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Best 21 Small Business Ideas & Opportunities in Alaska

Do you want to start a small business in Alaska? If you are staying in Alaska and looking for small business ideas in Alaska, find below a list of profitable business opportunities that can be started with less investment.

Being one of the largest producers of crude oil in the United States, Alaska is indeed a growing economy with a number of sub-industries booming up in the state at the same time.

With the largest coastline in the country, Alaska offers a natural advantage to the fishing and tourism business. The state is also densely populated at the same time offering a ready customer base for other businesses.

List of 21 Small Business Ideas in Alaska

1. Start an Online Business

If you are looking to make money right from your home, an online business is a perfect fit. A lot of individuals in Alaska make full-time decent earnings through certain online businesses. Some of the profitable ones are blogging, affiliate marketing, online tutoring, freelance writing, selling courses, and many more.

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2. Restaurant Business

With one of the largest populations in the USA, Alaska offers great scope for you to score with the restaurant business. The investment may be a little high, but you will not have to worry about the profits if you can successfully follow the trends and offer a quality service.

3. Market Petroleum-Related Products

Alaska, a petroleum hub produces a number of specialized products. With so many companies producing petroleum-related products in Alaska, they often fail to market their products. As a marketing agency in Alaska, you have a wide scope to work for these production companies.

4. Car Wash Business

Alaska has one of the largest vehicle populations in the USA opening up a business for cash repairs and car washing. The auto repair industry is already crowded and the car wash business is yet to set the cards, so it’s a perfect place to start your car wash business at any time now.

5. Barbershop

With a bit of training, you can be a hairstylist and a barbershop is a feasible idea in a populous place like Alaska. A barbershop business will hardly ever see a recession, though setting it up at a good location is always recommended.

6. Tutoring Services

If you are good at something, it’s never a bad idea to start teaching it. Alaska has a huge number of young adults and tutoring services remain one of the most profitable businesses still now. You can often offer your services online to reach out to a wider audience.

7. Digital Printing Business

Companies often look for printing businesses that can offer good prints at better costs. The Digital printing business needs some capital to start, but if you can have a good group of clients, the business is one of the highest revenue generators.

8. Frozen Seafood Business

With the longest coastline in the United States of America, Alaska has one of the fastest-growing fishing industries. In the state, you can export the seafood in cans or in frozen form to other parts of the USA and even outside the country with the blooming frozen seafood industry.

9. Shipping Business

Located on the coast, transportation services are a big industry in Alaska. The shipping business does need capital, but getting financing for this business has very little risk due to Alaska’s geographical location and demand for shipping services. Being one of the largest commercial producers, shipping goods from one location to another will keep growing in Alaska.

10. Billboard Business

The business needs skillful and strategic locations with the highest visibility factors. The billboard business is great if you can find the right spaces, and Alaska also has one of the highest rentals for billboards in the USA.

11. Gift Basket Services

If you have the skills to buy the right set of gifts and then know to customize them in the right manner, this is the business you need to do in Alaska. The investment is very low and you just need to have good organizational and presentation skills.

12. Wedding Videography Business

People want to lock in their beautiful wedding memories, and if you know a bit about photography and videography, you can start your own wedding videography business. You can even hire other professionals and offer other add-on services.

13. Cake Shop Business

With such a huge population in Alaska, this offers a natural advantage for fast food businesses. Though you can start a custom bakery, a cake shop offering different bakery items will help create your own niche audience.

14. Customized Tours & Travels

Tourism is huge in Alaska and several tourists travel to the state from all over the world every year. Starting a tours and travels business needs a little investment, you only need to obtain a license from the State to kick it off.

15. Homestay Services

With so many travelers to the state, several tourists find rooms at reasonable rates in Alaska. If you have a couple of extra rooms, it’s not a bad idea to offer those on a daily rental basis. Plus you won’t have to struggle to get customers to your place either.

16. Party Services

Offering clubbed services for a party mainly includes food, drinks, DJ, and other stuff. The party scene in Alaska is big and it’s catching up with the other big cities in the United States of America. A party service business in the state can be a money-spinner in a few years.

17. Photography Business

If you are good with cameras and can do a bit of photoshoots and outdoor photography, there’s a growing photography market in Alaska. You can even sell your pictures online via multiple social media sites.

18. Pharmacy or Drugstore Business

You need to be a pharmacist if you want to open a drugstore in Alaska. Starting a pharmacy store is highly profitable in the state. You need a license, a little investment, and the right set of suppliers who will supply the needed general medicines in time.

19. Fishing Equipment Business

The huge fishing industry in Alaska offers a market for the fishing equipment business. You can start low and grow gradually as the business thrives. You can also offer equipment servicing and repair services at the same time.

20. Smartphone Repair Business

Everyone has a smartphone now and with such a massive number there are problems and issues as well. If you can start a phone repair shop and hire a couple of professionals, this business has a long way to go.

21. Custom Mobile Cover Printing Business

Again, with so many smartphones around people want them to look good and special. You can start a custom mobile cover printing business where someone can print anything on a mobile cover. The business needs a little investment, but the market is big and you can even sell your mobile covers online as well.

How to Start a Business in Alaska

If you are looking forward to starting a business in Texas, there are certain legal steps you need to follow.

  • Decide on a Business Structure – It can be a DBA, LLC, or a Corporation.
  • Appoint a Registered Agent for company formation and filing purposes.
  • Pick a Business Name – Check the name with US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) and also search whether a relevant business domain name is available or not.
  • Register the Business
  • Obtain your Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN or “EIN”)
  • Create a Business Bank Account.
  • Get licenses and permits required to conduct the chosen business.

This list of small business ideas in Alaska with business opportunities will be updated as we get more suggestions and feedback verified by our research team