Corporate Hospitality Event Planning | Small Business Idea

Corporate hospitality event planning business describes giving service in the process of entertainments in events held by corporate or businesses for their staffs, clients or stakeholders. This business opportunity is comparatively easy to start, profitable and also enjoying one. The business is everything about keeping your clients happy and you can mean it by another term of business entertaining. Corporate hospitality event planning business is now million dollar industry and having a steady growth of 25% per annum.

There are no specifications to what you can organize or suggest to your clients. As per demand you can organize the event or make some value addition.

Dinner party

VIP trip to a sports match

Business conference

Weekend celebration

Business meetings


Foreign trip

Outdoor adventure event etc.

Business Plan For Corporate Hospitality Event Planning

Detailed business plan is necessary to start this business. Quantify your startup budget and plan accordingly. Mention a mission statement and a clear objective. Include the USP of your business, how you are going to compete and whom you are going to offer the services.

The most important factor in corporate hospitality event planning business is the delegation of responsibility. Don’t try to do all the work yourself. As an example, if you are organizing a corporate hospitality foreign trip of 10 members contact ticketing agent for flight booking with lowest rate. Go for hotel booking. Contact agents for passport or visa managements and also contact the related people who are offering services for the meals.  At the day end you are organizing a fabulous memorable trip for your client but not actually had to operate any of the services yourself. Only ensure that whoever you are taking as vender, is properly experienced and qualified to provide the service.

You need to be careful in time of giving quotation for a customized corporate hospitality event as per your clients demand. Make sure that you have the pricing of the people who will be the vender of your business.

Corporate Hospitality Event Planning Business Promotion

Impression and brand image build up is an important factor to make corporate hospitality event planning business a successful venture. Choose a memorable easy-to-spell soft name of your company. You can protect the name and logo by registering Trade Mark.

Create a descent and informative website. Referrals and testimonials will help you to find new customers and get orders. Give some innovative and unique idea with tariff. Contact the corporate or business houses in your area and letting them know how you can organize a better innovative corporate hospitality event for their esteemed clients.

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