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Best 300 Creative Photography Business Name Ideas

    Do you want to start a photography-related business and looking for a unique name for your venture? If so, you have landed at the right place. Here in this article, we have listed down 300 catchy and snappy photography business name ideas that can be used to name your photography business.

    Many of you have a passion for photography. You capture many candid moments just casually, of course with an eye for details. Many of you have been praised for the detailed photos you captured at friends’ weddings. Now, you can turn this passion into a profession. This is because the photography business is quite a lucrative one. Find a very dashing photography business name for yourself and step into the business.

    You have to think of a photography business name that is apt, powerful, and at the same time, cool and trendy. The name that communicates your skill or specialization (portrait, nature, wedding, newborn, etc.) and the name that your potential customers find attractive and remember well. So, be thoughtful as well as practical in selecting your photography business name.

    300 Photography Business Names

    Catchy Photography Business Names

    1. Cherished Captures
    2. Ambient Portraiture
    3. Wow Images
    4. Trendy Captures
    5. Precious Moments
    6. Artful Photographer
    7. Bright Media
    8. Novel Images
    9. In A Flash
    10. Artistic Vision
    11. Quality Pixels
    12. Vivid Memories
    13. Flash Fiends
    14. Awe Exposure View
    15. Picxellence
    16. Diva Shots
    17. Timeless Treasures
    18. Baby Bee Photography
    19. Picture Star
    20. Full Exposure Pictures
    21. Timeless Tokens
    22. Big Hugs Photo
    23. Outstanding Studios
    24. Zoomin’ Photos
    25. Timeless Classics
    26. Blue Abyss Photo
    27. Transformation Galleries
    28. Lens-bias Photography
    29. Candid Captures
    30. Click TimeDawn Studios
    31. Bracketeers Photography
    32. Moments Made
    33. Darkroom Detroit
    34. Perfect Shutters
    35. Ambient Portraiture
    36. One Cherished Click
    37. Digital Dream Studio
    38. Picturesque
    39. Honey-Lens Pictures
    40. Making Memories
    41. Duo Exposures
    42. Styles And Poses
    43. Perfectly Posed Photo Studio
    44. Capture Crew
    45. Headshot
    46. Classic Studios
    47. The Picture Patch
    48. Forever Photos
    49. Intrigue Photography
    50. Photogenic

    Elegant Photography Business Names

    1. Photo Phactory
    2. Lens of Light
    3. Memoir Studio
    4. Elegance Captions
    5. Keep That Smile
    6. Lighted Lenses
    7. Looking Glass
    8. Event Lens
    9. Picture Studio
    10. Make It Snappy
    11. Lotus Eyes
    12. Captured Moments
    13. Perfect Portraits
    14. Pitman Photo
    15. Rings And Cakes Studio
    16. Flutter Me
    17. Shutters Photography
    18. Portrait Poses
    19. With Love Photography
    20. Cute Impressions
    21. Frame Me Please Pictures
    22. Portrait ProsValentine Studios
    23. The Camera Club
    24. Photographers
    25. Natural Light Photography
    26. Pleasing Portraits
    27. Trotter Photo
    28. Womanly Portraits
    29. Moments Remembered
    30. The Lemons Photos
    31. Westrich Photography
    32. Lensation Picture Studio
    33. Picture Perfect
    34. Sunshine Productions
    35. The Mighty Photography
    36. Shootfactory
    37. Perfect Click
    38. Smiling Shamrock
    39. Thornton Studio
    40. Venture Photography
    41. Personal Proofs
    42. The Artsy Lens
    43. Troys Photo Studio
    44. The Picture House
    45. Sensational Shutters
    46. Silver Lights Photography
    47. Elle Golden Photograph
    48. Studio Collective
    49. Strike A Pose
    50. Flashy Filters

