How to Start a Beauty Blog & Make Money

Are you passionate about beauty-related activities? Are you interested in starting a beauty or fashion blog and make good money? If yes, you have come to the right place. Here in this post, we will guide you step by step on how to start a beauty blog and make money easily.

Before you start a beauty blog it is very important to find out what exactly motivates you in beauty-related activities. Do you have knowledge of the subject? Can you write at least 50 articles of your own? Think a little deep and try to find the answers.

If the answer is yes, just follow the guidelines below and you can surely be a successful beauty blogger.

How to Start a Beauty Blog

Beginners mostly tend to build a beauty blog for free. If you are serious and want to make real money, my suggestion is not to build on the free platform. This is mainly because of three reasons.

Firstly, the domain name will not be yours. For example, it would be like You will find a lot of problems when transferring this domain to your own at a later stage.

Secondly, You have limited control of your blog because technically your blog is owned by the platform that is hosting your blog.

Thirdly, you have not many options for customizing your blog themes and design. Mostly free option comes with standard layout options.

As a result, it is always a wiser decision to host your blog on a popular hosting platform like BlueHost.

You not only get a headache-free host but also a free domain name.

In addition to this, your blog will be hosted on WordPress, the most popular blogging platform.

Here are the Simple 7 Steps to Start a Beauty Blog

Just follow the following steps and you will be able to easily install your blog easily within 5 minutes.

1. Choose Domain Name for your Beauty Blog

Select a domain name of your choice as I have here
Choose your domain for free here:


2. Host your Beauty Blog and Install WordPress

Visit Bluehost. Read our detailed step by step guide to hosting and installing WordPress

If you are a beginner, I will personally recommend you to select the start-up plan. When your blog grows you can upgrade your plan accordingly.

3. Find a Proper Beauty/ Fashion Theme

Now you can move on to the fun stuff like finding a good theme (I use MyThemeShop Themes).

You need to download the theme as instructed. Log in to the WordPress blog you just created. Click on Appearance – Themes – Upload, upload the zip file. You will now in your way of creating a fully functional beauty or fashion blog.

4. Design your Beauty Blog

If you are starting your blog with less budget, I will not advise you not to think much or invest initially. However, if you want to have a nice-looking logo, a bit of customization of the theme, I will recommend going to Fiverr. You will find plenty of designers according to your budget who will do the job. Just check the reviews and examples of the designer you choose.

5. Create Pages  for Your Beauty Blog

The first part of starting a blog is to create some basic pages. Before you start writing articles, make sure to create an About and Contact Page. About page is the place where you provide information to the readers about yourself and the content of the blog. You also must have a Contact page for readers to connect you.

You can add pages if your blog demand so.

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6. Start Blogging

Write a minimum of 100 articles on subjects you are passionate about. The subjects may be product reviews, beauty personalities, tutorials, or any subject you find appropriate.

Promote extensively the posts through social media.

7. Have a  blog Monetizing Plan

There are several ways a beauty booger can make money. Other than earning from Google Adsense, affiliate marketing and sponsored posts are the two most popular ways of making money through your beauty blog.

Finally, have the patience for at least six months. As traffic grows you will have ample scope for monetizing your beauty blog. Few ways are Google Adsense, private advertisement placement, request for product reviews, etc.