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Best 25 Free and Paid Podcast Hosting Sites in 2024

Podcasts are audio files uploaded to hosting sites or the internet. You can make your podcast and use it for various purposes. It is not just audio entertainment, but it has several business purposes too. Here in this article, we list the best podcast hosting sites available online for podcasters.

You can upload your podcast through podcast hosting sites. Podcasts have considerably good income opportunities through sponsorships, ads, affiliate marketing, etc. You can also upload paid content and get a good income.

Making podcasts is comparatively easy. You don’t need a high-tech setup for that. However, keep in mind that the content should be entertaining, although you can share your thoughts on various subjects through your podcasts; entertainment should be your priority for making your podcasts popular.

You have to choose between several podcast hosting sites to upload your podcasts. Some of these sites are free while some have charges. Go through the features and popularity of the hosting sites before you decide on any site.

List of 25 Podcast Hosting Sites

1. Buzzsprout – Best Overall

Buzzsprout is considered one of the best podcast-hosting sites. It started its operations in 2009 and has a great audience. Hence, you can be sure of your success with this site.

Moreover, Buzzsprout offers you several advantages like well-thought-out guidelines, affiliate marketing integration for your income, text editor, etc. Moreover, it has mobile-friendly versions. You can use this site free of cost, but your content is deleted after 90 days. The subscription is $12, $18, and $24 per month.

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2. Podbean – Best for Hosting

Podbean can also be listed in the list of best podcasting sites. It has been in the business for more than 10 years. It provides web hosting services to more than 5, 50,000 podcasters.

Therefore you can choose this hosting site. They offer you a host of facilities like 5 hours of storage for the free plan, unlimited storage if you opt for the monthly $9 plan, ad insertion, mobile app and auto uploads on YouTube, and posting on social media.

3. RedCircle – Best for Podcast Monetizing

RedCircle is a podcast hosting site that enables you to earn from the beginning. It offers you free hosting along with a host of facilities like receiving subscriptions and donations, customization of your content, and ad support.

You can insert ads, cross-promotions, or updates within your podcast episodes. Apart from the free trial, it offers you $9 and $30 per month plans.

4. Captivate

Captivate is a different kind of podcast hosting site and you can choose them for their innovative approach. They do not offer you any free plan but give you the opportunity of unlimited uploads. You can also have as many members as you wish.

Apart from that, there are advantages of advanced analytics and marketing tools to make your podcast more popular and commercially viable. The plan starts at $17 per month and you can upload up to 12,000 downloads. The higher rates are $44 and $90 per month.

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5. Castos

Castos is an effective podcast hosting site in the way it offers unlimited storage and bandwidth. You can choose between three types of plans namely, Starter at $19 a month, Growth at $49 per month, Pro at $99 per month, and Premium at $499 per month.

Here, your podcasts can be republished on YouTube; you can get the facilities of SEO, and analyze the data in a simple dashboard.


If you are looking for an easy-to-use podcast hosting site, you can go to Its easy analytics will help you get started quickly. They offer you unlimited storage and bandwidth, easy integration with social media, ad support, and many more. The charges are between $4.99 and $8.25 per month.

7. Transistor

Transistor is a highly professional podcast hosting site that provides you with professional assistance for your growth and an increasing audience.

They have highly sophisticated analytics tools and you can generate a website with your domain name, have multiple users, and migrate content from other sites with simple tools. Their charges are $19 per month for Starter, $49 per month for Professional, and $99 per month for Business.

8. Resonate

Resonate has a special feature as a podcast hosting site. You can distribute your podcast to several listening apps with the help of a click. They also give you an exclusive podcast player and add it to your social media accounts, blogs, etc.

It has a detailed dashboard for reviews and statistics. The charges are $25 a month for basic podcast hosting and $49 per month for premium hosting.

9. Spreaker

Spreaker started its operations as a podcast-hosting site back in 2010. It gives you an innovative option of live streaming and chatting. It has a desktop app as well as a mobile app for both Android and IOS. They give you free options.

However, you should opt for the $20 per month option to enjoy all the benefits. There are other plans of 48, $50 ans$120 per month also.

10. Blubrry

Blubrry is also considered one of the best podcast-hosting sites. It gives you several features like the PowerPress plugin feature that enables easy incorporation with your WordPress content, important statistics regarding the industry, and facilities of extra upload without giving extra charges.

The cost plan starts at $10 a month for 100 Mb uploads per month and $17 per month.

11. Backtracks

Backtracks are considered to be one of the most advanced podcast hosting sites. It is used by many large brands and it has advanced analytics to assist you. They will supply you with detailed data on your audio files as well as the listener’s.

It works on all kinds of devices as well as hosts. You will also get advertising support. There is a free trial option of 7 days. Along with that, it has different ranges of pricing from $99 to $299 and higher which is negotiable.

12. Libsyn

Libsyn is one of the oldest and most reliable podcast-hosting sites that began its operation in 2004. It is an extremely user-friendly site and will help you in promoting your podcasts across other platforms. Libsyn has different types of storage plans for you along with unlimited bandwidth.

This site has built-in facilities for WordPress plug-in, monetization, and analytics. The charges start from $5 per month with 50 Mb storage and higher ranges of $ 15, $20, and $40 per month.

