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Best 15 Small Business Ideas & Opportunities in Massachusetts

A major economy in the country, Massachusetts is famous for manufacturing, tourism, and education. Tourism is an important part of the state’s economy. Massachusetts has a flourishing financial system with major sectors like higher education, biotechnology, information technology, finance, health care, and tourism.

Massachusetts has been now ranked as the second most innovative state in the United States for the second time in a row by Bloomberg. New businesses have grown out of successful sectors like tourism, information technology, and finance. Here’s a complete guide on how you can start a successful business in Massachusetts.

15 Small Business Ideas in Massachusetts

1. Customized Tour Services

Tourism is a major contributor to the state’s economy. You can offer customizable tours and services to visitors as a tour guide. You require very little investment to start this business.

2. Digital Marketing Agency

Organizations now depend more on digital advertising. Online campaigns now help companies generate more leads than traditional advertising. If you have the necessary experience, consider starting a digital advertising agency in Massachusetts.

3. Online Survey

If you are looking forward to some good extra money in a legitimate way without any investment, online survey jobs are just perfect. Check out this list of top online survey sites providing survey jobs with good income opportunities.

4. Berry Farming & Export

Massachusetts is the second-largest state to produce cranberries. You can grow cranberries on a small farm and export them to other states.

5. Business Consulting Firm

Thousands of new businesses are failing every year to poor execution. You can offer consulting services to new businesses on how to have the right start with the proper resources.

6. Bed & Breakfast Business

Boston, Cape Cod, Salem, Plymouth, and Berkshires are the leading tourist destinations in Massachusetts. You can offer a bed and breakfast service to tourists who look for an alternative to hotels and motels.

7. Food Truck

Starting a food truck is a low-investment business option, the food truck has a huge potential in a state like Massachusetts. All you need is an old truck, a few types of equipment, and a license to kickstart your business.

8. Content Marketing Agency

With the internet taking over traditional marketing, creative content will help companies survive. You will offer content that can be promoted directly.

9. Life Coaching Business

If you are good at communicating with people, this business is for you. You can help people make changes and adopt new things in their lives.

10. Advertising Agency

The state is home to thousands of small and growing businesses. You can start an agency to offer advertising services to such a potential market.

11. Travel Agency

A popular tourist attraction, Massachusetts is now the sixth-most visited tourist destination for foreign travelers. These travelers often need different travel-related services like ticketing, booking, currency exchange, and more.

12. Copywriting Services

A great option for freelancers, copywriting services pay you well. You can work online with different clients at the same time.

13. Virtual Assistant

Companies now look for individuals who can work virtually than at the office. You can work online as a virtual assistant for a specific time frame and fixed hours.

14. Cab Service

Cities like Boston in Massachusetts are one of the busiest places in the United States. Hence starting a cab service business has the potential of fetching good returns.

15. Daycare Center

If you enjoy spending time with kids and have extra rooms to spare, a daycare center is a good business to start in Massachusetts.

How to Start a Business in Massachusetts

Follow the given steps to legally start a business in Massachusetts along with the best small business ideas and opportunities.

Step 1. Choose a Business

The very first step toward starting a business is selecting the right business idea. The above-mentioned business ideas will help you in brainstorming the right business fit for you.

Step 2. Writing A Business Plan

A good business plan can prove to be an important element of a successful business. A detailed business plan will help you to create a roadmap and how you want your business to run.

Step 3. Financing Your Business

Massachusetts has a lot of investors and venture capital firms. You can pitch your idea for investor funding or choose to go for crowdfunding. There are even different business loans available at attractive payback rates.

Step 4. Choosing A Business Structure

You have to choose a business structure to be legally operational in Massachusetts. You can choose between a sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation, and an LLC. Forming an LLC will offer you added legal benefits and tax deductions.

Step 5. Naming Business

LLCs need a name at the time of filing. Choose a name and register it with the US trademark department. Also, make sure you soon buy a domain for your business with the same name.

Step 6. Federal EIN & Tax Filing

Now you will have to apply for a Federal EIN to be eligible for taxes. The EIN is a nine-digit tax identification number you need to acquire from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). The EIN is a social security number for a business. EIN also legally allows you to hire an employee for your business.

Step 7. Business Licenses & Permits

To sell products in Massachusetts, you need to register for a Sales and Use Tax Registration Certificate (Form ST-1) with the Department of Revenue. Also, retail products are taxable within Massachusetts, while services are generally not taxable. All the licensing requirements for selling services are available from the State of Massachusetts Division of Licensure.

Step 8. Business Bank Account & Bookkeeping

With EIN, you can apply for a business bank account. A separate account will help you to keep all your financials separate. Get good accounting software for your business that will help you to maintain all your transactions in one place.

Step 9. Business Insurance

To sell services in Massachusetts, you will need a professional liability policy. Whereas to hire an employee, you must get worker’s compensation insurance.

Step 10. Promoting Your Business

You need to reach out to your potential customers. Social media will help you to promote your business initially, but you will soon have to take the help of other methods to promote your new business.

Best Places To Start A Business In Massachusetts

Choosing the right location is going to determine how your business runs. Here are some of the best places in Massachusetts to start your business:

  • Boston
  • Springfield
  • Cambridge
  • Worcester
  • Newton
  • Somerville
  • Lowell

This is a complete hands-on guide on how to start a successful business in Massachusetts from home with minimal investment.