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Top 28 Small Business Ideas & Opportunities in Hyderabad

    Looking for profitable small business ideas in Hyderabad that can be started with low investment? If yes, you have landed at the right place. As a matter of fact, the city of Hyderabad is one of the best places to start a business for young startups.

    The city of Hyderabad is one of the most popular business hubs in India. Hyderabad of today is buzzing with business activities. You will find thriving businesses like shopping malls, restaurants, bars, multiplexes, and many more. In addition, Hyderabad is known for its exquisite travel destinations loved by travelers all across the globe.

    28 Small Business Ideas in Hyderabad

    Here is the list of the best profitable businesses to start in Hyderabad with low investment.

    1. Car Rental Business

    There are a lot of IT companies in Hyderabad. They are always on the look for cars on a rental basis for daily needs. Car rental can be a flourishing business in Hyderabad.

    2. Start a Restaurant

    Although you will find many restaurants in the city, still there is ample scope for new restaurants to make good money. Theme-based restaurants can be a profitable business venture in the city of Hyderabad.

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    3. Food Truck Business

    The food truck is another food-related business you can start in Hyderabad with low investment. You need to find a proper location, especially in zones where commercial activities are done.

    4. Digital Marketing Agency

    If you have experience in the digital marketing field, it is worth considering starting a digital marketing agency here in this city. Since there are a lot many tech companies, getting clients won’t be that difficult.

    5. Wedding Photography

    Hyderabad is known for fat wedding ceremonies. If you have photography skills, starting a wedding photography business in the city is surely going to get you big returns.

    6. Tour Planner

    There are plenty of eye-catching tourist destinations in and around the city of Hyderabad. You can make good money as a tour planner by exploring and creating innovative travel packages.

    7. Real Estate Agency

    The future of real estate in Hyderabad holds promise.  The demand for properties is increasing in the present day. If you have good communication skills, starting a real estate agency in Hyderabad is worth considering.

    8. Start a Poultry Farm Business in Hyderabad

    People having vacant land in the vicinity of the city, consider opening a poultry farm. There is a huge demand for poultry products in Hyderabad. Though running a poultry farm does require a good amount of money, the returns on investment will be fast.

    9. Bed & Breakfast

    The bed and breakfast business concept is primarily a western concept of lodging. It is essentially providing luxury home staying facilities to travelers while the owner stays on the same premises. Hyderabad can be a good profitable business idea in Hyderabad. Check our detailed guide to starting a bed and breakfast business to know more.

    10. Catering Business

    If you enjoy cooking and want to convert the hobby to a small business, providing catering services can be a profitable option. Other than delivering food at events, there is a huge demand for homemade meals for office-going couples in Hyderabad.

    11. Food Delivery Business

    There are a lot of eateries and restaurants that look to scale up their business. You can take orders from customers and deliver food items cooked on your own or by contacting local food sellers and starting your own food delivery business. You can also tie up with reputed companies like Swiggy, and Zomato, and provide services.

    12. Recruitment Agency

    There is always a good demand for skilled employees, especially in the IT and Pharma sector in Hyderabad. If you have good networking skills, starting a recruitment agency can fetch you good returns. People having previous experience in human resource-related fields will definitely possess certain advantages.

    13. Open a Playschool

    Most parents look for good preschool education for their kids. Hyderabad is no exception. If you enjoy teaching and enjoy spending time with children, a playschool business might be the best option for you.

    14. Organic Grocery Store

    The demand for organic food items is rising for the last few years. If you have a retail space in a commercial location, starting a grocery store on organic food items can bring in good profits.

    15. Provide Accounting Services

    There are many small businesses in Hyderabad that can’t afford to have a full-time accountant on their payroll. If you are a practicing accountant, you can provide freelance accounting services on an hourly basis, or on a retainer ship basis.

    16. Start a Courier Service Business in Hyderabad

    The courier service business requires very little investment to start and run. It can be started initially with a very small space. You can also tie up with reputed courier brands as a franchise partner.

    17. Attach Your Car to Ola, Uber

    If you have a car of your own, you can tie up ride-hailing companies and make money. Companies like Uber and Ola provide an excellent money-making opportunity for car owners.

    18. Start a Coffee Shop

    Though the coffee shop market is competitive in the city of Hyderabad, still there is a wide scope for more coffee shops to explore. One needs to be a little innovative in providing extra services like hangouts, internet cafes, and similar facilities. The coffee shop is still among the most popular business ideas in Hyderabad.

    19. Florist

    The flower business is one more innovative business one can start in Hyderabad. This inflation-free is making profits like never before. If you have a good retail space, think of starting a flower business.

    20. Start a Small Manufacturing Business in Hyderabad

    To start a manufacturing business, one does need to invest sufficiently. However, the returns are also high compared to other businesses. If interested, you can check our list of the best manufacturing business ideas that can be started with low investment.

    21. Become an Event Planner

    A lot of events happening all around the year in Hyderabad. And so is the demand for professional event planners is on the rise. If you have good communication skills and enjoy working for long hours, an event planning career can be a good fit for you.

    22. Tailoring and Alteration Business

    Starting a tailoring shop on a small scale does not require much investment. Initially, you can provide tailoring and alteration services to customers with one sewing machine and then add more when profit starts coming in. Tailoring is a lucrative business in most Indian cities, including Hyderabad.

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    23. Hardware Shop

    The city of Hyderabad is still growing. More and more real estate projects are coming in. So, the demand for hardware items is respected to rise. If you have a retail space in a commercial location, opening a hardware shop is surely a wise decision.

    Online Home-Based Business Ideas in Hyderabad

    24. Start a Blog

    If you are looking for the most legitimate business online from home, starting a blog is highly recommended. There are plenty of bloggers in India making millions out of blogging. Nowadays, starting a blog require minimal investment. If interested, check our guide on how to start a blog and make money to know more.

    25. Become a Dropshipper

    Dropshipping business in this part of the world is steadily getting momentum. It is essentially an online business selling products without taking the headache of stocking inventory. Check our guide on how to start a dropshipping business with minimal investment.

    26. Affiliate Marketing

    Affiliate marketing is another home-based online business you can try. It requires almost no or little investment to start.

    Learn More: How to Start Affiliate Marketing Business

    27. Web Designing

    Good at designing? Web designing is one legit option online from home. There is a good local demand for professional web designers in Hyderabad.

    28. Create a Mobile App

    For people looking for tech-related business ideas in Hyderabad, creating a mobile app can be hugely successful if one can find the needs of customers. For example, grocery items selling apps can be a big hit in Hyderabad.

    You need to create an app asking customers to register their daily needs and supply them at their doorsteps. Networking with local grocery stores won’t be much difficult.

    How to Start a Business in Hyderabad?

    If you want to start a legally compliant business in Hyderabad, you need to follow certain processes. Below, we list down some of the essential steps:

    • Select a Business Idea.
    • Research the Local Market of Hyderabad.
    • Get trained and understand how the business works.
    • Create a business project plan.
    • Choose a proper location if the business is not home-based.
    • Register your company – for beginners, sole proprietorship and LLP are two good options.
    • Get appropriate licenses and permits from local authorities.
    • Arrange funds, if required.
    • Apply for PAN.
    • Register for taxes.
    • Promote your business.

    If you are a foreign national and want to establish a business in Hyderabad, the rules will be different. The regulations are controlled by the Foreign Exchange and Monetary Act (FEMA) under the Reserve Bank of India.

    Conclusion: Do remember, to be successful in any business, you need dedication and proper planning. We hope, this list of business ideas specifically for budding entrepreneurs will inspire them to start their own ventures and fulfill their dreams.

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