Best 25 Small Business Ideas in Nepal

The Himalayan country of Nepal is full of opportunities in different sectors. Hence you can start your business in Nepal and earn good profits.

The economy of Nepal is growing fast. Hence you have a good prospect of starting your business in Nepal.

Many sectors in Nepal have not been utilized properly. You can start your business based on such sectors as alternate power or biogas and earn a good income.

Nepal has a good source of manpower. As a result, you will not find any problem in hiring manpower.

Opportunities are many and it is up to you to avail those opportunities and grow your business. Choose your preferred field among the many areas of business.

List of 25 Business Ideas in Nepal

1. IT Consultancy

The IT sector of Nepal is growing fast with growing internet connectivity and digitization in business and commerce. Hence you have a lot of opportunities in the IT business. Start your IT company in Nepal and provide services like software development, cloud computing data management, system up-gradation of the system, network management, and many more.

2. App Development

Digitization and e-commerce both are linked with app development. If you know the technology you can do a flourishing business of app development in Nepal. Be creative and innovative and develop different kinds of apps for business enterprises as well as a public utility. Healthcare apps have a good market in Nepal. You will need your website and digital marketing for this business.

3. Online Training

Nepal has a growing demand for training of different kinds. You can start an online training institute in Nepal and earn a good income. There are different areas of training that you can give. These include spoken English, web designing, graphic designing, personality development, and many more. Good digital marketing is essential for an online training business.

4. Teaching/Online Teaching

Teaching is a very prospective business idea in Nepal. You can teach school and college students at home or a coaching center. Otherwise, you can also teach students online. Both have good profit prospects. You need good networking and marketing for this business.

5. Real Estate

Real Estate is a flourishing business in Nepal. If you can invest you can develop housing projects or commercial complexes in the urban areas. Otherwise, you can also work as a real estate agent where you will connect the buyers and sellers and get a commission. You need a good website along with online and offline marketing to do well in the real estate business.

6. Photography and Videography

The picturesque country of Nepal has a varied scope in photography as well as videography. Not only for tourism, but you can also use your photographic skill for various business presentations, news publications and channels, and different kinds of events. You will need good cameras, a website, and online and offline marketing to get more clients for your photography business.

7. Business Consultancy

The growing economy of Nepal needs expert business consultants. If you have the experience and exposure, you can start your business consultancy. In this business, you are supposed to provide a lot of services like making the viability report of any new business, research the demand, cost-benefit analysis, profit and loss statement, financial advice, projection report, and preparing the detailed project report. Good personal network and marketing skills are necessary to prosper in your business consultancy.

8. Digital Marketing

Digital marketing has a very good demand in Nepal. You can start your digital marketing company in Nepal and earn good profits. In this business, you have to provide services like SEO consultancy, organic search, digital advertising, social media marketing, etc. You need a good website for your company and a structured marketing network to get more clients for your digital marketing company.

9. E-Commerce

E-commerce is gradually gaining momentum in Nepal. Hence you can start e-commerce as your business in Nepal. For successful e-commerce, you need a good app. Many items can be sold through e-commerce. They include grocery, electronic goods, computers, dresses, beauty products, and many more. Good advertisement and publicity are very important for e-commerce.

10. Internet Service Provider at Villages

Rural areas of Nepal do not have very good internet connectivity. Hence you can set up internet connectivity services in the rural areas of Nepal. You need a system to install high-speed internet along with a quick troubleshooting network. Along with connectivity, you can also set up cyber cafes in rural areas and earn more profits.

11. Tourism

Nepal is famous for its tourism and it is an extremely profitable business. Hence you can start a tourist agency in Nepal taking care of the entire travel program of the tourists. Local tour operators or tourist guides are also good business ideas with less investment. Get the necessary license and permits for this business. Website, publicity, and good networking with hotels and resorts are very important for your tourism business.

12. Restaurant

The food business is very profitable in Nepal, especially in urban areas. Hence you can start a hotel business in Nepal and earn good profits. Different kinds of food are popular in Nepal which includes traditional Nepali food, Chinese, fast food, etc. You have to decide on your niche. Find a good place and have a good décor for your restaurant. Keep a close eye on the quality of food and good service. Cleanliness is equally important. Make good publicity of your restaurant for good footfall.

13. Bakery

The bakery business has a good demand in Nepal. You can start a bakery store or online bakery business and earn good money in Nepal. Serve common bakery items like cakes, pastries, etc. Along with that, you can also sell different varieties of bakery items against the order. Online bakery stores have a good market in Nepal and hence a lucrative business idea for you. Good website and social media marketing are necessary for your bakery business.

