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Top 10 Micro Job Sites for Freelancers to Earn Money Online

    Freelancing is presently one of the most popular ways of making money online from home at present. A lot many present young generation individuals have taken home-based micro jobs as a viable alternative to full-time jobs.

    The reason for the popularity is mainly for two reasons. One is the ease of doing and the other is the option of working with freedom with much less stress.

    The business of freelancing is greatly facilitated by plenty of micro job sites offering small tasks to freelancers. These small job marketplaces offer a wide range of jobs that can be done online from the comfort of home.

    One can find online jobs like website designing, freelance writing, marketing, survey jobs, and many more in abundance on most micro job sites.

    Top 10 Micro Job Sites for Freelancers

    Here is the list of top micro job websites offering genuine online jobs to freelancers:

    1. Fiverr

    Most successful freelance marketers prefer Fiverr.  You can join Fiverr completely free.

    On this site, a freelancer can sell his skills for $5. Postings of the skills on Fiverr are called Gigs. If a freelancer gets hired, he will get $4 earnings. The remaining $1 is kept by Fiverr as commission.

    If you are a beginner, with no specific skillsets to work, Fiverr also provides online training courses for various freelance jobs.

    Visit Fiverr

    2. Upwork

    Upwork, formerly known as Odesk is a popular platform for freelancers looking for job opportunities. There are about 10 million users active at Upwork.

    More than 3 million jobs are posted on an average in a year. If you have a skillset, Upwork is definitive and will provide a job with a good income return.

    3. ySense

    ySense, earlier known as Clixsense, started as a PTC site in 2007 and soon became the market leader in the Pay to Click industry.

    At present ySense offers multiple micro job opportunities like online surveys, micro tasks, games, etc to their members. They also have a referral program allowing members to earn by inviting friends.

    4. Envato Studio

    Envato is one of the biggest micro job marketplaces across the globe.  Some of the popular job categories on this platform are WordPress theme design, video editing, theme designers, freelance content writing, audio, logo design, mobile app development, and many more.

    Many successful freelancers earn a full-time income from this platform. If you have the desired skills, earning $2000 is not much more difficult here on this platform.


    Gigbucks is another viable Fiverr Alternative. This micro job platform is owned and run by internet marketing veterans and operating successfully for the last 15 years.

    In Gigbucks, the pay rate may range from $5-$50.

    They provide micro jobs generally related to advertising, art & creative, business, graphics, music, writing, programming, technology, and many more.

    6. SEO Clerks

    SEO Clerks mainly deal with gigs related to SEO, Link Building, and Internet marketing. The process of registration and payment is the same as Fiverr.

    They keep 20% on your earnings from every successful sale. You can buy or sell gigs related to SEO stuff. It is suitable for Webmasters and bloggers.


    As a freelancer, you can fix your own price and sell services on Zeerk micro job platform.  It can be $2 to$100 depending on the job. Zeerk is a legitimate micro job site catering to online customers and paying freelancers without any complaints.

    One positive aspect of freelancers working here is that they are not asked to wait for payment. The moment the job is finished and approved by the customer, you are paid instantly.

    8. Clickworker

    Clickworker is a global self-service marketplace for freelance job opportunities. The company offers freelance home-based micro-jobs related to writing, research, translating, and data entry.

    Presently, Clickworker has more than 8, 50, 0000 independent freelancers working for them.

    9. Mturk

    Amazon Mechanical Turk or popularly named mTurk is one of the oldest genuine micro job sites. It is owned and managed by Amazon.

    It offers human intelligent tasks popularly called HITs. You can register as a worker for and participate in working with the HITs. The job provider is called a Requester.

     10. Freelancer

    Freelancer is the pioneer in the online micro job industry. It is one of the oldest and most reputed micro job sites offering freelancing jobs.

    They have an astonishing number of members on their platform. The registration is free and you just need to create a free account and start offering your services.

    How to Register as a Freelancer to Receive Jobs & Get Paid from Micro Job Sites?

    You have to register as a member to earn money from micro job sites. Find below, some basic steps you need to follow for registering as a member:

    1. Click sign up
    2. Fill the form with your details
    3. Confirm your email
    4. Log in to your account
    5. Click jobs
    6. Select a job and accept it(Don’t select jobs that you can’t finish)
    7. Employer will review your work and rate within a week. The success rate is a very important aspect of mini job sites. In most of the sites, you have to maintain it above 70%.

    Footnote: Micro-jobs work requires patience and hard work. If you are looking to earn more money, you need to sell more gigs. You need to create a good reputation and higher ratings to make this.  Once you create a good reputation, then you will be flooded with offers.

    Explore this list of micro job sites and earn money now!

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