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Top 25 Small Business Ideas in Houston, TX for 2024

It is without saying that Houston is one of the best cities in the United States to start a small business for aspiring entrepreneurs. The city of Houston has almost all the advantages a city can offer to a rising entrepreneur. It has people, intellect, events, and activities that will help you to plan your business.

Houston is the most populated city in Texas and the fourth most populated city in the USA. The Texas Medical Center in Houston is the largest center of healthcare and research institutes.

NASA’s Mission Control Center is located here. The city has a large population of ethnic and religious diversities. Houston can truly be termed a ‘Global’ city.

All these features and many other advantages make Houston an ideal place for your new business idea. There are many business areas that you can explore.

25 Business Ideas for Houston, TX

1. App Development

If you know how to code and have the training, you can start your business of mobile app development. Numerous kinds of apps can be developed. On one hand, apps can help business enterprises to reach more clients, on the other hand, some apps are beneficial for the end-users to get various important information regarding goods and services. With the right marketing and publicity, you will get a lot of clients.

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2. Computer Repair

In a big and advanced city like Houston, computers are widely used. This means there is a good demand for computer repair. If you have the training or get trained you can start this business. You have to be prepared to work long and late hours and respond to calls as early as possible.

3. Digital Marketing

In this digital age, there is immense importance of digital marketing for business houses.  If you are tech-savvy and very aware of social media, you can start the business of digital marketing for different business organizations. Digital marketing includes the study of search engine optimization, social media marketing, email marketing, and other things.

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4. Graphic Designing

Graphic design is a much sought-after area that applies to several fields like advertising, web design, filmmaking, etc. You have a good income opportunity from this business. However, you must have good skills in the area to impress your clients and get more orders. This business can be done from home and as a freelancer, you can serve various clients.

5. Virtual Assistant

Today’s work culture has a great demand for virtual assistants. As a virtual assistant, you can serve different companies. You have two options here. Firstly, you can get registered on various online platforms that provide assignments. Secondly, you can start your service as a specialized virtual assistant. You will need your website and a good marketing network, mostly online to get clients.

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6. Fitness Centre

People, in general, have become more health-conscious now. That is why; starting a fitness center can be a very good business opportunity. You have to invest in space and equipment. However, with several batches throughout the day and a good rate per hour, you will earn a good profit.

7. Start a Photography Business

Houston is a tourist hotspot along with a busy and eventful city. This paves the way for your photography business. You can take photographs of tourists and tourist spots, corporate and social events, or special photographs for newspapers, magazines, or websites. For value addition, you can also offer aerial photography services and charge higher rates.

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8. Solar Panel Servicing

Houston has great potential for solar power. That is why business related to solar power is a good option for you. Solar panel installation, servicing, and repair for offices and residential buildings are great sources of income for you. However, you need training on solar panels before starting the business.

9. Transcription Services

Transcription services are very much sought after throughout the world. It is done from both audio and video inputs. All you need is a good typing speed and a sharp receptive sense. This business does not need any investment other than a computer and internet connection.

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10. Data Entry

Data entry is normally outsourced to other people or companies. You can do this job for other companies. If you want to operate on a larger scale, you can form a company with few people and do a bulk job of data entry and get a high income. Data entry has good income potential. You have to do the marketing and publicity of your services very efficiently to get orders.

11. Real Estate Business

The real estate business is a flourishing business in Houston. Buying and developing real estate for reselling will need a good amount of capital. However, that will give you a high profit also. Otherwise, you may work as the middleman between the buyers and sellers and get a commission. That also gives a decent income. You need good research as well as knowledge of the real estate market.

12. Tutoring

The academic scenario of Houston is quite good. This is a good opportunity to start your business as a tutor. If you are academically sound and love teaching, this profession is very good for you. You can teach students from the school level to college and higher studies according to your specialization. Classes can be at the student’s or your place or online.

13. Freelance writing

There is ample scope for freelance writing in Houston. You can write articles for publications, web content, blogs, ad copy, publicity materials, and various other forms of creative writing and editing on a freelance basis. If you know a language(s) other than English, you can also do translation work.  This has a good demand and therefore you can earn a decent income.

14. Offer Nanny Services in Houston

The people of a busy city like Houston always need a nanny service to take care of their little ones while both parents go out to work. This is a high-paying job along with a lot of responsibilities. If you are a caring and compassionate person and able to make friendships with the kids, you can do this job. For value addition, you can also teach the children lessons or music, dance, etc.

15. Pet Sitting

Like most American cities, Houston is a pet-friendly city where large numbers of households have pets. They need pet sitters to look after the pets in their absence. If you are a pet lover and have the patience and care to look after pets throughout the day, you can take up this business idea. This job gives you good pay and the satisfaction of spending time with pets.

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16. Event Management

Houston is a busy and happening city where there are different types of official as well as social events that take place frequently. Therefore, the event management business has great prospects here. If you have experience or acumen in organizing events, this business is great for you.

