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25 Best Virtual Phone Systems in 2024

Virtual phone systems have gained immense popularity in recent years and are preferred by most business owners over conventional phone systems. Different types of virtual phone systems are available now for you to choose from. They are operated by Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP).

A virtual phone system is a business phone service with which you can make and receive calls. It is a cloud-based service that runs on an Internet connection and a cloud-based PBX system. It does not require any wire like the conventional landline.

You can make or receive calls through various devices through a virtual phone system. These include desktops, laptops, mobile phones, etc. The call quality is also excellent.

Apart from being cost-effective, virtual phone systems can be installed easily and quickly. You can also use features like video calling or online fax through these phone systems.

List of 25 Best Virtual Phone Systems

1. RingCentral

RingCentral is an old virtual phone system that is ideal for the collaboration needs of small businesses. It gives you features like integration with business apps, voicemail transcriptions, unlimited calls in the US and Canada, and also a free US, Canadian, or toll-free number per user.

RingCentral has four categories of plans at different pricing. They are Essentials at $19.99 per user per month with a maximum of 20 users, Standard at $27.99 per user per month, Premium at $34.99 per user per month, and Ultimate at the rate of $49.99 per user per month.

2. Ooma Virtual Phone System

Ooma is one of the top virtual phone systems for small businesses that gives you several features including an automated virtual receptionist, ring groups, virtual fax, hold music, and call transfers. However, many of the features are available only after a system upgrade. Business app integrations are also there, with Google and Office 365.

Ooma offers three categories of pricing: Office Essentials at $19.95, Office Pro priced at $24.95, and Office Pro Plus at $29.95 per user per month respectively.

3. Talkroute

You don’t need to purchase any equipment or hardware for using the Talkroute virtual phone system. You can avail of features like local and toll-free numbers, extensions for everyone on your team, call forwarding and routing, voice messaging, and in-depth tracking from your mobile set.

It has four sets of subscription plans: Basic at $19 per month per user, Plus at $39 per month for 3 users, Pro at $59 per month for 10 users, and the Enterprise plan is for 20+ users and the rate is negotiable.

4. Google Voice

Google Voice is also a very popular virtual phone system with features like call forwarding, and voicemail transcriptions along with integrations with Google Meet and Google Calendar.

You can make unlimited calls to the US or Canada from the US. To avail of Google Voice, you have to subscribe to Google Workspace starting at $6 per user per month. It has three plans Starter, Standard, and Premium at $10, $20, and $30 per user per month respectively.

5. CallHippo Virtual Phone System

CallHippo has two types of virtual phone systems: office phone systems and call center solutions. The office phone system offers features like auto-attendant, ring groups and free unlimited calls, and business app integration. While the call center solution has facilities for shared phone numbers and SMS.

The office phone system has three plans Starter, Professional, and Ultimate with prices of $30, $38, and $42 per user per month respectively. The call center solution has four plans Bronze, Silver, Platinum, and Enterprise at the rates of $16, $24, $40, and $48 per user per month respectively.

 6.  Dialpad

Dialpad VoIP is a virtual phone system that is powered with AI and offers several smart features like automated post-call summaries and voicemail transcriptions by using voice intelligence. It works well with IOS, Mac, Android, PC, and web browsers. It is one of the best voice intelligence virtual phone systems

Dialpad offers you three categories of plans, Standard, Pro, and Enterprise. Prices vary between $15 and $25. In addition, Dialpad does not have video communications features but it has a paid video platform called Meetings that syncs with Dialpad’s communications tools.

7. Nextiva Virtual Phone System

Nextiva is a popular virtual phone system that offers voice and video calls along with Auto-Attendant, virtual fax, and integration with other business apps like Google Contacts and Outlook. Here also you get the facilities of unlimited video calls and voice calls in the US and Canada. It is without saying, it is one of the best multisite healthcare and retail virtual phone systems.

Nextiva has three tiers of subscription plans namely Essential, Professional, and Enterprise at $17.95, $21.95, and $31.95 per user per month respectively.

8. Grasshopper

Grasshopper is one of the oldest virtual phone systems. It has features like custom greeting, call forwarding, voicemail transcriptions, and free unlimited calls and texts in Canada and the US barring Alaska and Hawaii. However, it does not have the features of business app integration.

