Top 16 Profitable Small Business Ideas in New Hampshire

Do you want to start a small business in New Hampshire, NH in the United States? Most newbies find it difficult to select a business idea that can fetch good returns.

Here in this article, we list down the best low-cost small business ideas in New Hampshire one can start with no or almost no money.

List of 16 Business Ideas in New Hampshire

1. Tutoring Business

If you excel in any subject, you can offer lessons to students at home and charge for classes accordingly. A tutoring business requires no investment to start and you can also find many online tutor jobs online.

2. Skiing & Winter Sports Services

New Hampshire is famous for skiing, winter sports, and hiking. You can offer such services for the tourists.

3. Grant Writing Business

A specialized business, grant-writing involves writing for government entities, funding sources, and applying for funding.

4. Cake Shop

A lucrative business opportunity in New Hamilton, you can open a cake shop and sell special bakery items and cakes from your home.

5. Skiing Instruments Rental Services

With New Hampshire being a major recreational attraction on East Coast, there’s a huge demand for skiing services in the state.

6. Food Truck

The food truck is a relatively low investment business option, you just an old truck and a few types of equipment to start a food truck business.

7. Life Coaching Business

The life coaching business involves helping people to make changes and adopt new things on how they can improve their lives.

8. Medical Billing Business

Medical Billing for medical services often is complicated. You can offer services on how patients can bill properly to claim reimbursements. It is one of the most profitable business ideas in New Hampshire if you have the funds to support it.

9. Catering Business

A growing business in New Hampshire, the catering business can be carried out with a few assistant cooks, servers, and special utensils.

10. Digital Marketing Agency

With so many small businesses operating in New Hampshire, there’s a huge demand for specialized digital marketing services.

11. Live Streaming Business

The live streaming business invoice participates in advertising revenues, sponsored products, and subscription charges.

12. Hair Salon Business

If you are good at hairstyling, you can start your hair salon business to offer clients different services, either via home visits or through your own salon.

13. Illustration Business

If you have the art in you, you can offer online services for different clients. This will include illustrations for advertisements, publishers, stock images, and web content.

14. Online Graphic Design Business

With the huge demand for professional graphical designs, you can work online as a graphic designer and provide services like signage, letterheads, ads, and digital content.

15. Music Lessons

If you are good at music or know how to play an instrument, you can offer music classes from your home.

16. Social Media Marketing Services

With online marketing and posts to attract a crowd from social media, there’s a huge demand for Social Media Marketing services in and around New Hampshire.

Best Places To Start A Business In New Hampshire

Choosing the right location is going to determine how your business runs. Here are some of the best places in New Hampshire to start your business:


New Hampshire in the United States is a business-friendly state. If you can plan properly, you have every reason to be a successful business owner in this state. Hope this list of business ideas and opportunities in New Hamshire will help you in finding the right fit for you.