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How to Start a Profitable Pressure Washing Business With Cost, Equipment

Anyone, be it a teenager or a senior individual can start your Pressure Washing Business and enjoy good profits along with freedom from 9-5 jobs. Pressure washing is done to remove dirt and germs from large areas like the siding of houses, parking lots, pools, driveways, fences, etc. Pressure washing requires specially-made pressure washers.

Like any other service-based business, a pressure washing business also needs good equipment, hard work, effective marketing, and other important things like research, analysis, and client relations. It does not need a very high amount to start, so you can go ahead easily.

Keep in mind that you must learn to use the pressure washer before you start the business. If you already know or have used it before, then it is not needed. However, you must be able to use it efficiently because it needs certain specific skills.

There are also certain specific points you need to follow in starting your pressure washing business. Here are the essential steps to follow to start a profitable pressure-washing company:

Here are the 12 Steps to Start a Pressure Washing Business

1. Find the Right Location

Choose a location for your pressure cleaning business with several considerations. First of all, how much demand is there for pressure washing? Secondly, whether there is enough scope for you to grow your business in that location. This means, whether there are enough places for pressure washing in that area. Thirdly, how many competitors do you have in that location?

It is advisable to start from your location. This is because; you will have the advantage of personal contacts along with proximity.

2. Learn the Required Skills of Pressure Washing

If you do not have any experience operating a pressure washing machine, you should first learn the technique very well. The wrong technique can damage the adjoining areas very easily. For example, while cleaning the driveway, you may damage the plants in the landscape garden.

Moreover, pressure washing needs physical strength and stamina. Through regular practice, you will be able to gain it.  If you want you can buy the machine and start practicing before starting the pressure washing business.

Otherwise, you can hire a machine and practice. Another option is to work at a pressure washing company as an apprentice and learn the skill. You can also consult YouTube tutorials and learn online.

Practice using it on your home terrace or sidings. If it is not available, you can try it out at some friend’s place or a housing complex in return for a free washing service. Remember that, you must be very skilled and confident about the operation before you start the business.

3. Know the Pressure Washing Market

Do exhaustive research on the market scenario of the pressure washing business. Try to find out the number of service providers in your location.

If there are sufficient numbers of companies, the completion is tough for you. However, you have to try and find a USP of your business in terms of reduced rate or good customer relations.

If there are not many service providers in the area, you can easily enter the market with your offerings. Find out the presence of your competitors in industrial or residential washing. You can try to fit in the area where there are fewer players.

You can also offer pressure washing services in the neighboring areas where there is less penetration of competitors. This will give you a profit as well as popularity.

4. Create a Pressure Washing Business Plan

Make a business plan with all the details of your pressure washing business. This business plan will work as a roadmap for the future activities of the company and also an important document for pitching funds from investors. The business plan should have the details on the following aspects:

  • The equipment and raw materials needed and their cost
  • Target customers
  • Pricing plan
  • How do you plan to promote your pressure washing services?

5. Name Your Business

After you prepare the business plan, choose a suitable name for your pressure washing business. The name should be simple, creative, and meaningful. Take the opinion of others in finalizing the name.

Get a domain in the name of your business and launch your website. Websites help you to get clients as well as make your business more popular. Also, do not forget to get a trademark in the name of your business.

Check: Brandable Pressure Washing Company Names

6. Register the Business

The next step is to register your business. Among the various business organizations, For instance, in the United States, forming an LLC is the most preferred option as it protects personal assets with minimal costs.

You can form an LLC yourself or can hire a reputed registered agent to do the job without hassles.

7. Tax, License, and Permits

Register your business for the necessary taxes both at the federal as well as state-level and get the EIN. Additionally, there are different kinds of licenses and permits you need to procure to operate your pressure washing business. Obtain these without any delay as you may have to pay heavy fines without proper licenses and permits.

If you are from the United States, check what type of self-employment taxes you need to pay. Additionally, visit your State’s Department of Revenue website to know more about sales taxes.

8. Buy Business Insurance

Pressure cleaning can create damage as well as injuries. Therefore you need insurance for different categories of your business. Firstly, you need General Liability Insurance that will cover any damage caused due to pressure washing.

Secondly, there is the worker’s compensation insurance which will cover the expenses due to the injuries suffered by any worker while doing the job.

Thirdly you will need equipment insurance to compensate for the damage or theft of your machinery.

9. Open a Business Bank Account

Open a bank account in the name of your pressure washing company. Also, try to get a business credit card because that will help you with a short-term credit line.

10. Calculate the Expense Heads of Pressure Washing Business

In your pressure washing business, you need expenses on various heads. First of all, there are the machinery and related expenses. The cost of a pressure washer depends on its capacity. However, the price ranges from $ 2000 to 8000.