14. Salon

The salon is a very preferred service in Nepal. Start a salon in a busy area and offer services of well-trained and experienced hairdressers and beauticians. Add spa services to get more clients for your business. Good quality beauty products and special beauty packages will add to the profitability of your salon. Advertisements and publicity are very important for your salon business.

Profitable Manufacturing Business Ideas in Nepal

15. Solar Panel Manufacturing

Alternate energy is much in demand in Nepal. Hence you can start a solar panel manufacturing business in Nepal. Solar panels can be used in offices, homes, hotels, etc. Provide solar panel installation and repairing services along with manufacturing to give a total solution to solar power needs.

16. Wind Turbine Manufacturing

Wind energy is abundant in Nepal and the Government is eager to support the development of wind energy as an alternative energy resource. Hence you can start a wind turbine manufacturing business in Nepal. Make small wind turbines suitable for use in rural areas. A good marketing network is essential for your wind turbine manufacturing business.

17. Agricultural Equipment Manufacturing

Agriculture is the main occupation in Nepal. Hence you can start an agricultural equipment manufacturing unit in Nepal. Start with simple equipment like hand sickle, axes, cutters, etc and after reaching a considerable volume of profit, you can scale up your business and manufacture bigger equipment.

18. Incense Making

Incense/ Agarbatti sticks have a high demand in Nepal. There are many temples and Buddhist monasteries where incense sticks are used regularly. Apart from that, there is a good domestic demand for incense sticks. Therefore, you can start an incense manufacturing business and earn a good profit. The manufacturing unit does not require high capital. You need to have a basic sense of the manufacturing process. Good marketing and sales network are needed to earn good profit from your incense-making business.

19. Candle Making

Candle making is also a very profitable business in Nepal. Power-cut is very common in this country and that is why people need candles. Apart from that, there is also a demand for decorative and scented candles here in this part of the world.

More Profitable Business Ideas in Nepal

20. Medicinal Herbs Plantation

Nepal has a rich resource of medicinal plants. Hence you can start organized farming of medicinal plants and sell them to local merchants and even export them. The government of Nepal has classified 30 categories of medicinal and aromatic plants. Some of the common species are Phyllanthus Emblica, Dioscorea species, Aconitum species, Berberian Asiatica, Cinnamomum Tamala, etc. There are local agro-based businesses and pharmaceutical companies in Nepal. Your farm can be a supplier of raw materials to these units giving you a good income.

21. Coffee Plantation

Coffee plantation is gradually becoming an important source of revenue in Nepal. The Government is also taking initiatives to gear up the coffee plantation. Hence you can start a coffee plantation business in Nepal and earn a good profit. Coffee also has good export potentials. Hence it is a good source of income for you.

22. Handicraft Store/Selling Online

Nepal has a rich heritage of handicrafts that include metal statues, traditional costumes, silver jewelry, wood carving, religious items like bells, stone sculpture, metal utensils, ceramics, Handmade Paper, filigree, etc. These things have a very good demand among the tourists and also have export potentials. Hence you can start your handicraft store in Nepal. The online shop can also be a good option where you can sell the items in global markets. You will need good online marketing and social media advertising for this business.

23. Dairy Farming

Dairy farming is a sustainable income source in Nepal. You can start your dairy in the rural areas or the outskirts of the urban areas. Raise cows and goats for milk. Keep in regular touch with a vet for any health issues of your cattle. Arrange for the quick sales of the milk. If you have capital, you can start a processing unit along with your farm and sell processed milk and other milk products from your unit.

24. Poultry Farming

There is a good demand for chicken in Nepal. Hence, poultry farming is a profitable business idea for you. Start a poultry farm of chicken, ducks, etc. You can sell meat as well as eggs. Keep in touch with a vet for any health problem with the chicks. A good network with the local market and grocery stores is needed for the quick sale of your poultry products.

25. Organic Cultivation

Agriculture being a dominant occupation in Nepal, organic cultivation can be a very profitable business idea for you as the demand for organic products is rising very fast. You can grow vegetables like Peas, Cauliflower, Cabbage, Potatoes, Cucumber, Lady Finger, Brinjal, Bitter Gourd, Onion, Tomato, and Carrot, fruits like apple, grapes, pear, strawberries, and different kinds of nuts in your organic farm. Quick sales are necessary as most of these products are perishable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I have 100% ownership of a business in Nepal as a foreigner?

Yes. Foreigners can have 100% ownership of a business in Nepal.

How can I get funding for my business in Nepal?

You can get funding assistance from several sources for your business in Nepal. Firstly, there are start-up meets where you get to meet investors. Secondly, there are Government subsidies. Thirdly, from venture capitalists like Gurkha Development bank ltd, CG ventures, etc. Fourthly, there are the individual or network of angel investors.

The land of the Himalayas is the land of many prospects and possibilities. If you plan and research properly you are sure to succeed and earn high profits.