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How To Get Paid Freelance Writing Jobs With No Experience from Home

Content writing is a creative and attractive job with a growing billion-dollar market around the globe. Technology may have gone better, but the content is something that still runs the internet industry. If you are looking for a freelance writing job without any work experience, this article might be helpful for you.

While people may need experts to have faster sites and good-looking templates, content still has no replacement.

Freelance writing is currently one of the most sought-after jobs in the world. There’s nothing like it, where you get paid for the stuff you do in your part-time. There are thousands of successful freelance writers who make a full-time living out of part-time writing.

But, is it so easy? Well, it isn’t. Getting paid for what you write without any prior experience is a tough job.

Fast forward to 2019, fortunately, things have changed for the better over time. It’s easier to land a good freelance writing job.

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Nowadays, you can turn yourself into a pro much faster without much of experience. If you are serious about making money from freelance content writing, find below a detailed stepwise guide written based on my own experience.

Here are the 10 Steps to Get Paid Freelance Writing Jobs

Step 1. Starting With Your Own Blog

You can write in any language you like. All you need to have is basic writing skills. This is no story-writing job. I personally started with small essays and expressed what I wanted to. This can be something that’s happening in your daily life or you want to write about something in specific, maybe technology, movies, or TV shows.

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This blog will help you to pitch when someone asks you for some work experience. Try to put in everything. This will basically act as your launchpad to the writing world.

Step 2. Guest Blogging

You can also look for other websites that accept guest blogs. This will help you to market your skills and have a potential platform to reach out to a crowd. Start writing for as many websites as you can till you start your own full-time writing job.

Guest posts will help you to build your freelance writing portfolio.

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Step 3. Sign Up For Content Marketing Sites

There are different sites that accept your articles and you can have your own readymade author profile. Websites like Medium or Contently offer beginners a platform to showcase their talent. Sign up and start posting articles and blogs on these sites.

When you start writing on these platforms, you gain reach to a potential audience. You can even land a job straight up from here as I did.

A short story on how storytelling is being commercialized and hurting Indie cinema landed me a weekly movie review job.

Step 4. Choosing Your Topics

You need to understand that writing blogs is more about informing people about a particular topic. You have to understand what a reader wants. It needs to be informative rather than descriptive. For example, 10 Tips On How To Start A Cellphone Repairing Shop is an article providing information to start a cell phone repair shop.

For such a topic, you have to be precise and to the point. The reader is here to know what he needs to open a shop, and not an exaggerated essay on how smartphones are made.

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Step 5. Marketing Yourself

Now you need to get the word out. Start sharing what you write. In addition, to have your own blog, you can have your own Facebook page or an Instagram profile. Share all your latest blogs and articles. Do not start it as a platform to pitch your business, but treat it as something where you will share your ideas.

Interact with people, take feedback, and see if others are liking it or not. The feedback will help you to improve your writing.

Step 7. Understanding The ‘Writing Job’

For me, it took around a year before I started making money out of writing. After around 100 blogs and a dozen guest blogs, I finally landed a job for real. The exposure I myself created helped me.

Once you start working on your own, you get a clearer picture of what you need to do.

Also, freelance writing can be about almost everything that has to be written. It’s not just about blogs or articles. You will have to write product listings, reviews, PRs, classifieds, social media posts, and whatnot.

You will cater to a broad range of clients. As a content writer, you will get to experience a new field almost with every other assignment.

Step 8. Finding a Freelance Wiring Job

You can start contacting different sites. There are also several openings on the internet available for freelance content writers. Platforms like Fiverr and Upwork offer ready contacts for different writing assignments. You can pitch your budget and get a project straight away.

Or else you can send resumes to different websites. This is called Cold Pitching. You can pitch your skills to companies that aren’t readily seeking any freelance writers.

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Even if they don’t need a writer, pitch an awesome plan which may help them generate more business, or get more readers.

Every website which has a regular blog section is your potential target. Go to the ‘Contact Us’ tab, mail them if they need any extra writers, and attach a few of your samples.

Step 9. Different Writing Jobs

It’s not just about writing a blog. You can start with copywriting or specialized product descriptions. Companies often look for creative writers for quotes, email marketing content, video content, and more. You can work for anyone you want and get paid for every assignment you complete.

Content writing is more about exploring the domain rather than sticking to a particular niche. Experiment with what you write.

Step 10. Keep Yourself Updated

Good content will stay forever even if technology may keep changing. Keep yourself updated with what’s happening around you. In the long term, content writing may turn monotonous if won’t experiment with what you do. Move away from your comfort zone.

Freelance content writing is a growing industry. With more businesses going digital, brands are looking for opportunities on the internet, and they need writers for it.

Freelance writing needs dedication, and all you need to do is follow the simple rules mentioned above. If you have it in yourself, following this guide on a freelance writing job without any work experience will never land you out of the league. If you are good, you will be in the game!