Secondly, you need a cargo van on which the equipment is fitted. A new van will cost you as high as $ 25000. Therefore you can start with a used van that will cost you approximately $ 5000-7000. Add another $300 per month for its maintenance.

Thirdly, you will need detergents and chemicals for cleaning. It will cost you approximately $ 100-150 per month.

Fourthly, the expense of tax, license, and permits will amount to between $100 and $400.

Lastly, there is the expense of the salaries and wages of your staff which will depend on your scale of business. However, for marketing and publicity as well as accounting services you have to spend about $ 300 per month.

In total, you will need nearly $30,000 to start your pressure washing business. If you have savings, you can start with your money. Otherwise, you can apply for a bank loan.

11. Buy Pressure Washing Equipment

It is always advised to buy proper pressure washing equipment. However, if you are a starter and short in budget, you can start by renting the required equipment.

Following are some of the must-buy equipment to start a pressure washing business:

  • Pressure washers, pumps, engines, different types of nozzles, chemicals, surface cleaners, and similar types of pressure washing tools depending on the services you are providing to customers.
  • A truck or van to move around with the pressure washing equipment
  • Uniforms
  • Point of Sale(POS) Software

It must be mentioned here that take adequate measures to maintain your machine and accessories very well. That will make your work faster and easier, which in turn will impress your customers.

12. Create a Marketing Plan

You have to chalk out a detailed marketing plan for the expansion of your client base along with the publicity of your business. There are some important steps you should follow.

a) Personal Visits

Visit different commercial establishments as well as residential complexes for informing them about your business. Carry flyers, brochures, and printed literature about your company. You can also offer a demo service to show your efficiency.

b) Web Presence

Your website is an effective tool for business. Design your website properly with all the information, rates, and work done by you. Make arrangements for online booking as well as online payment facilities. You can use chatbots or the inquiry section to answer the queries of your prospective clients.

Learn More: How to Create a Website 

c) Advertise

Advertisements are very powerful tools for marketing. Give print and audio-visual ads in the newspaper, local magazines, TV, etc. Use flyers, banners, hoarding, etc at different places in the area. Focus on residential areas for advertisements.

d) Explore Social Media

Make good use of social media for promotion as well as the marketing of your business. Create pages in the name of your company on social networking sites. Keep it updated with your rates and pictures of your work. Invite the opinions of the viewers on different issues.

e) Customer Relations

Satisfy your customers with your performance. Along with that, keep a very good relationship with all your customers. That will give you repeat orders along with referrals.

f) Associate Yourself with Pressure Washing Associations

There are different associations of pressure washing companies. You must be a member of such organizations at your local level. This will help you in getting contacts and useful information about the business.

g) Special Offers

Give special offers like free cleaning for big orders, festival discounts, and discounts on annual maintenance orders. This will make your company more acceptable to the customers.

These are the important steps you should follow in starting your pressure washing business. Still, you must be having certain questions about this business and want to know the answers. We are trying to answer some of these common questions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the Cost of Starting A Pressure Washing Business?

It depends on the type of pressure washing machine you are using and other factors like whether you will go for used machines etc. Below we list down some of the basic investments to start a pressure washer business:

  • Pressure Washer – $1500 to $7000
  • Transport Van – A  new truck will cost in the range of $25,000 to $50,000
  • Water Hoses, Nozzles, Chemicals, and Cleaners – $1000 to $2000
  • Legal Costs like company registration, licenses, and insurance – $500 to $1000
  • Promotional Costs like Website, brochures, Catalogs, etc. – $500 to $1000

Overall, the total cost to start a pressure washing business on a small scale with new equipment will be a minimum of $30,000. However, the cost will reduce if you plan to start with used equipment. In that case, the initial cost of launching a pressure washer business will be around $10,000.

Is the Pressure Washing Business Profitable?

It is without saying, the power or pressure wash is a highly profitable business. The charges you get for a particular job are almost double the cost of that job. For example, if you charge $100 for power washing in a derived way, it will cost you only $50. Therefore, the more work you do, the more your profit percentage,

Not only high returns, but this business also has a very bright future too. The Covid pandemic has made us more conscious about cleaning and washing. According to IBISWorld, the demand for exterior cleaning will continue to rise between 2020 and 2025.

How much Should I Charge My Customers for Pressure Washing Services?

You can charge at three different rates. Firstly, per square foot rate, secondly per hour rate, and thirdly the flat rate. The rates depend on the area which will be washed.

Per square foot, the rate varies between $ 0.05-0.25 depending on the part to be cleaned. The common flat rates are $ 100-300 for sidings, $ 200-500 for decks, $ 100-200 for driveways, $15-20 per parking space, etc.

Is the Pressure Washing Business Right for Me?

The business has upward growth predictions and thereby good demand. If you can learn the techniques of operating the pressure washing machine well, you are sure to succeed in this business.

This is all about the pressure washing business. You can start this business and earn high profits with time.