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Best 32 Profitable Shoe Business Ideas with Low Investment

You can never do without a shoe. Hence shoes can be an integral part of your business. It is a prospective field of business and you can earn a very high income from shoe business ideas.

There are unlimited types and varieties of shoes that are available in the market. You can research them and try to find the shoe business idea that suits you.

Shoe business ideas have immense areas and opportunities. You can start a store, manufacture specific kinds of shoes or produce the different parts of a shoe and sell them. All these businesses have their client base and will yield profits for you.

While working on the shoe business you want to develop, keep in mind the demographic features of the area of your business. This will include the economic profile, average age profile, preferences and trends.

32 Shoe Business Ideas

1. Start a Shoe Brand

Enter into the world of shoe manufacturing and start your brand. This is a highly ambitious as well as profitable shoe business idea. Focus on a few types of popular shoes and give the brand name. Find a catchy and suitable name for your brand and plan thorough marketing strategies and publicity programs for the brand and its shoes. The distribution network is also important to establish your brand.

2. Shoe Store

Starting a shoe store is a profitable shoe business idea. Stock up your store with different varieties of shoes for men, women, and kids for better footfall. A good location and exhaustive marketing and advertising are very important to make your store more popular.

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3. Open a Shoe Shine Business

You can start a shoeshine shop business investing a nominal investment. You will need some basic tools like a shoe shining kit, brushes, daubers, wax, shoehorn, shining cloth, shoe rest, shoe cream, leather protectors, etc. Furthermore, selecting a proper location is essential to the profitability of the shoeshine business.

4. Start a Shoe Laundry

sneaker shoes being washed
source – Pixabay

The popularity of shoe laundries has been increasing over the last few years. In big cities and towns, more and more people are showing interest in getting their shoes cleaned in professional shoe laundry shops. Additionally, you need little money to open a shoe laundry business.

5. Ladies’ Shoe Store

Exclusive shoe stores have a good market. Hence you can think of such a store and open a ladies’ shoe store as your shoe business idea. Large numbers of women prefer to buy their shoes from these outlets. You have to keep a good stock of all kinds of ladies’ shoes starting from flip flops to fashionable party shoes to cater to women of all age groups and preferences. Publicity through online and offline ads is essential for this business.

6. Kids’ Shoe Store

Parents of little ones love to buy shoes for their kids from kids’ shoe stores. Hence you can open such a store and get high profits. Make the décor of your store colorful and attractive for both parents and kids. Also, give small gifts to the customers for publicity and more customers. Keep fashionable shoes in your store. Marketing campaigns are vital for this shoe business idea.

7. Online Shoe Store

If you want to do away with brick-and-mortar stores, you can start an online shoe store. This shoe business idea is sustainable and profit-making. You will need a good website as well as a well-programmed app for this business. Digital marketing and publicity along with good stock and discounts will make your business lucrative.

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8. Manufacturing Sports Shoes

If you are interested in manufacturing a special kind of shoes, you can choose to produce sports shoes. They have a widespread demand not only among sportspersons but also among common people and youth. Get a good knowledge of the features and varieties of sports shoes before entering into this shoe business idea. Efficient marketing, as well as a sales network, are important for this business.

9. Manufacturing Rubber Shoes

Rubber shoes are much sought after for their various utilities including protection from harsh conditions etc. Hence manufacturing rubber shoes can be a profitable shoe business idea for you. Use high-quality rubber for the shoes to get good reviews from satisfied customers. Advertising and publicity along with a widespread sales network will increase your income from this business.

10. Manufacturing Snow Shoes

Special kinds of shoes or boots are a necessity in the harsh winter months. That is why snowshoe manufacturing is a good shoe business idea for you. Make quality shoes that will truly serve the purpose. Publicize them through your website and online and offline ads.

11. Ladies Shoe Line

Ladies’ shoes are one of the most fashionable items full of creativity and innovation. If you have the creative skills you can start a ladies’ shoe line as your shoe business idea. The shoes need to be extraordinary and trendsetting to establish your shoe line. Digital marketing and publicity are very important for making your shoe line famous and attracting more customers.

12. Kids’ Shoe line

Kids’ shoe line is also a creative and profit-making shoe business idea. Make cute, attractive, and comfortable yet fashionable shoes for the little ones. Add special features to stay ahead of your competitors. A website, ads, and digital presence are necessary for this business to grow.

13. Sneaker Line

Sneakers are preferred by a large number of people belonging to various age groups. Hence you can start a sneaker line and earn good profits from this shoe business idea. Good and durable products along with an efficient marketing and sales team will scale up your business within a short span.

14. Manufacturing Army Shoes

Members of the armed forces need specially designed shoes to withstand various challenges and situations. You can start a manufacturing unit of army shoes as your shoe business idea. This business needs very good quality shoes along with efficient networking with the army officials for the sale of the shoes.

15. Manufacturing Shoe Soles

Manufacturing and supplying parts of shoes is a profitable shoe business idea. You can start manufacturing shoe soles and sell them to shoe manufacturers for a good profit. Quality products coupled with marketing and sales network are the main points for success in this business.

16. Manufacturing Shoe Straps

You can also manufacture shoe straps of different varieties and materials as your shoe business idea. It is a profitable business as many medium and small shoemakers buy them from other manufacturers. Selling the products in bulk is the key to this business and you will need a personal network and an efficient sales team for this business.

17. Manufacturing Shoelace

Shoelaces are required by both shoemakers and repair centers. Hence producing shoelaces can be a good shoe business idea for you. Make different varieties of laces for various kinds of shoes and sell them to customers. This business also needs planned marketing and sales strategies.

