles, sculptures, etc fall into this category. You need to be very careful and efficient in moving these specialty items intact to the desired location. Hence good packing and handling are necessary.

8. Small Load Moving

Small load moving is a very useful moving business idea. It carries small consignments that are sent to different destinations. As a small moving company owner, you will carry some items and not a whole office or household to another place. Small moving involves some utensils, a piece of furniture a box of clothes, etc.

9. Car Moving

Car moving is a lucrative moving business idea. It is a business where you are especially skilled and equipped to move a car from one place to the other. Apart from that, your good business reputation will also get you more orders. You must check the condition of the car before transporting it. These include checking the tires of the car whether they are fully inflated or not, whether the battery is fully charged or not etc. You will get paid according to the weight of the vehicle and the distance covered.

10. Moving Container Companies

Moving container services are a modern concept in moving business ideas. In this business, you can rent out a container to your client. They will pack and fill the container and after that, you will drive the container to the desired destination of your clients. You don’t need to provide packing services in this business. You will charge your client for the container as well as the distance covered.

11. Full-Service Moving

Full-service moving is ideally suited for people who have little time for relocation. As a full-service moving company, you will take all the responsibilities regarding moving, from packing things, disassembling furniture, and taking care of all items to be moved along with unpacking things at the destination, assembling furniture, and organizing everything. You will charge your client on an hourly basis. However, in the case of long-distance moving, the charges will be higher.

12. Partial Moving Services

Partial moving services are popular moving business ideas wherein you will do a part of the moving service like moving things and let out other areas of work like packing etc to others. This service is often asked for by clients.

13. Moving Labor Services

Moving labor services is a part of the partial moving business, wherein the task of loading and unloading is done by others. However, this can be an independent moving business idea for you. Here, your company will provide workers or laborers for loading and unloading things in case of moving. A packing service is often added to this business for a higher payment.

14. Packing Services

Packing services have a good demand in the market and are a great moving business idea. You need expert packers for this business who can efficiently pack things of different sizes and weights and load them for moving. The use of good and lasting packing materials and accessories is very important in this business.

15. Truck Rental Services

A truck rental service is a good moving business idea. In this business, you will rent trucks for moving things. It does not require any other responsibility on your part. You can rent the trucks to moving companies or individual clients.

16. Corporate Relocation

Corporate relocation is a specialized moving business idea wherein you will serve corporate clients. In this business, you will provide packing services for different office equipment as well as furniture. Along with that, you will also be responsible for unpacking and resetting the office in the new location. It is a profitable business as the payments are high.

17. Moving Services for Furniture Companies

Providing moving services for furniture companies is an innovative moving business idea. In this business, you can provide exclusive services to furniture companies by carrying their furniture to different destinations both local and far-away. You need the skill of packing, disassembling as well as assembling the furniture in this business. The payments are good.

18. Moving Service for Groceries

Moving services for groceries is also a good and profitable moving business idea. Grocery stores need a lot of provisions including fresh vegetables, fruits, etc from farmers’ markets and many other things. You can start your moving business with this niche and serve several grocery stores including big store chains. You will get good payments according to the weight of things and distance. Punctuality is the key to the success in this business.

19. Logistic Service

A logistic service is a priority area and a great moving business idea for you. As a logistic service provider, you are responsible for carrying things from manufacturers to warehouses and again from the warehouse to the customers, getting high profits. Packing may not be a part of your services.

20. Selling Moving Equipment

Selling moving equipment is a lucrative moving business idea. As all moving companies need different kinds of equipment for their operations, you will have a large number of clients. The necessary equipment includes two-wheel and four-wheel dollies, hoisting straps, crates, bins, appliance dollies, piano bands, pallet jacks, ramps, canvas books bags, LED screen cases, etc.

21. Moving Machinery

Machinery is required for different manufacturing units and industrial setups. Hence, moving machinery is a good moving business idea. You can transport different kinds of machinery from the manufacturer to the user and get good payments. You will need big trucks for this business.

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22. Moving Construction Materials

Construction sites need different kinds of machinery and raw materials that need to be transported from different ends. Hence, moving this equipment and materials is a specialized and lucrative moving business idea. You will get paid according to the weight of the consignments as well as the distance covered.

23. Moving Inflammable Liquids

Inflammable liquids like diesel, petrol, etc are transported from one end of a country to the other. This is an essential service and a great moving business idea. You will need specially manufactured tankers for this business. Carrying hazardous materials and covering long distances will make your payments quite high.

24. Moving Cattle

Cattle like cows, goats, sheep, and others are transported from the farms to different places for various purposes. Moving these cattle is a great moving business idea and also money-making. You will need specially made cages for the cattle to run this business. Apart from that, you should ensure a comfortable and safe journey for them.

25. Moving Agricultural Produce

Agricultural produce like cereals, pulses, vegetables, or fruits is transported from farms to different areas like markets, storehouses, and other places. Carrying these crops is a good moving business idea. You can provide packing and unpacking services to earn extra money. The packing should be carefully done providing proper care and air passage in some cases.

Moving business ideas are of different types and categories. These business ideas are profitable and need your care and attention for the things you move.