10 Low-Budget Marketing Ideas for Small Business

If it isn’t enticing enough, it’s not an advertisement. You just can’t throw in some random ads and expect it to pull in new customers. Marketing strategy needs to be creative enough to make a mark. And marketing doesn’t only mean maximizing sales. It’s a way to create awareness around your brand. Here we have listed some popular low-budget marketing ideas for small businesses to boost sales.

Even if someone is not a potential customer now, if you advertise well, the person will remember your brand. That impact you put in is brand value. It doesn’t work with the numbers. Advertising is all about creating your brand in the public. So, that’s the ground rule, make advertisements good enough to make people remember your brand for the longest time period possible.

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You can’t spend a lot on advertising, unless you are some big MNC, as this will take your disbalance your budget. So, it’s better to be creative enough to make people remember you.

Low-Budget Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses

Here are some innovative low-budget marketing ideas one can apply to increase sales:

1. Coupons

The most effective way to attract new customers is to offer discounts, and who can do it better than coupons. The money you were about to spend on advertising, use that for the coupons. People love discounts, and you can attract a lot of customers at the same time. You should offer coupons and discounts on a timely basis to retain existing customers and gain newer ones.

2. Using Pop-Culture

Advertisements with a slight reference to what’s happening around or pop culture is not a bad idea. Maybe linking something to the latest Eminem rap or Drake meme work in your favor. This will help you to catch up with your audience. It’s better to avoid anything political. Pop-culture references work well with the internet crowd, but make sure your audience is able to understand your pun.

3. Free Stuff

This will help you to create brand awareness. Maybe free water bottles with your logo and name, a key ring or bottle openers, pens, t-shirts, and more. You go with your budget and let people advertise your brand. Do not give away useless stuff. Think about what your customers will need and may use it on a regular basis.

4. Instagram Hashtags

Internet and social media have evolved together and hashtags now rule all over. It’s never a bad idea to create buzz on the internet. Well, it’s free advertising. Come up with some contest or giveaway on Instagram and ask people to post with your hashtag. More the number of posts higher the awareness.

5. Creative Business Cards

People usually don’t keep or look at business cards, but you can use this to your advantage. How about an advertisement for your business via some creative cards. Be innovative with your ideas depending on your business. You can also add a QR code on it or add a coupon code they can use to get a discount the next time they visit.

6. Online Videos

Videos work very well when it comes to promotion. You can ask some YouTubers or online influencers to promote your brand, or just use it in the video. This way you can reach out to a wider audience without investing in some commercials. People will engage and share the videos indirectly helping your brand to reach out to more people.

7.  Sponsorships

A very easy way to advertise in the local community is to sponsor an event. Either you can organize the whole event or be a part sponsor. This will help your brand to reach out to the local people. Have a kiosk or table at the venue and keep your products or samples on display. If you are a service-oriented business, have catalogs and brochures handy.

8. Search Results & SEO

You very well know how important is the internet for you to bring business. Instead of investing in your marketing, try to fix up your SEO. Make sure you are right on top when someone searches for you on the internet. List your business as many online directories as possible so that more customers can find you.

Local listings play a crucial role in bringing more customers across multiple platforms. Also, make sure that you have all of your information and pictures up to date.

9. Social Media

A free medium to promote your business online is social media. But you have to maximize user engagement on your platforms. The best way to engage users is to run time to time offers and post something relevant to what is happening around them. Creative posts or memes will help you to gain more shares and online brand awareness.

10. Co-marketing

Also known as cross-promotion, this age-old method of marketing helps you to gain customers via co-marketing. You need to team up with a number of businesses that are complementary to yours and you can cross-promote each other. You can advertise to an audience that may be a potential crowd for your service and you will endorse theirs in return.

Remember that marketing won’t alone do your job. Provide quality service and products. There’s nothing better in the world than the word of mouth. Advertising helps you in the short term, but good service means business for a lifetime!