How to Make Drinking Straw

drinking straw is a short tube made of paper or plastic. It is used by people for sucking a beverage from a container to its mouth. In initial days, these were made of stems of grass and hence the name drinking straws. Way back in 1888, it was Marvin Stone who first patented manufacture the first paper drinking straws by the spiral winding process.

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From then on technological developments have occurred in the commercial production of drinking straws. Nowadays, commercially manufactured drinking straws are made of plastics. Find below the manufacturing process and equipment required to make plastic straws.

Market Potential for Drinking Straws

Plastic Straws are used for drinking purposes like soft drinks, fruit juice, lassi, cold coffee, etc. In just the United States alone, it is estimated over 500 million straws are used every single day.

Here is a Guide on How to Make Drinking Straws

The manufacturing process of making drinking straws is simple. Drinking straws are either made of paper or plastic. The basic machinery you require are the following:

1. Plastic Straw Making Machine

There are various types of paper and plastic straw making machine is available in the market. They are manual, semi-automatic, and fully automatic machines. As per your financial budget, you can choose any one of them.

Talk to local machine suppliers or check on online marketplaces like Alibaba and enquire about the prices and production output of the machine.

2. Plastic beads/ Paper Roll.

This is the main raw material for making drinking straws. If you are making plastic made drinking straws the main raw material are plastic beads.

For paper made drinking straws, paper rolls generally of thickness in the range of 0.25m.m to 1.0 m.m are used.

All these raw materials are easily available in local markets.

3. Cutting Machine

Cutting machine is required for shaping the straws in desired shapes and sizes.

4. Colorants

If you are looking to make colored straws, buy some colorants.

5. Packing Machine

For commercial production, good packing is essential. You need to procure a packing machine which is readily available in nearby machinery retailer shops.

Basic Drinking Straw Manufacturing Process:

Step#1. Buy plastic beads from the market.

Step#2. Pour the plastic beads in the hopper of the machine and start the machine. Plastic Straws will get manufactured automatically.

Step#3. Cut the straws with Cutting Machine in required sizes.

This kind of machines normally operates with 4 hp motor and 440 volts.