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Top 21 Profitable Small Business Ideas in Arkansas

Do you want to start a small business in Arkansas? If you are staying in Arkansas and looking for small business ideas in Arkansas, find below a list of profitable business opportunities that can be started with less investment.

Famous for Walmart and other big companies, Arkansas is the hub for America’s largest commercial activities. Primarily known for its agrarian-based businesses, the state produces and ships the highest number of poultry and agricultural products to the other states of the US.

Arkansas is popular for its businesses and has one of the finest state business policies and laws. The state provides a healthy commercial environment helping businesses to grow.

Here are some of the growing small business opportunities you can grab in Arkansas.

List of 21 Business Ideas in Arkansas

1. Start a Home-Based Online Business

There are many successful individuals making millions from home doing online businesses from home in Arkansas. You can be a successful blogger, YouTuber, affiliate marketer, or online tutor. If interested, check our list of the best online businesses you can start at home.

2. Tutoring Services

Opting to teach something if you are good at it could be profitable. Arkansas has a good number of young adults. If you can teach students or offer tutoring services via courses, the business can turn out to be very successful.

3. Poultry Farm

Known for its poultry farming and products, Arkansas produces and ships all poultry products to other parts of the USA. You can start your own poultry farm business. But the competition is very high and shipping has to be done timely as well.

4. Pharmacy Store

You will be needing a license for a pharmacy store. The business will hardly ever see a recession. It’s recommended to start low and expand gradually as you grow and the revenue starts to turn profitable.

5. Digital Printing Business

Printing is a basic need for most businesses. Companies often find printing services that offer prints at affordable costs. If you can offer digital printing services at less than what the market is offering, you can surely run a successful digital printing venture.

6. Food Processing Business

Being a primarily agrarian state, Arkansas offers an advantage with cheaper raw materials. With some capital, you can start a food processing business with lower production costs. You can then ship these products to other states of America.

7. Digital Marketing Agency

As more companies are joining the internet wagon, there’s a growing market for digital services. Businesses now want to grow on the internet and as a digital marketing agency, you can provide the needful services.

8. Billboard Business

Finding the right spaces is really important when it comes to the billboard advertising business. As the billboards require high visibility, you will have to be very selective while choosing your spots to be successful.

9. Advertising Agency

Arkansas has a huge number of businesses operating in the state. This gives a direct advantage to the local advertising agencies. If you can start your own agency and have a good creative team, this could be one of the best businesses to do in the state.

10. Restaurant Business

The business of a restaurant or any kind of food sector has some investment involved. But if you can properly manage the finance, the restaurant or cafe business can grow big. It is one of the most profitable ventures one can try in the United States.

11. Daycare Services

The Daycare business primarily involves offering services to the elderly and small children. With so many working couples, lonely parents and kids need assistance and help. To start, you need to obtain a license, register yourself, and get done with the safety facilities.

12. Homestay Services

The state has a good number of travelers coming to the state every year. If you have a couple of extra rooms, it’s a good idea to put those on rent. Enlist yourself and offer a homestay service on a per-day rent basis.

13. Gift Basket Services

Customizable gifting options are a big hit in Arkansas. If you are someone who has a good eye for picking up the right stuff, this business could be your pitch. Packing and presentation skills are highly appreciated in the business.

14. Tour Services

The tourism sector in the state is growing. If you can offer customized tour services to travelers in the form of packages, this business has the potential to grow. You will have to compete and stay on par with other tour service providers.

15. Online Business Consultancy

As local businesses are going online, most owners don’t know how to sell products online. You can start a consultancy offering assistance to businesses by helping them do business online.

16. Wedding Videography Business

Apart from photography, the growing business of videography in Arkansas is huge. Especially the wedding videography business has a wide market. As more people want to share their memorials in the best way possible, this business will keep expanding.

17. Tech Shop

Arkansas has a good demand for tech products and gadgets. A tech shop in the state with a wide range of products and offerings can be a hit. You need a good location, the right suppliers, and a little marketing to start with.

18. Cake Shop Business

Starting a bakery in the state has scope to grow. Cakes and bakery items have high sale rates in Arkansas. So, if you plan to start your own cake shop, it can be very successful if done in the right place with the right mix of offerings.

19. Party Services

There is a huge demand for clubbed party services. With the growing need for party services, people now want someone who will do everything for them. This will include food, drinks, a DJ, and every other party stuff.

20. Photography Business

If you are someone who can take decent pictures, Arkansas has a market for good photographers. Starting a photography business in the state could be successful if you can work hard and offer quality services.

21. Smartphone Repair Business

With everyone having a smartphone, there’s a need for repairs and services as well. The business has immense potential for growth. You can even sell different smartphone parts apart from smartphone repairs and servicing.

Best Places To Start A Business In Arkansas

Choosing the right location is going to be very important. Here are some of the best places in Arkansas to start your business:

  • Little Rock
  • Fayetteville
  • Bentonville
  • Conway
  • Springdale
  • Jonesboro
  • Rogers

These are some of the best business ideas to start in Arkansas. The state offers one of the best facilities and policies for helping new businesses to grow and thrive.