How to Start Manicure Pedicure Salon Business

Do you want to start a manicure and pedicure salon business from home? Do you want to start the business with small capital investment? Read the post to get a business plan checklist about starting a home-based manicure and pedicure business.

Owing a manicure-pedicure salon business can be fun and profitable and is a great business idea to start and manage from the home-based location while operating the service on a mobile basis. Many people, including both men and women, enjoy getting a professional pedicure and manicure occasionally.

In terms of getting a potential client, you can go for an opportunity of offering service at their doorsteps those who can’t come to you. Clients can include busy professionals, residents of nursing and retirement house, hotel guests, pre-wedding bridal parties, and just anyone looking for a great and comfortable in-house or office manicure and pedicure services.

For long-term success, you have to figure out the possible ways to grow your manicure and pedicure salon business.

Steps to Start Manicure & Pedicure Nail Salon Business

Create a Business Plan

In initiating manicure pedicure salon business you will need to determine the structure of your organization.

Decide first whether you want to set a salon on retail premises or will continue the business from home. Accordingly, craft a business plan.

You first need to determine who will be your target customers. Accordingly, select the specific services that you will be providing to your clients. You can try services like manicures, pedicures, nail polish, nail repair, and sculpting and hand conditioning.

You also need to calculate the startup budget with equipment and manpower costs for starting and running manicure and pedicure business.

Manicure Salon Business Set-Up

In establishing a manicure and pedicure salon business location is an important factor. A 300 sq ft minimum space is required to establish this type of nail salon business. Having a good location will set you up to expose your business to new customers.

Strip malls and shopping malls are good because they attract large foot traffic. Concentrate on the interior and fixtures that you will need to have.

Mobile Manicure Salon Business

You can initiate a mobile manicure pedicure salon business from your home. You will need to concentrate on manpower hiring. Assuring quality jobs will definitely assure you of getting repeat business. Fix the price carefully in tune with the value of your services. You will need to determine the means of conveyance.

Promote Your Manicure Pedicure Salon Business

To promote your manicure salon business you can go for media coverage by targeting reporters and editors who cover beauty and fashion. You may go for some press releases making your content news by highlighting special events and seasonal offers. You can start advertising with local print, TV, and radio consistently.

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Go for online promotion by presenting a decent and professional website detailing the services you are offering with an online appointment system. Educate your client by writing some content about the effectiveness of manicure and pedicure.

We hope this Manicure Pedicure salon business plan checklist will help you in a better understanding of starting and running the business.