Top 25 Micro Job Sites to Earn Money Online

Are you an absolute beginner searching to earn money from the internet? Micro job sites are the best way to start. These jobs are not very difficult works like you find in freelancer, elance or Odesk. You will get around 5 dollars for most tasks you finish. In most of the sites, the minimum cashout threshold is 10$. No need to pay sign-up fees for creating an account in most of the micro job type sites.

Some sites give sign up bonus also. You can cash out your money using  Moneybookers or PayPal. In most of the sites, you can’t create two accounts with one IP address.

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Here is a List of Top 25 Micro Job Sites 

#1. Fiverr

Fiverr is one of the best reputed and authentic micro-job sites out there.

On this site, a freelancer can sell his skills for $5. Postings of the skills in Fiverr are called Gigs.

If a freelancer gets hired, he will get $4 earnings. Remaining $1 is kept by Fiverr as commission.

#2. ySense

ySense, earlier known Clixsense, started as a PTC site in 2007 and soon became the market leader in the Pay to Click industry. At present ySense offers multiple micro job opportunities like online surveys, micro tasks, games, etc to their members. They also have a referral program allowing members to earn by inviting friends.

#3. Microlancer

Originally named Freelancer Switch, a freelancing website from the Envato network.

Now they have renamed it Microlancer. If you are a designer or developer then you can sign up here for projects.


Gigbucks is a Fiverr Alternative. The pay rate of Fiverr is only $5. In Gigbucks, the pay rate may range from $5-$50.

#5. SEOClerks

SEOClerks only deals with gigs related to SEO, Link Building, Internet marketing. You can only buy or sell gigs related to SEO stuff. It is suitable for Webmasters and bloggers.

#6. Upwork

Upwork, formerly known as Odesk is a popular platform for freelancers looking for job opportunities. There are about 10 million users active at Upwork.

More than 3 million jobs are posted on an average in a year. If you have a skillset, Upwork is definitive will provide a job with a good income return.


You can buy and sell your services from $2 to $100 here.

Apart from these 7 micro job websites below are additional micro job sites where you can sell your services.

#8. Clickworker

Clickworker is a global self-service marketplace for freelance job opportunities. The company offers freelance home-based micro jobs related to writing, research, translating, and data entry.  Presently, Clickworker has more than 8, 50, 0000 independent freelancers working for them.

#9. Amazon’s Mechanical Turk

It is one of the oldest micro job sites. Amazon’s Mechanical Turk offers human intelligent tasks popularly called HITs. You can register as a worker and participate in working with the HITs. When completed you will be paid.

The company pays in US dollars, Indian Rupees or Amazon gift certificates depending on where you are located.

#10. Google

Google, the search engine giant, sometimes looks for search engine evaluators which they call Ad Quality Raters. Google mostly outsources to temporary recruitment agencies. However, you can check their employment page to find these home-based opportunities.

There are also a lot many micro job sites which you can try which are becoming popular. Find the list below:

11. Cloudcrowd  

12. MicroWorker

13. Minuteworkers 

14. Myeasytask 

15. Shorttask 

16. Rapidworkers 

17. FiverUp

18. Webserve

19. Taskarmy

20. Dataprolinking 

21. Quickbiznet 

22. Neogigs

23. Pipublic  

24. Chiperr

25. Market-testing

Basic steps for Registration with Micro Job Sites

You have to register as a member to earn from micro job sites. Find below, some basic steps you need to follow for registering as a member:

1. Click sign up
2. Fill the form with your details
3. Confirm your email
4. Log in to your account
5. Click jobs
6. Select a job and accept it(Don’t select jobs that you can’t finish)
7. Submit proofEmployer will review your work and rate within a week. The success rate is a very important aspect of mini job sites. In most of the sites, you have to maintain it above 70%.


Micro-jobs work requires patience and hard work. If you are looking to earn more money, you need to sell more gigs. You need to create a good reputation and higher ratings to make this.  Once you create a good reputation, then you will be flooded with offers.
Explore this list of micro job sites and earn money now!