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Top 20 Profitable Small Businesses to Start in Phoenix, Arizona

Do you want to start a small business in Arizona? If you are staying in cities like Phoenix, Arizona, and looking for small business ideas, you are in the right place. Find below a list of profitable business opportunities that can be started with almost no money.

Arizona has seen high economic growth in the last few years and it has remained stable and quite motivating. The population is growing as well, so there’s a wide market for small businesses and individuals.

Arizona is one of the best places in the United States to do business.  A recent study reports Arizona is the seventh-best state in the country to open a company. The biggest plus has been the state’s tax rates which have remained considerably low and manageable helping small businesses to thrive well.

With technological advancements, the state is now ready to open up its gate for newer opportunities encouraging space for newer businesses and startups.

Here are some of the top small business opportunities one can grab in Arizona:

Top 20 Small Business Ideas in Arizona

1. Pick Up & Delivery Services

As more businesses in Arizona are joining the faster delivery service bandwagon, you can offer to pick up and deliver services and get paid in return. You can work part-time or hire a few other people to offer your delivery services throughout your area.

2. Lawn Maintenance Services

With so many parks and private lawns in Phoenix, there’s a huge market for lawn maintenance services in Arizona. Offering services for gardens and parks do need very little investment with the equipment, you are all set to go.

3. Tech Repair Shop

With our growing dependence on technical appliances like mobiles, TV, washing machines, refrigerators, and more, Arizona has a huge market for tech repairing shops. With a little technical knowledge and a bit of training, you can start your own electrical equipment repairing business.

4. Barber Shop

The current market has a high demand for hairstylists. Arizona has a huge population, so a barbershop will work very well in the state. A little investment and training can do wonders for you.

5. Digital Printing Business

The investment may seem a little high, but the digital printing business is one of the most profitable businesses you can do today. You can offer your services to commercial houses and even individual businesses.

6. Billboard Business

Starting your own agency to offer spaces for commercial advertisements is a high revenue generator. You will have to find high visibility spaces in Arizona for your billboards and get the paperwork done to start your billboard business legally.

7. Gift Basket Services

With people confused about what they should gift and how to get things in one place, gift baskets are a very profitable business. If you are creative and can arrange gifts well, this business is for you.

8. Wedding Videography Business

People want to keep good memories intact forever so good wedding videographers are always in demand. This business will hardly ever see any recession, so with a little investment, the wedding videography business has a huge scope in a market like Arizona.

9. Cake Shop Business

Custom bakery and cake business is big in Phoenix and Arizona. With some skills and a little investment, you can start your own cake shop and even hire a few other chefs to help you out with your cake business.

10. Party Services

The party scene in Arizona is quite big, so a party business offering all party-related services in one place can make it big here. The services will primarily include DJ, drinks, food, and all other stuff at one place arranged by you.

11. Sports Equipment Supplier

The people of Arizona love sports and Phoenix has a massive market for sports equipment. You can start as a supplier where you can sell sports equipment at reasonable rates and market your products to sports clubs and training camps.

12. Bike Rental Business

Both Arizona and Phoenix have huge requirements for bikes. If you tap into the market with your bike rental business with a little investment in some bikes, you can recover your capital within a very short period.

13. AC Installation & Repairs

The desert of Arizona provides a market for HVAC applications with a huge demand for AC unit installations, repair, and maintenance. This business opportunity in Arizona can be a money-spinner for you if you have some skills or can even hire someone who will do these for you.

14. Event Management Business

Good organizational and management skills can land you a good job in Arizona as an event planner. You can even start your own event management business and start operating on a large scale with commercial houses as well. If you can offer quality service, there’s no end to the profits in this business.

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15. Beverage Shop

The geography of Arizona helps beverage shops and businesses to thrive in the state. You can start your own beverage shop with a mix of new flavors and a place where people can spend a good time and chill.

16. Smartphone Repairing Shop

With everyone using smartphones breakdowns and problems are common. With such a wide market, smartphone repair is huge in Arizona. You can learn the skills or even hire a couple of professionals to start your own shop.

17. Cleaning Services

Several commercial outlets in Arizona need the services of professional cleaners. If you are planning to start a new business with little capital, the state will provide you with a huge market for cleaning services.

18. Specialty Food Services

With the recent change in the trend of diet plans and food habits, the market has seen a boom in specialty food products. You can start a pickup and delivery service or sell your own products to other retailers.

19. Auto Repair Shop

With so many motor vehicles in Phoenix and fewer auto repair shops, you can start an auto repair shop penetrating deep into the market. You can also offer mobile auto repair services to people who had a sudden breakdown.

20. Day Care Services

Today several people need daycare services. With so many working couples in Arizona, the childcare business is a booming market in the state. You can also offer elderly care services as an add-on.

Best Places To Start A Business In Arizona

Choosing the right location is going to be very important. Here are some of the best places in Arizona to start your business:


The state government in Arizona is supporting the development of smaller businesses so that they can grow and thrive in the long term by opening up new opportunities and creating a healthy business climate.