Grasshopper has three types of prices. First is Solo which is priced at $26 per month for one phone number and three extensions, the second is Partner at $44 per month for three phone numbers and six extensions and the third is Small Business at the cost of $80 per month for five phone numbers and unlimited extensions.

9. Vonage

Vonage has been in the field of virtual phone systems since the 90s. It gives you unlimited team messaging free of cost. However, to avail of features like call recording, business app integration, and auto attendant, you have to upgrade your system.

Vonage has three categories of prices. First is Mobile beginning at $14.99 per line per month, the next tier is Premium which is priced at $24.99 per line per month

And the third is Advanced which starts at $34.99 per line per month.

10. is a secured virtual phone system that gives you features like call forwarding, and free video conferencing, with up to 10 participants with the basic plan, 1,000 free text messages per month, and 500 minutes of free phone calls per month with the basic plan.

It has three categories of pricing that include Basic Users, Plus Users, and Pro Users at $11.99, $15.99, and $23.99 per user per month respectively.

11. Zoom

Not just a virtual phone system, Zoom is synonymous with video conferencing. However, Zoom also offers a wide range of virtual phone features along with video conferencing. It offers advanced features like call handling, integrations, 24/7 support, real-time reporting, and call recording.

Zoom offers plans like a pay-as-you-go plan for $10 per user per month, an unlimited regional calling plan for $15 per user per month, and one international plan with unlimited domestic calling in your country at $20 per user per month. For the United States, the plan is $0.0318 per minute for landlines and mobile phones.

12. GoToConnect

If you have a network of remote workers working from different parts of the world, GoToConnect is the ideal virtual phone system for you. It gives you a host of features that support remote communication like video conferencing for up to 250 participants and 25 simultaneous webcams.

Not only that, this virtual phone system can be used on several platforms like desktop, web, iOS, and Android apps and has great integration with different kinds of business apps with features like call routing, unlimited extensions, auto attendant, ring groups, and call queues.

GoToConnect has three tiers of subscription models, Basic, Standard, and Premium the cost of which ranges between $22 and $39 per user per month.

13. 8×8

Apart from the regular features and a robust network, 8×8 has the unique offer of mixing various plans. The standard facilities offered by this virtual phone system include unlimited domestic calling, visual voicemail, comprehensive call management tools, unlimited video conferencing, meeting recording, meeting transcription, and file sharing.

It has 3 subscription plans Express, X2, and X4 the cost ranges from $15 to $44 per user per month. It offers a free subscription for the first month.

14. Aircall

Aircall virtual phone systems are ideally suited for sales and marketing operations as well as remote communications. It has features of integration with more than 60 CRMs and other features like parallel calling, call routing, Live Feed, etc.

Aircall offers you a 7-day free trial and it has two plans namely Essentials at $30 per user per month if billed annually or $40 per user per month if billed monthly. The Professional charges $50 per user per month if billed annually and $70 per user per month if billed monthly.

15. net2phone

One of the best and strongest virtual phone systems, net2phone offers you real-time communication analytics with standard features like call recording, call forwarding, call transferring, call queues, music on hold, welcome greetings, and voicemail. It has a very resourceful video conferencing with features like a video conferencing tool in over 30, video recording, moderator controls, breakout rooms, and YouTube live to stream.

It has Office, Office Pro, and Office Power subscription plans, and the price ranges between $24.99 and $29.99 per user per month.

16. MightyCall

MightyCall is synonymous with a fast, easy, and efficient virtual phone system. Apart from the regular features, it has excellent CRM integration along with auto attendants and custom greetings.

It offers you free local and international numbers as well as a 7-day trial. The cost is $30 per month for 2 users.

17. UniTel Voice

UniTel Voice is an affordable and efficient virtual phone system that offers you a host of features like auto attendant, voicemail & faxes, customized greetings, and an excellent support network. You can use it on several devices.

It has three subscription plans namely Start-Up at $9.99 per month per user, Unlimited at $24.99 per month per user, and Office at $29.99 per month per user. You can change your plan anytime and there is an excellent offer of a 30-day free trial.

