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15 Best Free Apps to Start & Grow a Small Business

    Are you looking for free apps for your small business? Apps play a vital role in small businesses as an owner needs a lot of work of his own. There are hundreds of productivity apps out there that can help you in running a day to day business operations.

    As a small business owner, you are likely to handle much operational work of your own. Business apps play a big role in reducing your work pressure and thereby enhancing the productivity of the organization as a whole.

    15 Best Must-Have Free Apps for Small Business

    Here we list the most popular free apps most successful business owners use for conducting their daily operations at ease.

    1. Microsoft 365

    It is without saying, the Microsoft software app is the best office software available at present. It was earlier popularly known as Microsoft Office 365. This must-have office software includes popular apps like word, excel, and PowerPoint. Other popular apps you will find in this bundle are Microsoft Teams, One Drive, and Outlook. Furthermore, it provides highly secured cloud storage for users.

    Though there are other office apps in the market, none can match the wide-ranging features and ease of use of this software. All pricing plans are subscription-based. You can pay either monthly or annually.

    2. Evernote

    Evernote helps you in organizing and managing your daily business operations. You can create notes and to-do lists, save voice memos, save photos, and scan documents, and sketches. You can share it all with co-workers and friends.

    3. Skype

    Skype is still the king of video conferencing. Whether you’re speaking with telecommuting colleagues or overseas business partners, Skype is a great tool to help everyone feel attached to each other in the company.

    4. Dropbox

    Dropbox is very popular among mobile app consumers. It has also provided countless benefits to business owners through its file-sharing software.

    5. Genius Scan

    Genius Scan free app works as a scanner on your smartphone. It can scan receipts and documents on the go and export them to PDF files.

    6. Square

    The square payment app uses a small, portable credit card and debit card reader. It helps in making transactions fast and easy. Square is great for mobile businesses.

    7. Deputy

    The Deputy staff management app lets you communicate with your team. It swaps shifts with your colleagues and lets managers schedule staff, approves a timesheet, and find replacements, directly from your smartphone.

    8. Wix

    Wix makes website creation easy with simple drag and drop tools. You can publish your new website quickly and easily, right from your tablet.

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    9. Makr

    The Makr app makes designing and printing custom creations easy and simple. You can build your brand with Makr, customizing your logo, then printing paper goods for your business. You can create business cards, stickers, labels, postcards, stationery, etc.

    10. Quickbooks

    Quickbooks app offers small business cloud accounting to allow you to access your accounts from your smartphone and tablet. QuickBooks helps you in creating an invoice for your clients and getting paid from anywhere.


    Canva is an Australian graphic design and photo editing app. It allows anyone to create beautiful designs, choosing from more than a million layouts, stock photographs, and illustrations. You can do all these with simple drag and drop tools.

    12. GoToWebinar

    The GoToWebinar app lets you create and sell webinars. At present, the webinar is becoming a must-have to promote small businesses.

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    13. Insightly

    Insightly is a relationship manager app. This app has a lot of project-management features. You can call it a one-stop shop for some small businesses.

    14. Basecamp

    Basecamp is the most well-known project-management app. The interface is streamlined and intuitive. It’s easy to invite collaborators, chat within projects, attach files, create checklists, and track your progress.

    15. Invoice2Go

    Invoice2Go makes it easy for small businesses to create professional invoices and quotes. It works with 3D Touch on iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus to allow you to create invoices faster. You can also send invoices straight from your Apple Watch after getting in and out of a job.

    Which free apps will work best for you? That will largely depend on the nature of your business and your own preferences. Meanwhile, download these free apps and choose your best ones. 

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