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Top 33 Best Easy Ways to Make Quick Money

    Looking for quick cash? If YES, find here a list of the best ways to make quick easy money

    The following ways may not make you wealthy but certainly will provide you additional cash to come out of a cash crunch or pay debts.

    Any business as such demands some duration of time to generate revenue. And entrepreneurs must patiently wait for the right actions to start getting profits. However, there are plenty of money-making business ideas that generate revenues from the very first day.

    List of 33 Ways to Make Quick Money

    1. Cointiply

    Cointiply is our first recommendation for making money right now. This site will let you earn free bitcoins for doing small tasks like taking surveys, watching advertisements and videos, and even chatting.

    Join Cointiply for Free

    2. Swagbucks

    Another popular survey site is to earn quick money. It has to date paid out over $400,000,000 to members. Other than surveys, there are plenty of options to earn extra cash like playing games, cashback, and many more. You get $5 when you sign up.

    You can also our article on the best legit places to take online surveys.

    Join Swagbucks for Free

    3. Sign Up with PTC Sites

    PTC sites provide small income opportunities in your free time. Check out this article for our recommended legit PTC sites where you can join for free and earn money quickly.

    Check: Top Trusted PTC Sites to Earn Money Free from Home

    4. Become a Transcriptionist

    Transcription is still an easy way of making money quickly. It is all about converting audio files into written documents. If interested check this step-by-step guide to becoming a successful transcriber.

    5. Online Market Trading

    If you have some money and are willing to take some risks, you can try market trading. You can check eToro, an easy trading platform to learn and make money for beginners.

    6. Start a Blog

    Presently, bloggers are making millions from all across the world. If you can devote a year dedicated to blogging, there is a good chance of making good money in the future in an auto-mode.

    Check outHow to Start a Blog & Make Money

    7. Write and Publish an eBook

    If you enjoy writing and want to make money online quickly, write an ebook on your favorite subject, and get it published.

    Read: How to Start a Profitable eBook Writing Business

    8.  Forex Trading

    The working mechanism of the forex is very simple. The earnings from forex depend on speculation. You buy the currency at a lower level and sell it when the currency is at a higher level. Before you start actually trading in the forex market, it is wise to learn the basics of the trade.

    9. Affiliate Marketing

    Affiliate marketing these days is a quick way of earning money in a short period of time. You need to tie up with certain companies providing products to promote. One can sell them through social media platforms through a link provided by them. You can make more money if you can promote it through a blog.

    10. Review websites for cash

    Reviewing websites is another popular way of getting quick cash. User Testing is one website review platform you must check out.

    11. Become a Uber Driver

    If you have driving experience and a license, you can make good money as a driver. Contact companies like Uber/ Lyft and make quick money in your spare time.

    12. Flip Domains for Cash

    Domain flipping is just bout buying a domain and resale it at a higher price. Domains are just like online real estate. The most expensive domain name ever sold was It was sold for a staggering $872 million. Check out this guide on how to go about in the business of domain flipping.

    13. TaskRabbit

    TaskRabbit is a good way of earning extra income. The platform allows you to set your own working hours and hourly rate. You can apply for a wide array of jobs like plumbing, cleaning work, handyman work, moving services, and more.

    14. Work with Amazon Flex

    Amazon Flex is a courier service of Amazon. If you want to make some extra cash driving in your spare time, try Amazon Flex. You will be paid between $20 and $25 per hour.

    15. Just Answer

    JustAnswer is an online question-and-answer service connecting experts with users seeking solutions for their challenges in various subjects. You can sign up as an expert on subjects like health, finance, law, home improvement, and many more and get paid for it.

    16. Sell Old Stuff

    Do you have old stuff like phones, tablets, CDs, and books, at your home? You can sell those at Decluttr and get quick cash in exchange. You get 10% extra for the first trade-in.

    17. Make Money with YouTube

    YouTube also can be a profitable way of making money fairly quickly. If you can out with some interesting and innovative videos and get them viral, earning a sizeable income in a year’s time is not that difficult.

    18. Start a Home-Based Business

    Certain home-based businesses can provide you not only quick money but can be started easily. It can be service-based or manufacturing-oriented. Check out our list of best home-based business opportunities that can be started with very little investment.

    19. Become a Mystery Shopper

    Mystery shopping is another way of making money quickly. But be careful not to get trapped with scam sites. Never sign up with sites asking for money upfront.

    Some of the legit sites you can try are and You will get not only get products but also cashback from these sites while shopping.

    20. Freelance Writer

    If you are good at writing, a career as a freelance writer is a good option for making a good income much faster. Here is a guide to becoming a freelance writer with no experience.

    21. Buy and Sell Websites

    Buying and selling websites is another way of making good money with less time. Check out sites like and They are very popular sites that work as a bridge between website buyers and sellers.

    22. Become a Virtual Assistant

    There is a growing popularity of the gig economy. More and more companies are looking for remote workers at present.

    Average VAs earn an average of $25/ hour.

    Read: How to Start a Successful Virtual Assistant Business

    23. Become a Babysitter

    Do you love kids? Do you enjoy spending time with children? Then, you can consider initiating a babysitting business from your home. It is possible to offer help with that approach. Babysitting is an excellent approach to earning a little extra money.

    24. Rent Out Your Car Parking Space

    You can make money fast by renting out car parking spaces. It is much easy to rent out your car parking space as presently many sites are online offering these services.

    25. List a Spare Room on Airbnb

    If you have an extra room to rent, list it on Airbnb. You can make thousands of dollars if your location is much sought-after for homestays.

    26. Face Painting

    If you are an artist and you enjoy painting, then you can start face painting with almost no money. Practically, there are several ways you can explore this opportunity. You can provide the service at the customer’s doorstep or operate a retail store.

    27. Sell Gift Baskets

    Undoubtedly, the gift basket is a highly profitable business. And when you operate from home, the business eliminates the cost related to having an establishment. In addition to that, if you are already in a 9 to 5 job, then also you can consider starting this business.

    28. Sell Homemade Cookies

    If you are a passionate cookie maker and want to start earning out of your passion, this business is just perfect for you. Also, you can initiate the homemade cookie business with a small investment. As you sell cookies from your online store, you can attract a wide range of consumers.

    29. Real Estate Broker

    The property industry broadly covers the areas of rents, domestic housing, capital market, office space, retail and industrial space. As confidence returns to real estate, the industry faces a number of fundamental shifts that will shape its future.

    30. Transportation Business

    Transport business opportunities are emerging globally nowadays. Transportation is one of the world’s largest industries. Different types of specific demands with changing lifestyle habits have introduced several innovative and profitable startup opportunities in the transport industry.

    You can start a transport business right now and earn from today itself by starting a transport business even with one van.

    31. Become a Videographer

    If you have the videography skill and some basic equipment for producing quality videos, then you can consider becoming a videographer and earn from tomorrow itself.

    32. Become a Fitness Trainer

    There is a demand for professional fitness trainers and is on the rise. Moreover, it does not require any equipment to start and can be started in no time.

    33. Donate Plasma

    Plasma is essentially the liquid part of human blood. You can donate plasma and earn up to $100 per donation.

    We hope this list of the best ways of making money quickly will help in earning the extra cash you are looking for presently.

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