13. bCast

bCast is an ideal podcast hosting site that makes your podcasts more business-oriented helping you in earning more. It also gives you advantages like SEO growth, custom domain, audio inserts, and auto opt-in.

The charges are $15 per month with 10,000 downloads each month and $35 and $75 for unlimited plans.

14. Audioboom

Audioboom sets you a target and once you achieve the target, you will get more mileage. This podcast hosting site has two different tiers: one for beginners and the other for advanced podcasters. The beginners or New Podcasters are given an offer of $9.99 per month by which you can publish up to 5 episodes per month and 10,000 plays per month.

Once you cross the 10,000 downloads mark, you are given access to the ad network, sponsorships, and partnerships of Audioboom.

15. Megaphone

Megaphone is a unique podcast hosting site because it not only publishes your podcast but also connects you to the advertisers simultaneously.

You will be able to upload your content as well as decide on the ads and commercials on your podcasts through Megaphone. It enables you to assess your position also. Megaphone does not publicize its rates. You have to request them to get the rates.

16. SoundCloud

SoundCloud is a podcast as well as a music hosting site. It has millions of listeners which gives you a great advantage. You can get your listeners’ responses and interact with them through SoundCloud.

It is considered one of the most effective podcast hosting sites and gives access to commercial ads. It has a free plan with 3 hours of audio storage and the paid plans with unlimited storage start at $6 per month.

17. Podcast Websites

Podcast Websites is a big name in the world of podcast hosting sites. It gives you facilities for podcast hosting as well as website building. They also give you digital marketing support and consultancy from experts in the field.

They also support you through their video tutorials. Podcast Websites have two plans. One is $97 per month to be paid monthly, and the other is $77 per month which is paid annually.

18. Simplecast

As the name suggests, Simplecast is a simple and easy-to-use podcast hosting site. It offers you facilities like unlimited storage, social media integration, and a customized domain.

The plan for this hosting site starts at $15 per month and goes higher up to $35 and $85 per month.

19. Fusebox

Fusebox was created by renowned podcaster Pat Flynn. This podcast hosting site has several opportunities for you. These include email capture, SEO-friendly live text, multiplatform support, and a download button. Furthermore, you can embed Fusebox with your favorite website builders like WordPress, Wix, Squarespace, and more.

It offers free membership and the paid membership starts at $15.83 per month.

20. Podcasts

Podcasts is a comparatively new podcast hosting site. They have an in-built dashboard and are hence easy for you to get started. You can automatically import your podcast from any other feed.

It also has analytics, live streaming facilities, QR codes, smart links, surveys, etc. It offers 1 month’s free trial and monthly charges of $4, $8, and $39.

21. Podomatic

Podomatic offers a host of facilities as a podcast hosting site. It gives you the advantage of an embeddable player and good integration with social media handles. It also allows you to record, edit and publish your podcast in one place. The free Podomatic plan enables you to facilitate monetizing.

The paid account is also much more affordable at $2.49 per month. Higher rates are $8.32 and $20.82 per month.

22. Acast

Acast offers you unlimited storage, download, and access to easily edited sites. As a free user, you can enjoy the right to use marketing tools, like an AI transcription service, and also get the advantages of Snipper, which is a tool that helps you create audio or video clips for social media.

Paid membership has two tiers $14.99 per month and 29.99 per month.

23. Anchor

Anchor is one of the most renowned free podcast-hosting sites. They mostly focus on mobile podcasting. However, you can also use the web interface of Anchor. They offer you a readymade platform for ads and you can easily edit your audio files here.

24. Wix Podcast Player

Despite being a traditional podcast hosting site, Wix Podcast Player is a very convenient way to upload your podcast on your website irrespective of your host. It has ready-to-use podcast website templates which will enable you to start your podcast. It has several monthly and annual charges to choose from.

25. Fireside

Fireside started its operations as a podcast hosting site in 2016 and within this time it has gained tremendous popularity. It offers you facilities for website hosting, a good website, and podcast statistics. It has a standard plan of $19 per month for unlimited storage.

Apart from the Standard plan, there is a starter plan of $9 per month, a Standard plan of $ 19 per month, and a Professional plan of $49 per month, where you can enjoy the facilities of unlimited downloads.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is There a Free Podcast Host?

Yes, there are a few really good free hosting sites you can try. Among them is Anchor or Acast leads the race. One can keep their podcasts free forever.

Which is the Best Podcasting Hosting Site for Multiple Podcasts?

You can try Spreaker for hosting multiple podcasts. In addition, they offer a Free Speech plan where you can host 10 podcasts a month for free without paying a single penny.

Is Spotify a Podcast Hosting Platform?

No, Spotify is not a podcast-hosting platform It doesn’t host podcasts. To use Spotify for podcasts, one will have to provide a link to an RSS feed.

How Many Listeners Do You Need to Make Money on a Podcast?

Making money on a podcast takes time. Unless you have a big audience in the range of at least 5K to 10K, it is hard to make money for a living. One can work with ad networks like Midroll and Authentic to monetize their podcasts after achieving sizeable listeners. Also, at present, most podcast-hosting sites have their Ad networks.