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Best 21 Paper Related Business Ideas in 2024 with Small Investment

Do you want to start a paper-related business? Find here a list of the most profitable paper business ideas that you can start with a small investment.

The pulp and paper industry is vibrant.  The major raw material of this industry is wood. Broadly, the industry is dominated by the United States, northern European countries like Finland, Sweden, and North-West Russia, and East Asian countries such as East Siberian Russia, China, Japan, and South Korea.

According to the use, you can find 6 broad segments of papers. These are corrugated boards, hygiene paper products, specialty papers, newsprint, writing printing & copying papers, and colored papers. The paper industry offers several small-scale business opportunities to entrepreneurs who want to start a business with small capital investment.

List of 21 Paper Business Ideas

#1. Start Manufacturing A4 Paper

At present, the most widely used paper in the copier industry as per size is A4 and A3. In fact, the A4 size paper has the highest demand in the paper industry. If you want to venture into paper making business, it is advised to manufacture A4 OR A3-sized papers.

#2. Book Store

The bookstore is a traditional business. Generally, bookstores sell different types of books including textbooks. Additionally, they also sell exercise books, notebooks, pens, pencils, and other stationery items. This is an easy business to start and operate. However, you must go for market research before commencing the business.

#3. Egg Tray Making

Generally, you can produce egg trays from waste paper. Egg trays are essential items in the storage and transportation of eggs. You can start a small-scale egg tray manufacturing business with low capital investment. Additionally, you can produce different fruit trays from the same unit. For starting a small unit. a 1000 Sq Ft space is sufficient.

#4. Envelope Making

Envelopes are still very popular in offices and educational institutions. Additionally, these are widely used for sending greeting cards and other small items. The envelope-making process is simple. And with simple tools and equipment, you can start this business even at your home. The process includes cutting, folding, gluing, and packaging.

#5. Exercise Notebook Making

Exercise books or notebooks are popular items in the education industry. And still, there is a huge demand for different types of notebooks including graph notebooks, drawing notebooks, etc. The exercise book manufacturing process is simple. The business demands a small space for unit operation and moderate capital investment.

#6. Greetings Card Making

If you are a creative person and searching for a home-based business, you can consider starting a greeting card-making business. Generally, you can produce greeting cards with various decorative items. However, digitally printed greeting cards are most popular these days. Consider selling your cards both offline and online.

#7. Handmade Paper Making

Handmade papers are popular for making crafts, jewelry, home decor items, and gift-wrapping purposes. The manufacturing process is simple. And you can produce handmade papers from waste papers also. The business demands very small capital investment. However, you must ensure the marketing strategy before commencing the business.

#8. Mobile Paper Shredding Business

In big cities and industrial areas, you can start a paper shredding business. Generally, big businesses and commercial institutions often look for this type of service for destroying outdated papers permanently. The business requires an initial startup investment and proper marketing. Also, you must have sound communication skills here.

#9. Packaging Box Making

Packaging boxes are essential items for packaging, storage, and transportation. Almost every product-based industry use packaging box. Generally, packaging boxes come with either corrugated papers or hard boards. You can open a packaging box-making company with moderate capital investment. However, craft a business plan before initiating the business.

#10. Paper Bag Making

This is another very profitable business you can start in the paper industry. Generally, these types of bags come in different sizes, designs, patterns, and colors. The manufacturing process is not complex. And with a small area of space, you can start this business. Even, if you have space at home, you can start the business on a home-based basis.

#11. Paper Cup Making

Paper cups are disposable items. And due to their disposable nature, these items are very popular these days. Generally, paper cups are used for serving different types of hot and cold drinks including ice creams also. Additionally, these are very popular items in the domestic and corporate functions for providing different types of drinks. You can start a paper cup manufacturing business with a small startup capital investment.

#12. Paper Items Wholesaling

If you just want to start a trading business then wholesaling is the best option for you. In this business, you will procure the items from the manufacturers in bulk and sell the items to small retailers. Generally, the list of items includes exercise books, notebooks, paper bags, plain sheets, computer pages, etc. The business is highly lucrative. However, it demands moderate capital investment.

#13. Paper Jewelry Making

Basically, paper jewelry falls under the segment of costume jewelry or fashion jewelry. Generally, quilling papers are used to craft these pieces of jewelry. You can produce these pieces of jewelry with simple hand tools. Apart from the paper, you will need to procure different types of beads, stones, and ribbons to decorate the jewelry.

#14. Paper Milling

Paper milling is a traditional business. The process is a little complex though. And the business demands substantial capital investment and strategic planning. The major raw materials are wood. Additionally, you will need to have a huge space for starting this business. However, paper milling is one of the most profitable businesses in the industry.

#15. Paper Plate Making

Actually, paper plates are disposable items. These are very popular nowadays. These plates come in different sizes and designs. The manufacturing process is very simple. Additionally, the business demands very small startup capital investment and small space for unit operation. If you have space at home, you can start the business as a home-based also.

#16. Paper Recycling Business

First of all, the paper recycling business demands thorough market research, correct business modeling, and upfront capital investment. It is needless to say that the business is not an easy venture. Also, you may face stiff competition in the local market. However, it is a highly profitable business to make enough revenue within a short duration of time.

#17. Tissue Paper Making

This is another great small paper manufacturing business you can start with a low capital investment. Also, you can start a business in a small space. A 1000 Sq Ft covered area is perfect for starting a small unit. Also, the business is profitable in metro cities, small towns, and rural areas. However, the business demands startup capital investment in procuring machinery, raw materials, and human resources.

#18. Paper Soap

There is a good demand for paper soaps for people who travel. You will find a good demand in hotels too for paper soaps. The investment to start this business is also very low.

#19. Paper Goods Selling

You can make invitation cards or note cards and sell them. There is also a good demand for these items online.

20. Bookbinding

Bookbinding is another paper-related business that can be started with a very low investment. You can also create your own designs and sell them to your bookbinding customers.

21. Banana Paper Making

If you want to start an eco-friendly business in this industry, you can consider a banana paper-making business. Generally, you can produce this item from the waste of the banana tree. The manufacturing process is simple. Additionally, you can start the business with moderate startup capital investment.

We hope this list of 21 profitable and lucrative business ideas in the paper industry will definitely help you in starting a business of your own.