You can organize all kinds of events from corporate parties to social occasions like marriages, birthdays, anniversaries, etc. Take care of every minute detail of the events.  Do online and offline publicity of your business to get more business.

17. Open a Bakery in Houston

Bakery items are liked by all. Apart from that, they are everyday necessities and delicacies. If you are a good baker, you can start your bakery business from home. Bake the essentials like bread, cookies, and cupcakes and also the delicacies like special cakes for birthdays, marriages, anniversaries, or other occasions.

Additionally, try to add some special flavor or taste element which may be regarded as your signature recipe. Advertise your bakery very well and rely on referral clients and word-of-mouth publicity.

18. Open a Restaurant

Restaurants are much in demand in Houston. A multi-cuisine restaurant with good décor and excellent quality food can give you a good profit. If you know some international dishes, you can introduce them also, but you have to be very confident about that. Keep a close eye on the quality of food and hygienic standards. Search for a good location for the restaurant to get more customers.

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19. Make-up Artist

Beauty is an ever-increasing area of business. If you know the tricks of good make-up or have formal beautician training, you can work as a make-up artist. Not only celebrities but the common people also need the service of make-up artists for parties and functions. You can also add beauty care, haircutting, and styling services to get more business. Digital and social media advertising play an important role in this business.

20. Home Cleaning

A cleaning business is a good business idea with low investment. You can start with home and office cleaning and gradually expand your business to pressure cleaning. You must keep in mind that the work must be picture-perfect every time. This will improve your credentials and credibility. As a result, you will get more referral clients.

21. Drama Business

Houston is a great connoisseur of theatres and performing arts which has its theatre district. If you are a theatre person or a performing artist, you can take up this profession, participate in shows and earn good money. You can also make your theatre team for enacting plays in the theatre district. It is a highly appreciated area of activity with a high-income prospect.

22. Placement Services

Houston is a prominent business center that has the headquarters of 23 Fortune 500 companies. Apart from that, there are several corporate offices and medium and small businesses. As a result, there is a constant requirement for manpower along with the regular job search or job switching by deserving candidates. In such a city, placement service makes it easier for both parties to hire and get hired. You earn a commission as a negotiator.

23. Career Counseling

Houston has a great number of deserving and educated youth looking for suitable career options. Career Counseling is a very useful service for them as well as a good business idea for you. You have to appoint some academic and industrial specialists in this business to give the right direction to the candidates. It will give you a good margin. However, the right marketing strategies and publicity are very important to get business in this field.

24. Car Repair & Cleaning

The busy city of Houston is in constant need of car repair specialists. If you are trained in automobile repair and servicing, this is a good business idea for you. It is better if you arrange for the pickup and delivery of the cars. Apart from repair and servicing, a car detailing service will be more profitable for you.

25. Errand Service

Big cities are in constant need of people doing errand services for them. These services include grocery shopping and delivery, taking the senior adults for medical check-ups or shopping, running to the post office, or buying other essentials for households. You need a two-wheeler for this. In the case of senior adults, you may need to hire a cab. These services have good payment on an hourly basis.

Apart from the listed business ideas, there are many other ideas for you to explore in Houston. There are some queries regarding the business opportunities in Houston, which may arise in your mind.

How to Start a Business in Houston

If you are planning to run a legally compliant business in Houston, TX, certain steps are needed to be followed.

Find below the most important steps:

Step 1. Decide on a Business Structure

The most popular business structures in Houston are DBA, A Corporation, or an LLC. Choose the one that fits you best as per your resources and scale of operation.

Step 2. Select a Business Name

Choose a proper business name that correctly manifests your business. Furthermore, check online and with local competent authority so the name is available or not. If the business name is already taken by someone, you can get into legal problems. It is advised to do a trademark search with the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

Step 3. Register your Business

After choosing the business structure and name, the third step is to register your company. You can either do it yourself or hire a professional registered agent to avoid the hassles and legwork at some extra cost.

Step 4. Get Your Federal Employer Identification Number

EIN works much like a Social Security Number for your business. Employer Identification Number can be obtained either by applying online or with the IRS.

Step 5. Obtain Required Licenses and Permits

The final step for legally establishing a business is procuring the necessary licenses and permits as mandated by the local authority. However, general business licenses are not issued by the authorities of Houston City. Visit the Houston business portal to know more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the tax structure in Houston favorable?

The rate of business taxes is lower in Texas. Most of the business’s raw materials and essential machinery are exempted from tax. Apart from that, there is another advantage of no state income tax in Texas. This makes your business much easier and cheaper.

How expensive is the cost of living in Houston?

The cost of living is comfortably low in Houston compared to other American cities.

How is the business environment in Houston?

It is the headquarters of 23 Fortune 500 companies like American Airlines, Southwest Airlines, Sysco, etc. More than 2 million small businesses have been set up here and the economic growth is also very high.

Houston is a house of opportunities. You can start with your business idea here with confidence and hope.