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How to Start a Profitable Aquarium Maintenance Business

    The aquarium maintenance business is providing services of cleaning and maintaining aquariums for a client who doesn’t have time for it. It is absolutely an ideal business for entrepreneurs who are pet lovers by nature and want to turn their hobby into a successful side business venture.

    A clean aquarium is required for healthy fish and it is recommended after every 10 days the tank should get cleaned. A beautifully organized aquarium with colorful fishes is always very soothing and relaxing. One can initiate this venture from a home location with low capital investment.

    As your fish tank business grows you can expand by setting up an exclusive retail store. In addition, you can also get orders for maintaining residential or commercial landscape water bodies.

    One can initiate this venture from a home location with low capital investment. As your business grows you can expand by setting up an exclusive retail store. In addition, you can also get orders for maintaining residential or commercial landscape water bodies.

    10 Steps to Start an Aquarium Maintenance Business

    1. Understand the Pros & Cons

    Before starting the aquarium maintenance service business, it is extremely important to understand the advantages and disadvantages of running it. The biggest advantage is the low start-up cost.

    You just need to have water buckets, aquarium brushes, algae pads and scrubbers, aquarium cleaning agents, nets, grabbers, etc. to start this business. Another important advantage is that you don’t require a storefront as the service is done at the location of the customer.

    The main disadvantage is the liability aspect. As you are going to handle costly fish and aquariums, it is a must to have liability insurance in cases of unwanted damage. In addition, you must acquire in-depth knowledge of fishes and how the aquarium works.

    2. Market Research

    Before starting an aquarium maintenance company, it is essential to know more about the local demand and trends. Do market research and gather information regarding the market volume, competitor’s pricing, and so on. This feedback will help you in exploring the gaps in the market and plan the business accordingly.

    3. Learn the Skills for Running Aquarium Maintenance Business

    In starting an aquarium maintenance business you must have skills and knowledge about how to handle it. As you are dealing with a living object you need to be of utmost care. Temperature, the quantity of food, and filtration are the deciding factor for aquarium fishes for healthy living.

    It is always recommended before getting into the business take some classes. Also, it is better to have knowledge about some normal diseases and medicines. Keep yourself updated about new technologies and feeds.

    4. Create a Business Plan

    If you are seriously looking forward to making a profitable aquarium maintenance business, it is essential to write a business plan. Some of the basic aspects that you must include in your business plan are the following:

    • What are the initial and recurring costs involved?
    • The profit margin you are expecting for your services.
    • Clarify the target audience that you are aiming to serve.
    • How you are planning to promote your business?

    A business plan not only acts as a roadmap to success but also helps in getting funds in case you need them.

    5. Name Your Business

    Selecting a catchy name is a critical step toward establishing a successful business. It also holds true with the aquarium maintenance business. Check our detailed guide to know more about how to name a business.

    6. Register your Business

    Every country and state has different rules and provides a wide range of business structures. Talk to a competent authority and select the structure that fits you best.

    In the United States, it is not always necessary to register your business. However, registering your business will provide you with certain benefits. For example, forming an LLC will provide you with certain benefits like personal asset protection and ease of filing annual taxes. It is advised to contact a registered agent to get the job done.

    7. Get Licenses

    Talk to a local lawyer and procure the licenses, and state and federal taxes required to start and run an aquarium maintenance business.

    In the United States, to register for taxes one needs to apply for an EIN. You can get it for free.

    8. Setting Up Aquarium Maintenance Business

    In starting the business you need to fix the pricing. According to the tank size and fish popularity in the tank, you may create your price list. Also, you can offer a package. However, some people prefer pricing according to work. Some of the most required services are cleaning, fish stocking, replacement of decors, water quality checking, and medication.

    Fix a vehicle that is comfortable enough to go with the equipment. Set up an office space with computers and the internet to maintain day-to-day business activities like order scheduling etc. Keep yourself always ready for any calls from your clients.

    Printing your business card and brochure is also essential. Do some research on the decoration part of the aquarium.

    9. Procure Essential Supplies

    Gather equipment from local or online suppliers. Some of the necessary equipment are a soft scrubbing pad, cleaner, siphons, cleaning brushes, aquarium sealant, net, etc. Gather other supplies that you will be selling to the aquarium owners.

    Also, store some popular fish and fish feed. Concentrate on decor and utility items for aquariums like colors, gravels, artificial plants, coral babblers, etc.

    10. Get Clients

    Keeping your clients happy is a key important factor to being successful in this business. Publish some classified advertisements in local newspapers. Register your business with a local directory. Fixing the next schedule will help you to get the return business. Contact business houses, educational institutes, and hospitals that keep aquariums as relaxing decorations for their clients.

    Have business tie-ups with interior decoration professionals in your area. You need to build a good relationship with fish stores, pet stores, or veterinary doctors. You can get a reference from them if you can build a good rapport.

    Create a website for your aquarium maintenance service business. Maintain a blog and post articles and photos periodically. Ask satisfied clients to give feedback on your site. Educate your client about aquarium maintenance. Give special discounts to your regular clients.

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