    Cool Photography Company Name Ideas

    1. Photography Courses
    2. Memory Lane
    3. Snapshot Photos
    4. Forever Image
    5. Capital Photographic
    6. Family Portraits Photographers
    7. Get The Shot Photography
    8. Freeze The Second
    9. Creative Image Solutions
    10. Take-Two Photography
    11. Professional Photos Now
    12. Friends First Photo
    13. Retouching Studio
    14. Camera Roll Photography
    15. Sharper Image Photography
    16. Gold Grid Studios
    17. Box Studio
    18. No Blurs Photography
    19. Carbon Copy Photos
    20. Hales Photo
    21. Camerastore
    22. Film Photography
    23. Classic Shooters
    24. First-Choice Portrait
    25. Younique Look Photography
    26. Cinematic Brilliance Photography
    27. Click Click Photographers
    28. Flash Friends
    29. Fashot
    30. Capture Magic Photography
    31. Ready For The Close Up
    32. Flash Parties
    33. Rare moment
    34. Camera Pros
    35. Chrome Clear Photography
    36. Glam Pictures
    37. Victory Images
    38. Shot Clock Photos
    39. Pix Deluxe
    40. Grand Snaps
    41. Flash-frozen Photography
    42. Better Mugshots
    43. Snazzy Snaps
    44. Heavenly
    45. Zoomin moments
    46. Vintage Shots Photographers
    47. Portrait Goals Photography
    48. In A FlashClick time
    49. Picture Perfect
    50. In Light

    Creative Photography Business Names

    1. Snaps in a pinch
    2. Klear Image Photography
    3. Wedding Crashers Photographers
    4. In The Moment Shots
    5. Little Car Photography
    6. Photo Ready Photography
    7. We Shoot
    8. Greatness Photography
    9. Keepsake Keepers
    10. The Pixel Pusher
    11. Moment Maker
    12. Lasting Expression
    13. Novel Clicks
    14. Photo Design Bar
    15. Snap Perfect
    16. Portraits Lifetouch
    17. One Cherished Click
    18. Professional Photo
    19. Snap Service
    20. Love Studio
    21. Quality Pixels
    22. Black Door Photography
    23. Photo Pros
    24. Memories in Pictures
    25. Serious Shots
    26. Commercial Photography
    27. Photo Ready
    28. Natural Moments
    29. Recreate Studio
    30. The Black Light
    31. Serious Shots
    32. A Magic Moment
    33. Sensational Shutters
    34. Image Technique
    35. Photoplay
    36. Creative Captures
    37. Amazing Pictures
    38. Sensations Studio
    39. Capturelab
    40. Keepsake Keepers
    41. Blend Photography
    42. Shutter Up
    43. Faithful Photography
    44. Photo Magic
    45. Citizens Photo
    46. Shutters on the Members
    47. Full Frame Studios
    48. Shooter Goals
    49. Click And Shoot Studio
    50. Smooth Pictures

    Unique Photography Business Names

    1. Guest Photography
    2. In Common Photography
    3. Page Hope Photography
    4. Celebration Photography Studio
    5. Into the Wild Photo Shoots
    6. 360 View
    7. April Visions Photography
    8. Bright Diamond Studios
    9. Shutters on the Members
    10. Essence Photo
    11. Fade To Black
    12. Snap Captures
    13. Pristine White Studios
    14. Don’t Blink
    15. Flutter Me Shutters
    16. Snazzy Snaps
    17. Click and Blink
    18. Cool Kids Studios
    19. Reflect Elements
    20. Southern Shooters
    21. Art And You In A Flash
    22. Snap Out Loud
    23. Space Snapshots
    24. Portraits And Poses
    25. Lenstrack Photography
    26. Reality Weddings
    27. Silhouette Photography
    28. Remembering Moments
    29. Bracketeers Photography
    30. Spotlight Studios
    31. Buckhead Studio
    32. Passion Studios
    33. Ambient Portraiture
    34. 5 Star Photographer
    35. Digital Star Photography
    36. Superb Clicks
    37. Fade To Black Photographers
    38. Adorable Baby Photography
    39. All in the Family Photography
    40. Candles And Vows Pictures
    41. Imagix Photo Studio
    42. Arrow Studio
    43. Cooker Photography
    44. Posh Studio
    45. Delighted Pics
    46. Awesome Offspring Photography
    47. Center for Creative Photography
    48. Smiles Photography
    49. The Ultimate look photography
    50. Glamour Shots

