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Top 20 Magazines that Pay $200 Per Article

If you are a consistent reader of our blog then you must have seen that we give you the latest information about jobs that will pay you high wages. On our, website we also gave a rundown of top magazines that pay $50 to freelance writers.   Here we will tell you about magazines that pay $200 per article or more.

We think that you are entitled to be paid well. Therefore we have created a list of the Top Magazines that pay $200 per article. From rock climbing to wildlife conservation, these Top 20 magazines will pay you $200 or more per article.

Top 20 Magazines that Pay $200 per Article

Here is the list of magazines that pays writers for contributing articles:

1. Gripped

Gripped is a Canadian rock climbing magazine that broadcasts routes, events, climbing gear, and reviews of leading rock climbers. This magazine pays writers $200 per article.

Their wages are $250 for featured articles and $50 to $200 for a photograph published in their magazine. If you want to find out more you need to go through the submission guidelines for the magazine.

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2. Charleston Style And Design

This magazine is based on the interest of people in Charleston, South Carolina, and the region surrounding them. This magazine is a regional magazine and prints articles related to architecture, fashion, businesses, food, and travel.

A 600-word essay that displays an idea, concept, or experience that would engross their readers would pay you $200 per article.  You need to read their submission guidelines to know more about it.

3. The Contemporary Sportsman

This magazine covers topics like flying fishing and wing shooting. This is a digital magazine that publishes articles that features good photography along with a subject suitable for flying, fishing, and wing shooting.

For a featured article their payment is $450 to $700. You have to read their submission guidelines for more details.

4. Outdoor Oklahoma

Outdoor Oklahoma is the accredited magazine of the Oklahoma Department of wildlife conservation. Articles about hunting, fishing, conservation, natural history, camping, and other wildlife articles are published in this magazine.

You can earn up to $450 for featured articles. To know more you need to glimpse at their submission guidelines.

5. The Alpinist Magazine

The Alpinist Magazine publishes all around the world in first-person accounts of alpine adventures. They also publish analytical reports, documentaries, and photography. This is a print magazine about alpinism and adventure climbing in the most straightforward and appealing way possible.

They pay $200 per article. Their wages are $0.25 per word which is $200 for 800 words. If you want to learn more about writing for them you can read their submission guidelines.

6.  Healing Lifestyles

The focal point of Healing Lifestyles is combining healing remedies, alternative medicines, natural living, spa wisdom, and nature into our lives. They equip their readers and encourage them to lead a more active lifestyle.

Their pay is $500 for a feature article. Guidelines are not handy but you can contact the editor for more details.

7.  Shotgun Sports

This magazine publishes articles on hunting, trapshooting, and different aspects of shotgunning. They are on the lookout for their five different division for full article submissions. These categories include test reports, think pieces, round-ups, historical pieces, and interviews.

Their wages are $50 to $200 per article. The wages are lesser for articles without photographs.

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8. Turkey Country

This magazine is for the members of the National Wild Turkey Federation They are committed to everything that is associated with hunting wild turkeys. This comprises conservation, firearms, and outdoor activities.

Their remuneration is usually $450 for featured articles and $350 for articles of other categories. To learn more go through their submission guidelines.

9. Young Rider Magazine

This magazine is published bi-monthly and is penned down for children who own horses or take riding lessons. They welcome articles that have a horsey interest and should include photographs. These articles should be funny, down-to-earth short stories that fascinate the 13-year-old age group.

Their pay is $200 per article for interest pieces and $150 for short stories. If you want to understand more then read the submission guidelines.

10. Worlds without Masters

Going back to the style of the yesteryears this magazine is an adventure fiction and gaming magazine. Fiction, table-top role-playing games, and non-fiction articles that may concern sword and sorcery games are featured in their magazine.

Their payment consists of $100 for non-fiction and $200 for stories. If you want to know more go through their guidelines.

11. Guideposts

The focal point of this magazine is an inspiration. This magazine is about people who have achieved a goal, overcome obstacles, or acquired a valuable lesson through their faith. They usually publish first-person narratives.

They pay $250 or more for stories although their payment rates may fluctuate. For more details have a look at their submission guidelines.

12. The War Cry

The Salvation Army has published this magazine. They have been there for a massive 135 years. They welcome articles from freelance writers.

Their remuneration is $0.35 per word for authentic articles and $0.15 per word for reprints.  They published a 1000-word article a short while ago which means that you can earn $350 for an article. To know more make sure to go through their submission guidelines.

13. Liguorian Magazine

This is a Catholic Magazine that calls itself a redemptorist pastoral publication. They publish articles, personal essays, and fiction.

Their payment is 12 to 17 cents per word. If you want to know more read their guidelines for submission.

14. Minnesota Conservation Volunteer

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources publishes this magazine. They require features and essays on the state’s natural resources and outdoor recreation. Anecdotes and quotes used abundantly are welcomed by them. Their wages are $0.50 per word for feature articles and essays.

Their wages are $0.50 per word for feature articles and essays. For online rights to feature articles, essays, and reprints they pay $50 to $100. If you want to know more you can read their guidelines.

15. EQ

This is a leading magazine about luxurious country life. They portray eminent people as having a high-profile lifestyle. They portray exclusive homes, farms, and ranches.  Articles on travel, style, home design, culture, and dining are published in this magazine.

They portray exclusive homes, farms, and ranches.  Articles on travel, style, home design, culture, and dining are published in this magazine.

Their remuneration is $100 for departmental and $200 to $300 for feature articles. If you want to know more look at their submission guidelines.

16.  Garden And Gun

Culture food literature and more is written about in this magazine. Most importantly the magazine says that its main quest is the love of the land and commitment to sporting life. Their pay is $0.20 to $0.50 per

Their pay is $0.20 to $0.50 per word. They also pay a kill fee of 25%.  You need to contact the editors for more details.

17. American Quilter

The American quilter society owns this magazine. Quilting patterns, tips, products, news, and quilt contest winners are all published in this magazine.

They pay $200 for a lengthy feature article. If you want to know more you must read the guidelines for submissions.

18. Skirts

This is a monthly magazine that publishes all sides of a woman’s personality and pays $200 per article,  This magazine talks about women’s work, play, family, and creativity. They publish extraordinary content and have efficient advertising.

Their remuneration is $200 for essays with themes which are monthly. If you want to know more you need to read their guidelines.

19. Hoofs Beat Magazine

This is an extensively read magazine, about harness racing. This magazine which talks about subjects relevant to Standardbreds and harness racing is written by 70% of freelancers.

Their wages lie between $100 to $500. If you want to know more read their guidelines.

20.  National Geographic Traveller

National Geographic Traveler is the well know travel magazine of National Geographic. They publish articles about national and state parks, historic places, cities, little-known or undiscovered places, train trips, cruises, and driving trips.

The wages will be more than expected as compared to other magazines.  They take in articles from freelance writers. If you want to gather more information read their guidelines for submissions.