200 Meaningful Cleaning Company Name Ideas

Your Cleaning Company’s business needs a lot of things like investment, equipment, persons. But first of all, you have to get the cleaning company name idea. It is the name, which will introduce your company to the clients.

This name can speak a lot about your company, your objectives, and build up your company’s image. Moreover, this name will be on your card, brochure, flyers, and logo, everywhere. So, be very thoughtful and clear about your cleaning company name ideas.

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Cleaning Company Name Ideas

Let us see some good names for your cleaning company. You may choose any of them as per your business structure and requirement.

50 Cleaning Business Name Ideas

  1. Wipe it
  2. Swept Away Cleaning Services
  3. Rescue Maid
  4. Perfect Polish
  5. Golden Touch
  6. Revenue Maids
  7. Clean Team
  8. Shiny Wizards
  9. Dirty Fingers Cleaning
  10. Brush Agent
  11. Vacuum Wizards
  12. Steam Fresh
  13. Cleaning Break
  14. Polish Break
  15. Dustbusters
  16. Golden Reflection Cleaning Services
  17. Clean Corner
  18. Steam Clean
  19. Crystal Clear Cleaning Services
  20. Tidy Soap
  21. Soaplicious
  22. Game of Soaps
  23. Bright Seasons Home Cleaning
  24. Sparkle Stars
  25. Dirtbusters
  26. Heaven Broom
  27. Twinkle Shine
  28. Green Liquid Cleaning Pros
  29. Polish Pros
  30. White Surface Wizards
  31. Dust Solved
  32. Dirt Home Solutions
  33. Easy Clean Services
  34. Extreme Clean
  35. Feather Lady
  36. Freedom Clean
  37. Gleam and Glisten Cleaning
  38. Green Clean Team
  39. Grime Busters
  40. All Clean Restoration
  41. Anytime 24-Hour Maids
  42. Brothers Cleaners
  43. Clean Cut
  44. Cleaning Master
  45. Dirt B Gone
  46. Dirt Devils
  47. Express 24 Clean
  48. Extreme Clean
  49. Feather Mom
  50. Home Taskforce

50 Catchy Cleaning Company Name Ideas

  1. A2Clean Maid Service
  2. After You Cleaning Service
  3. All Seasons Cleaning
  4. Broom With A Clue
  5. Clean Break
  6. Clifton Cleaners
  7. I-SHINE
  8. Lemon Fresh Cleaning
  9. Let Me Do The Cleaning
  10. Maid 2 Clean
  11. Maids on the Run
  12. Molly Maid
  13. Nooks & Crannies Cleaning
  14. Perfect Touch Cleaning
  15. Pro House Cleaning
  16. Queen Bee Cleaning Service
  17. Revolution Cleaners
  18. Shirley Clean Maids
  19. Simply Clean
  20. Soft-Touch
  21. Royal Maid Service
  22. Sparkle A Plenty
  23. Sparkle Cleaners
  24. Suds in the Bucket
  25. The Clean Thumb Maid Service
  26. Thorough Clean
  27. Tidy Shines
  28. Twinkle Time
  29. Two Maids and a Mop
  30. Polished to Perfection
  31. Pleasin’ Polish
  32. Sweet Dream Clean Team
  33. Load Lifters
  34. Dirtbusters
  35. Twinkle Time
  36. Not Just Dust
  37. WhattaRelief
  38. Save Your Stress
  39. Bright & Beautiful
  40. Shine the Queen
  41. Z Classic Dusting
  42. Cleaning by Design
  43. Cool & Bright
  44. Washing Solutions
  45. The Perfect Cleansers
  46. Diamond Shine
  47. Silverline Cleaners
  48. Tough Cleaning Company
  49. Texas Smart Cleaners
  50. Whiteline Turks

50 Professional Cleaning Company Name Ideas

  1. Altitude Cleaning Services
  2. Apex Cleaning Services
  3. Assured Cleaning Services
  4. Better Cleaning Services
  5. Better Cleaning
  6. BeyondClean
  7. Buds Suds
  8. Challenger Cleaning
  9. Class Act Cleaning
  10. Cleaning Kings
  11. ON Cleaning
  12. OX Clean
  13. Relied On Cleaning Services
  14. Spotless Solutions
  15. Superior Cleaning
  16. Supreme Kleen Services
  17. Supreme Steam Cleaning
  18. Sure Cleaning Services
  19. The Removers
  20. True Cleaning Services
  21. UltraClean
  22. WashPro Cleaning
  23. Allied Professional Cleaning
  24. Alpha Cleaning Services
  25. Best Maids
  26. Class Plus Maid Services
  27. Classic Cleaning
  28. Clean Machine
  29. CleanSource
  30. Continental Cleaners
  31. Cottage Grove Cleaning
  32. E and K Cleaning Services
  33. Emerald City Cleaning
  34. Empire House Cleaning Services
  35. Golden Shine
  36. Spring Maids Cleaning Service
  37. Superior House Cleaning Services
  38. The Cleaning Authority
  39. The Dazzle Cleaning Company
  40. Vantage Point Cleaning Services
  41. White-Glove
  42. Peachy Clean
  43. Perfect Cleaners
  44. Pleasing Polish
  45. Premier Cleaning Service
  46. Prestige Cleaning
  47. Pristine Cleaning
  48. A-1 Cleaning Company
  49. AAA Commercial Cleaning Pros
  50. For All Seasons Clean

