How to Make Money Selling Used Books

Are you interested in making money online by selling used books? Yes, you can earn decent extra income by selling used books. Read this post to learn how to make money selling used books from your home.

Second-hand books are abundant. You can earn handsome money by selling those books. From a professional point of view, you can also do it by buying books at a cheaper rate and selling them at a higher rate.

5 Steps to Start Selling Used Books

If you do decide to sell textbooks for cash, there are a couple of things you need to remember:

Check the Condition of the Book

Be sure to check the condition of the book before buying it. Most buyback companies expect a little wear and tear, but if there are ripped pages or severe damage to the cover, they probably won’t accept your book.

Give Importance in Packing

Pack your books carefully. Most buyback companies will give you a prepaid shipping label, but you are responsible for your own packaging. If the books are damaged during transit, you’ll have to eat the loss.

Payment Process

Be careful about payment processes. If you are offered the choice of a Paypal payment or a check payment, keep in mind that if you choose Paypal, you will need to deduct those fees from your profit margin.

Research the Demand

The profit margin is simply huge. You will find a variety of paid apps allow booksellers to scan a barcode by using the phone’s camera.

It helps you in getting instant results as to the book’s value, sales rank, and more.

Fix Proper Pricing

There are many sites that buy used textbooks. The prices that this site offers vary widely, though. In some cases, one site may buy a book one or two dollars when another site might offer $20.00.

Obviously, it is worth looking around to make sure that you are getting the most money for your used books.

Where to Sell Used Books

If you are interested in dealing in the used book business on a semi-regular basis, whether it becomes your living or a steady hobby, you might consider signing up for a professional seller account with  BookScouter, Half Price Books, AbeBooks, and/or Amazon.

Abe’s professional sellers pay $25 per month plus fees, and on Amazon, you can sell as a professional for $40 per month plus fees or sell as an individual for $0.99 per sale plus fees.

Another option is eBay, where you can get 10 free listings per month plus fees (about 10%) after an item sells. If you have vintage books to sell, you can open an Etsy store and pay a listing fee of $0.20 per item plus fees after-sales.

This is a great option for pre-ISBN books as well. Vintage items on Etsy must be at least 20 years old.