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Top 20 Business Ideas for College Towns in 2024 with Good Profit

Do you live in a college town or nearby schools, or universities? Are you searching for business ideas to start right now? Find here the 20 most profitable small business ideas for college towns.

Generally, a university or college creates a great population of students who come from outside of the city. And you can initiate a business targeting this specific audience. Simply, you can start a business that addresses the demand and needs of the students. If you live in an area that has a wide range of student communities, then you must consider starting a small business.

20 Business Ideas for College Towns

#1. Acting School

If you are a passionate and established actor, you can open an acting school for the students. The potential of the acting industry is very high. However, you have to select the right location for setting up the acting school. Additionally, you have to arrange the affiliation for the school.

#2. Alteration Service

A home-based alteration service business is a perfect business to start in college towns. However, you can also start the business from a retail store location. Students and collegegoers are very conscious about their dresses and outfits. And they frequently look for the alteration service to get the perfect outfits.

#3. Art Supply Store

An art supply store is another great business you can start near colleges and universities. The student community always looks for good-quality art supplies at a reasonable price. Select the store location carefully. According to your investment capacity and the local market demand, you can decide on the store size.

#4. Brewpub

A brewpub or microbrewery is a very profitable business both in developed and developing countries. However, the business demands moderate capital investment and strategic planning. The demand for craft beer is increasing very fast among youths.

#5. Coffee Shop Business Idea in College Towns

A coffee shop is a very comfortable place for student gatherings. Therefore, this is one of the best food retail businesses you can start in college towns. If you’re an absolute beginner, then you can start as a franchisee of a reputed brand.

#6. Computer Training Institute in College Towns

If you are a computer-savvy person and you have specific hardware or software skills, you can start this business. Generally, students, job seekers, and even employees often look for a computer training institute to gain and enhance their computer knowledge and skills.

#7. Corn Roasting

If you want to start a low-cost business near a college town, then corn roasting can be a profitable venture. Students always look for ready-to-eat foods. And roasted corn is always a great choice for this. In starting the business, you will need to have the right business plan and equipment.

#8. Custom Mobile Cover Printing

Generally, young populations are the major consumers of custom mobile covers. And the business is easy to start and operate. Mobile cover printing is all about printing images on smartphone covers as per your client’s specifications. You can operate the business both from the home or retail location.

#9. Cyber Cafe

Cybercafe is a great business to start in college towns. However, you must have a retail location, computers, printers, and broadband internet connection. From the same location, you can offer other value-added services like printing, bookbinding, spiral binding, lamination, etc.

#10. Digital Book Library

The Digital Book Library is an online book-renting business. The concept is gaining immense popularity in both developing and developed countries. Book libraries are an important part of our educational and social life.

#11. Fashion Design Institute

Opening a fashion design institute is a great opportunity for fashion designers. Additionally, fashion design is a lucrative career opportunity for students. Even if you are not in the industry, you can start the business by owning a franchise of a reputed brand.

#12. Food Truck

Opening a food truck is a great business in college towns. You can offer a wide range of food items with beverages from the truck. However, you must offer the food as per the taste of the local consumers. The business is easy to start. And it comparatively demands lower capital investment than a traditional restaurant.

#13. Juice Bar

Opening a juice bar can be a profitable and low-cost food retail business you can start in college towns. The business is easy to start. And it demands a small space for a store operation. Nowadays, a lot of people look for healthy food like fresh juice. Fresh fruit juice is a resource of minerals, vitamins, and energy.

#14. Laundry

Starting a laundry and dry cleaning business is a lucrative opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs. Laundry with a dry cleaning service is an evergreen and recession-proof business globally. From any location across the globe, you can start this business.

#15. NightClub

Have you ever noticed the crowd of a nightclub? 80% of the nightclub members are students and youths. Nowadays, the nightclub is a great profitable business to start in metro cities and college towns. However, you have to select a great location for your nightclub business. The business is cash-intensive.

#16. Pizza Delivery Business in College Towns

Pizza is one of the most preferred foods for students. You can offer different types of delicious pizzas with different tastes. A pizza delivery business eliminates the upfront capital investment for retail space. However, you must pay attention to the quality of pizza and smooth delivery operations.

#17. Resume Writing

College pass-outs and students are the major consumers of resume writing services. You can start the business on a full-time or part-time basis. As the business is purely knowledge-based, the startup capital requirement is much less. You can also offer other allied services like writing a cover letter, career counseling, and an interview guide.

#18. Tutoring Service in College Towns

Tutoring is a self-rewarding career for every individual. Nowadays, you can offer both offline and online tutoring services to students. Several online teaching sites act as a platform for both teachers and students.

#19. Vending Machine Business

The vending machine is a great business not only for college towns but also for college or university campuses. You can offer different types of products like cold drinks, magazines, chips, etc. Nowadays, upgraded vending machines are eligible to take not only money but also credit and debit cards. You can operate this business part-time also with your current job.

#20. Xerox & Printing Store

If you want to start a business that demands a one-time investment, then starting a Xerox store with a printing facility is the best option for you. However, selecting the right location is crucial in this business. In addition, you must procure good quality Xerox and printing machines to get quality output.

We hope this list of profitable small business ideas for college towns will help you in starting your own business. However, it is important to perform market research properly to identify the specific demand and the audience for a specific product and service.