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How to Start a Profitable Face Painting Business from Home

    Do you want to make money from a profitable face painting business? If YES, find here a detailed business plan guide with investment and cost.

    As a skilled face painter, you can truly earn a lot of money. Broadly, face painting comes under the body art segment. And it is an ancient practice of human civilization. Nowadays, face painting has gained huge popularity in children’s parties, birthday party, summer camp, etc. And a professional face painter can earn a lot of money by providing the painting service.

    Definitely, it is a creative art. And becoming a successful face painter demands adequate skill and a lot of patience. In addition to that, you must have a passion for making others beautiful. Practically, there are several ways you can start this business. Depending on your investment capacity and market potential, you must explore the right business model.

    How to Become a Face Painter?

    Definitely, painting human faces need specific skill and expertise. And even if you are born with creative talent, then also you need professional training. So, find out the reputed schools or institutes that provide face painting training. And attend classes. It is a must.

    And also, start practicing. Initially, you can try with your friends, relatives, and neighbors. It will help you in getting confidence and improving your performance within a short duration of time.

    Face Painting Market Potential

    Generally, children, teens, and young adults love having their faces painted. And nowadays, even adults love this on some specific occasions. In birthday parties, themed parties, summer camps, face painting is getting huge popularity currently. So, the demand is always there.

    There are a lot of colors and accessories available in the market to paint faces. And it is now a fun activity for the children and parents both.

    Some of the most growing and potential markets are the USA, Canada, Australia, and the countries in the Asia Pacific region. Hence, initiating a face painting business has the huge potential of fetching good revenue.

    Face Painting Business Permit & Insurance

    Human face painting includes hygiene and safety issues. And the federal laws vary depending on the specific location. Before initiating this business, you must check the local laws and bylaws.

    And according to your business model and style of functioning, obtain the business permit and license whatever is required. Also, consider buying business insurance. It will protect you and your company both from unwanted mess and damages.

    3 Different Face Painting Business Models

    #1. Face Painting Shop

    Definitely, this is one of the best business models in the industry. And also, it needs moderate startup investment initially. For establishing a shop, you will need to secure a retail location first.

    First of all, ensure a location where no other same shop nearby. Generally, the location nearby salons, clubs, shopping malls, departmental stores are the most preferred ones.

    After securing the space, you will need to obtain business permits, registrations, etc. Then go for comfortable and effective interior decoration.

    It is better to ask an interior professional to craft a floor plan. Typically, a face painting shop must include a paint area with mirrors and chairs, a waiting lounge, and a cash counter.

    And finally, you will need to procure the painting supplies. Some of the essential supplies are colors, different types of brushes, hair clips, cotton balls, towels, glitters, etc. If you want to hire manpower then hire only skilled employees. Because the goodwill of this type of business highly depends on the quality of work and overall behavior of the painters.

    #2. Mobile Face Painting Business

    If you want to start this business with comparatively less investment, then you can consider initiating on a mobile basis. In this model, you need to put hard effort into advertising.

    As you operate the business from home, it allows you to eliminate the cost of a retail establishment. And you will be supposed to provide the service at your client’s doorstep.

    However, you must have a transport arrangement of your own. And you will need to invest the dollar in procuring the necessary supplies. Though the business requires fewer funds, it requires good promotion and networking skills. You must build a good rapport with the party planners, event planners, and modeling agencies.

    #3. Face Painting Stand

    If you want to start this business as a means of self-employment, you can consider opening a face painting stand. Apart from the necessary supplies, you will need to have an umbrella stand, folding chairs, and a good mirror. And with these few items, you are on.

    On bright summer days, you can open the stand at any location that you think is perfect for your business. Generally, tourist places, beach areas, nearby watersports, amusement parks are the perfect location for this type of business model.

    Calculate the Cost of Starting Face Painting Business

    The cost of starting a face painting business is expected to be in the range of $1000 to $1500. It includes the cost of buying some face painting tools like brushes, paints, sponges, glitter, stencils, cases, etc.

    Face Painting Advertisement and Promotion

    Literally, there are numerous options you can explore for advertising the face painting business. In addition to that, networking plays an important role in this business. However, a specific marketing policy depends on the specific business model and your functional activity.

    In any case, you must promote the business online as well as offline. Regardless of the size of your business, you must have a catchy and memorable name for your business. At the time of selecting the name, check the domain availability. Also, consider creating a business website of your own.

    Generally, you can put the advertisement on the kid’s related and fashion related magazines. Also, consider offering initial discounts to your clients. Use social media carefully, Generally, an attractive and informative Facebook page, some good quality YouTube videos can do a lot in creating awareness among the people who need this service. Initially, you can also consider providing free face painting too.