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How to Start Countertop & Bathtub Refinishing Business

Do you want to start a countertop and bathtub refinishing business with low investment? Find here a detailed bathtub reglazing business plan checklist with a startup guide.

Basically, bathtub refinishing is an evergreen business. People need this type of service very frequently. So, if you can market your service properly in your locality, then you will get orders regularly for sure.

Any individual can start this business both on a part-time or full-time basis. So, if you already have a job then also you can consider this opportunity. You can start and run the business as home-based. In addition to that, you can initiate the venture as a sole proprietorship or as a franchise partner also.

The business demands small startup capital investment, proper business planning, and the right promotion. Additionally, the business demands sound skills in refinishing work.

Is Countertop & Bathtub Refinishing Business Profitable?

Regardless of what happens in the real estate industry, the demand for home remodeling is expected to increase in the recent future. The total replacement of a tub to get the home to sell faster may not have the best return on investment.

But upgrading the bathtub to a modern look is part of how to increase a home’s resale value. Basically, when homeowners are preparing a home for sale, a reglazed tub is a great value that will give a new look to the bathroom.

Basically, in developed countries, this type of service is getting immense popularity these days. If you use quality materials and give attention to every detail, you will definitely create a great customer base.

5 Steps for Starting a Bathtub Refinishing Business

1. Get the Right Skill

If you are already a refinisher, then it is well. Otherwise, you must acquire the skill. You must know how to properly refinish surfaces like bathtubs, tiles, and countertops. Before initiating your own business, you must consider working as a refinisher in other companies.

2. Create a Business Plan

This is one of the most important aspects of starting this business. Regardless of the size of your business, you must craft a business plan.

And in the plan, you need to clarify the different specific services you will offer to your clients. Additionally, how much you will charge for your service? Moreover, you must clearly mention the financial analysis there. Calculate the startup cost including raw materials and equipment. Additionally, consider the utility bills and maintenance costs. Also, fix the right marketing strategy too.

3. Secure a Location

If you want to start the business at home – good, otherwise, you must secure a good location for your business. Definitely, when you operate from a commercial location, it ensures better profit potential. And even if you want to start from home, determine a specific space for business operation and store the material including equipment.

4. Procure Bathtub Refinishing Supplies

The next step is procuring the refinishing supplies. You must procure the supplies from reliable suppliers. Generally, you will need to procure Premium acrylic refinishing paint primers, top coating, activators and reducers, and surface cleaners to give bathtubs, tiles, and countertops a professional finish.

In addition to that, you must have reglazing spray equipment, accessories, and parts. For safety purposes, you must have a fume exhaust system and other safety supplies.

5. Promote Bathtub Refinishing Business

Promotion is the most important aspect of getting long-term success in this business. Additionally, you must present yourself in a professional manner. First of all, select a catchy and memorable name for your business and create a logo with a catchline.

Regardless of whether you start the business only with yourself or by hiring other employees, you must have a uniform. Print the company name and logo on the uniform. So, you can appear every time with the clients in that same uniform.

Pay attention to creating your marketing tools. You must have visiting cards. Additionally, if you are offering multiple services, then you must have a brochure that showcases your every service in detail.

Finally, create your own business website. And design the website properly with services and contact details. If possible, provide an online order system. Post some value-based articles that are helpful to your customers. Make sure that you add your business to Google My Business.

Moreover, you must think carefully about the ways that you can explore to advertise your business locally. In that case, advertising in local newspapers and radio channels is very effective. And finally, you must establish a business relationship with the real estate property dealers who deal with secondhand properties. Because this is the most effective way to get regular orders in your bathtub refinishing business.