18. Manufacturing Shoe Polish

Shoe polishes are needed by shoe repair centers as well as sold as an essential product to individual customers and are available in almost all kinds of supermarkets and other stores. Hence producing shoe polish can be a very profitable shoe-related business idea for you. Establishing your brand through marketing and ads is very important for this business. Good marketing and distribution networks are also necessary.

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19. Handmade Shoe Production

Handmade shoes have an ethnic value and a niche market. If you are a skilled craftsman, you can start this business. The products can be sold through your exclusive store, online store, or other shoe stores. Personal networking plays a vital role in the expansion of this business. Digital and social media marketing are effective too.

20. Wholesale Shoe Supply

Wholesale supply of shoes to different stores is a profitable shoe business idea. You will need a good warehouse and delivery network for this business. Stocking up shoes according to demand and quick selling are the key points of this business. Taking online orders and supplying to the customers will also get you more business.

21. Start a Shoe Repair Store

We don’t throw shoes easily. We repair the damaged shoes and use them for a long time. Hence opening a shoe repairing store can be a viable as well as a profitable business idea for you. Hire efficient cobblers for your store to get more referrals and word-of-mouth publicity. The strategic location of your repair store is also a key factor.

22. Shoe Manufacturing Training

If you are a trained and experienced manufacturer, you can start a training school for teaching the details of shoe manufacturing. Here aspiring artisans can learn the art of crafting shoes. Teach everything from design to manufacturing thereby empowering the next generation of shoemakers.

23. Start a Shoe Blog

If you are good at writing with a good knowledge of shoes and their manufacturing process, you can take up shoe blogging as your shoe business idea. Discussions on various kinds of shoes, their pros, and cons along with advice for ideal shoes for different age groups will make your blog resourceful and popular. Publicize your blog through digital media to get more readers and ads.

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24. Open a Shoe Design Company

Shoe designing is an exclusive and specialized shoe business idea. As a designer, you can cater to various manufacturers regarding the designs of various kinds of shoes that will have good demand in the market. Your networking and good record will fetch you more business.

25. Supply Dye to Companies That Make Leather Shoes

Offer a range of dyes specifically formulated for leather. This will enable leather shoe manufacturers to have access to a diverse palette for their designs. Customization is a trend nowadays. You can provide a variety of dyes that will allow manufacturers to create unique and attractive leather shoes.

26. Used Shoe Store

Used shoe stores are highly demanded by people with insufficient buying capacity. However, such a store gives you a good profit margin. You have to know the sources of collecting used shoes and a good sales and marketing team for the publicity and sale of the shoes.

27. Become a Supplier of Leather for Shoes

If you are aware of the marketplace for leather, you can start a business supplying leather to shoe manufacturers. You can supply high-quality leather to footwear manufacturers. Manufacturers depend on consistent, quality supplies. Being a leather supplier positions you as a crucial link in the footwear production chain.

28. Manufacturing Customized Shoes

Manufacturing customized shoes is a highly specialized shoe business idea meant for connoisseurs. If you have the skills, you can start this shoe business idea of manufacturing shoes as per the requirement or design provided by the customers. Sometimes you may also draw the design according to the customers’ concept. This business needs a lot of publicity and a campaign to establish your expertise.

29. Launch a YouTube Channel

Open a YouTube channel and create content related to the shoe industry. This could include tutorials on shoe customization, reviews of new footwear tech, or behind-the-scenes looks at shoe manufacturing. A YouTube channel not only educates but can also become a source of income through ads and sponsorships.

30. Supply Latex to Rubber Shoe Manufacturing Facilities

For rubber shoe manufacturers, latex is a key material in the production of rubber-based footwear. The demand for rubber shoes remains steady, and being a key supplier of a fundamental material can be a lucrative business.

31. Snadal Manufacturing Unit

There is a big demand for sandals all across. the globe. To meet this demand, you can establish a production facility equipped with the necessary machinery for cutting, shaping, and assembling sandals.

32. Organize Footwear Trade Shows

Trade shows facilitate collaboration, innovation, and business growth. You can host events that bring together footwear manufacturers, suppliers, and enthusiasts. This will create a platform for networking and showcasing innovations in the industry.

Shoe business ideas are profitable as they produce necessary as well as luxurious items. You can score high in this business with good management and implementation skills.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much capital is needed to start a shoe-manufacturing business?

The capital required depends on the scale of your operation. For a small-scale venture, it could range from $20,000 to $1000,000, covering equipment, raw materials, and initial marketing.

Where can I source quality materials for shoemaking?

You can source materials from wholesale suppliers or directly from manufacturers. Explore options both locally and internationally for the best deals and quality.

Do I need formal training in shoemaking to start a business?

While formal training can be beneficial, it’s not mandatory. Many successful entrepreneurs in the shoe business are self-taught. However, it is advisable to consider workshops or online courses to enhance your skills.

How can I protect my shoe designs from being copied?

You can consider patenting or trademarking unique aspects of your designs. Additionally, building a strong brand identity can make it harder for competitors to replicate your style.

Is it better to sell through retailers or set up my online store?

The choice depends on your business goals. Selling through retailers can provide immediate visibility. On the other hand, having your online store offers more control over branding and customer experience.

Can I start a shoe business part-time?

Yes, you can start part-time, especially if you’re managing an online store. However, as your business grows, you might need to dedicate more time to meet demand.

What trends should I keep an eye on in the shoe industry?

Stay informed about sustainable practices, comfort-focused designs, and emerging materials. Following fashion blogs, attending trade shows, and monitoring consumer preferences can help.

How do I handle returns and customer complaints?

Have a clear return policy and address customer complaints promptly and professionally. Use feedback as an opportunity to improve your products and services.