    Classy Photography Business Name Ideas

    1. Proshots
    2. Picture Delight
    3. In a Pinch Pictures
    4. Grand Lens
    5. Rempel Photography
    6. Flawless Images
    7. Special Moments Studio
    8. Illusion
    9. Imagery
    10. Smooth Pictures
    11. Stylish Pics Studios
    12. Lens Queens
    13. Candid Perspective
    14. Belle Photography
    15. New You Photography
    16. Lensation
    17. Drone Studios
    18. The New Images
    19. Capture Essence Photography
    20. Signature Gallery
    21. Face Lab
    22. Star Photography
    23. Headshots Today Photography
    24. Service Photo
    25. Corner Productions
    26. Eclectic Snaps
    27. Showtime Photography
    28. Strike a Pose
    29. Competitive Cameras
    30. Picsmania
    31. Visions Photography
    32. Sun Photographer
    33. Shadowcatcher
    34. Victory Images
    35. Pocomania
    36. That First Moments Photography
    37. Tin Can Photography
    38. Snap Captures
    39. Celebration Photography Studio
    40. The Kidographer
    41. Vision of Rock
    42. Caption Perfect
    43. Shot Clock Photos
    44. Studio B
    45. Flash Me
    46. The Open Studio
    47. Capture Captain
    48. BigBox Photography Company
    49. Reliant Photographers
    50. Greek Photo Studio

    How to Name a Photography Business – Important Tips

    There is no hard and fast rule in the case of naming a business. Still, it will be better if you follow some tips in choosing the name of your photography business.

    1. Shortlist Names

    The first job while selecting a name for your photography business is to shortlist a number of probable names. It can be in the range of 10 to 20 name ideas.

    2. Take Opinions

    Take the opinion of your friends and others through social media platforms about the photography business name you have chosen or shortlisted. You can also take a poll.

    3. Avoid Complicated Words

    Don’t use complicated and hard-to-spell words in your photography business name.

    While choosing your photography business name, don’t choose a word that may limit your business growth.

    4. Consider Using your Name

    You can use your name in your photography business name like Joe’s photography studio.

    5. Use Specialty

    You can use your specialty in your photography business name. For example, wedding photography.

    6. Consider Including Equipment

    You can also relate the photography business name with one or more of your equipment. For example, Camera, lens, etc.

    7. Add Humor

    Use a little bit of humor in giving your photography business name.

    8. Trademark Registration

    Make sure that there is no trademark problem with the name of your photography business.

    9.  Select the One that You Feel is the Best

    However, ultimately go for the name you find the most suitable for your photography business.

    10. Book a Website Domain

    After you finalize the name of your photography business name, it is time to find out a website domain name. Check whether a similar domain name is not available or not. If the domain name is already taken, you have to either change the business name or alter the selected name.

    Market Research Report on Photography

    Stable economic conditions are expected to further drive industry revenue growth in the US. Growing per capita disposable income and corporate profit have driven growth for the Photography industry over the five years to 2019, as both commercial photographers and portrait photographers have benefited from increased demand for their services.

    Industry revenue is expected to grow an annualized 0.3% to reach $10.5 billion during the five-year period, which includes an anticipated 1.3% increase in 2019 alone. Industry profit, measured as earnings before interest and taxes, is expected to rise during the five-year period.

    The market size, measured by revenue, of the Photography industry, is $10.5bn in 2020. Moreover, the market size of the Photography industry is expected to remain steady in 2020.

    More Business Names:

    Footnote: While photography is a competitive business, many photography business owners have been able to find their niche and build a sustainable career. You need to balance your passion for photography with real business skills to be successful.

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