How to Start A Mobile DJ Business

Are you interested in starting a mobile DJ business? Do you love music and want to get recognition in the entertainment industry? Read this post and learn how to start your own mobile DJ business.

A person who loves music, good communication skills with full of energy is an ideal fit for this business. If you enjoy spinning tunes, making people happy and want to earn a steady stream of supplemental income, the DJ business is perfect for you.

7 Steps to Start a Mobile DJ Business

1. Expertise For Mobile DJ Business

To start your own DJ business you need to have the right skills and experience. You can work with an established DJ as an assistant or you can go by volunteering to DJ a friend’s parties or other parties. Initiating a DJ business is not just being a club DJ or individual DJ.  It involves a wide array of skills and much more responsibility.

2. Create A Business Plan

It is important to have an intricate business plan focusing on marketing and finance for your DJ business. Describe how you will go to market your DJ service, how much finance it needs for marketing, equipment, and manpower, who will be your target customers. Understanding your key skill area and fixing the marketing strategy is important in initiating the DJ business.

3. Equipment & Tunes Required Mobile DJ Business

There are a lot of options for mobile DJ unit equipment. Primarily you need turntables, cd players, or a laptop with multiple channel mixers. You need also a mixer to blend it all together, a set of speakers, DJ lights, headphones, and microphones.

A variety of music genres is always good to have as a lot of people like different types of music. You can have apple apps iTunes or can subscribe to music from stores. A right DJ can elevate an event from ordinary to extraordinary. You will also need to arrange transportation.

4. Legalities & Compliance 

You will need to decide your company’s ownership pattern whether it will be a proprietorship or registered company. You will only need to have required licenses and permits from local authorized authorities to start the DJ business. Get insured with the right insurance company. You have to be covered for possible theft or any losses of equipment.

You should always check with the venues in which you will be playing that they have a music license. You will need the specific license if you are playing in an open area or if you are charging a fee for admission. You would not need one if your guests are coming to a private party.

5. How to Set Pricing 

In DJ business, charges vary hugely on location, event type, and quality of performer. Fix the pricing accordingly. Always remember in DJ business the saying holds true to customers; you get what you pay for. Your pricing should be competitive.

Successful DJs set a price for 4 hours. You can then ask your customers to extend the booking for an extra hourly fee.

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6. Have a Promotional Plan 

You need to promote your mobile DJ services business to make potential clients aware of your DJ services. You can pass out flyers or leaflets at clubs or college campus. You should network with event planners and related professionals. You can also go for an online promotion such as social media, blogging, paid to advertise, etc.

A proper media promotion will definitely help you in getting customers. You definitely need a decent website with some of your video footage and a strong internet presence in today’s market.  Join relevant business associations to getting touch with the trends and happening

Reach the event location one hour early to have enough time to set the equipment. Take time to meet the event controller to make sure all your notes and timeline for the event match-up. During the event always be connected with the coordinator and the photographer constantly. As a good mobile DJ, you will try to keep the good times rocking all night long.