50 Unique and Creative Cleaning Business Names 

  1. Advanced Cleaners
  2. American Maid
  3. Cardinal Maids
  4. Choice Janitorial
  5. Clean Conscience
  6. Cleaning by Design
  7. Daisy Maids
  8. Detailed Cleaning
  9. Dustbunny Solutions
  10. Executive Maid Services
  11. Expert Cleaning
  12. Green Clean Team
  13. Greener Cleaner
  14. Hands & Knees Professional Cleaning
  15. House Stars Maid Service
  16. A2Clean Maid Service
  17. After You Cleaning Service
  18. All Seasons Cleaning
  19. Broom With A Clue
  20. Clean Break
  21. Clifton Cleaners
  22. Forget We Clean
  23. Friendly Clean
  24. Friendly House Clean
  25. Friendly Maids
  26. Genie in a Bucket
  27. Gleam and Glisten Cleaning
  28. Happy House Cleaners
  29. Happy Maids
  30. Heaven Scent House Cleaners
  31. Heavenly House Cleaners
  32. Advanced Washers
  33. Twinkle Time
  34. Aftermath Services
  35. All Shine Restoration
  36. We Do Window
  37. All Shine Services
  38. All Seasons Shining
  39. Any Mess
  40. English Maids
  41. Excellent Maids
  42. Companion Maids
  43. Executive Cleanse
  44. Continental Washers
  45. Executive Touch
  46. Expert Cleaning
  47. Daisy curator
  48. Detailed curator
  49. Floor to Ceiling
  50. Drip n Dry

How to Name Your Cleaning Company

  • Type of Business & Clientele

Before you start considering your cleaning company name ideas, decide how you would like to operate the business. Will it be a home cleaning company or a corporate cleaner? Your idea should center accordingly. If you want to serve both sectors, then think of a more generalized name.

The nature of your company and its service decide the type of your clients. If it is home cleaning, then your clientele would comprise of a household, where these decisions are taken by the women of the house, and the name should be appealing accordingly.

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For corporate clients, think of a more professional name idea, or a more formal one. If you wish to serve both, then your cleaning company name idea should have a neutral character.

  • Your Vision on your Cleaning Company

You must be having a vision, some aims, and objectives in starting this business. Think very well and try to reflect your vision in your cleaning company name idea. Don’t go for anything trendy, because trends change frequently, but your company will remain.

Try to include some thought and innovation in your cleaning company name idea. This is what your clients will appreciate and thus remember your company’s name.

  • Be Catchy Be Creative

Try to find a creative and catchy name for your cleaning company. Think thoroughly and find out an appealing and well-researched cleaning company name idea. Choose a few names based on your idea. Then finalize one.

Here, remember one thing-don’t use any difficult or hard to pronounce words or phrases in the name. Go for a simple and meaningful name.

  • Winning Trust and Confidence

As a cleaning company owner, your prime objective should be to win the trust and confidence of your customers. This thought should appear in your cleaning company name idea. The name should be synonymous with the trust of your clients.

Choose words sensibly so that it reflects your honest intention of winning the confidence of your clients. This will pave the way for the bright future of your cleaning company.

  • Brainstorming and Opinion

Brainstorm different words and names while finalizing your cleaning company name ideas. Shortlist some names according to your choice and priorities.

Before finalizing the names, you can take the opinion of your family and friends. You can also take the help of social media and seek the opinion of your friends and followers. But remember, it is you, who is going to take the final decision.

  • Domain and Trademark

After you finalize your cleaning company name idea, find out whether the domain is available in that name. This is important, as the virtual world of websites and social media are important tools for your business development.

Also, find out whether the name is available for trademark registration. You can take the help of an online name generator in finding the availability. If the name is already taken, then you can change the name, or make minor alterations.

The U.S. Small Business Administration suggests your business name asset get protected by registering it with the right agencies.

This is all about your cleaning company name ideas. Try to establish a class and character in your cleaning business name. This will help to create a favorable and lasting impression of your cleaning company in the minds of your clients.

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Make no mistake, it is finally your quality of service which will earn you more and more profits. Your cleaning company name idea is the first stepping stone towards your future prospects.