18. FreedomVoice

FreedomVoice is a virtual phone system with a mobile app that helps you to monitor usage. It gives you features like automated attendant answers, Professional Voice Recording, Online Faxing, Toll-Free Directory Listing, Unlimited Extensions, Ring Groups, Call Hunting, Call Rotation, Call Queue, etc.

It has three subscription plans: Start at $9.95 per month per user, Edge at $19.95 per month per user, and Max at $29.95 per month per user.

19. MyOperator

MyOperator is a virtual phone system with a great virtual PBX system that gives you the advantage of the distribution of calls as well as scalability. It also gives you features like toll-free numbers, virtual numbers, custom IVR, call recording, and in-depth call analytics along with Call Desk Features.

The subscription plans start at $10 per month for 200 minutes per month and up to $200 per month for 100,000 minutes per month.

20. OpenPhone

OpenPhone is one of the best virtual phone systems for you that offers a host of features like text message auto-replies, an automated phone menu, call recording, voicemail transcriptions, integration with your business and communication tools like Slack, HubSpot, and Salesforce.

You can make unlimited calls and texts to the residents of the US and Canada Not only that, OpenPhone offers you the advantage of adding unlimited users to your account. It has three plans: Standard for $13 and Premium for $20 per user per month, while the Enterprise plan is customized.

21. eVoice

eVoice virtual phone system offers you features like free local or toll-free phone numbers, call forwarding, call routing, auto-attendant, forwarding callers to the right extension, etc.

This phone system platform has different categories of subscription plans. The smallest one starts at $12.99 per month, with 300 minutes, 2 extensions, and 6 numbers and the biggest plan is $79.99 per month which includes 4000 minutes, 15 extensions, and 45 unique numbers.

22. Callture

Callture virtual phone system has several features and benefits like Memo on Call, Multiple Extensions, Voicemail to Email, Internet Fax, Auto Attendant, Read Voicemail, Conference Calling, Call Recording, etc. It helps you in all aspects of your business.

It has 6 different types of subscription plans starting from $9.95 per month that offer 300 minutes, unlimited extensions, internet fax, and one toll-free number the highest plan is Platinum 3000 at $78.95 per month offering 3000 minutes and unlimited extensions.

23. CloudPhone

CloudPhone is a truly professional virtual phone system that offers you a toll-free or local number. Along with that, it gives you facilities like Automated Receptionist, setting Business Hours, customized greetings, call recordings, Call Conferencing, Ring Groups, Call Routing, pausing call recordings for privacy protection, etc. CloudPhone has three categories of subscription plans. They include Solo

at $24 per month offering one number and 2 users, Partner at $64 per month including 5 numbers and 5 users, and Small Business at $89 per month including 10 numbers and 10 users.

24. Avaya

Avaya virtual phone system is a renowned name in this area. It offers features like document sharing, team messaging, voicemail transcription, toll-free minutes, and unlimited calling in the U.S. and Canada.

Avaya has four different subscription plans namely Essentials, Standard, Premium, and Ultimate. The prices are customized.

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25. Intermedia

Founded back in 1991, Intermedia has a wide network that has offered service and hardware to over 130,000 businesses. It offers features like audio and video conferencing tools, call analytics, team chat, file backups, and virtual faxing.

It has two tiers of subscription plans starting from $27.99 per month per user.

Virtual phone systems are convenient as well as effective features needed for today’s businesses. You have a wide variety of systems to choose from and you are sure to get benefited from the system.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a virtual phone system?

A virtual phone system uses the internet to manage calls and communication, eliminating the need for traditional landlines.

Can virtual phone systems handle call volumes during peak hours?

Yes, virtual phone systems are scalable and can handle high call volumes during peak times.

Are virtual phone systems cost-effective?

Yes, virtual phone systems are usually more cost-effective than traditional phone systems, as they require minimal hardware and offer competitive pricing.

Can virtual phone systems work with existing phone numbers?

Yes, many virtual phone systems allow you to port your existing phone number for a seamless transition.

Can virtual phone systems be used on mobile devices?

Yes, most virtual phone systems offer mobile apps for easy communication on the go.

Is technical support available for virtual phone systems?

Yes, most virtual phone system providers offer customer support to assist users with setup and troubleshooting.